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last day at mystery high episode 16 & 17



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 16


By : Kebby NG Media Services

Okay this is getting freaky ! Sharon thought as she walked into the room with Nina trailing behind her.

It wasn’t a room as she though as she walked in,it was a hall.
But the school hall is located at the junior students building, why is there another school hall here? She stopped starring at the room.

“Go further in “Nina said behind her and that caused her to jerk in alarm
“Why should I! Look I don’t think this is a good idea, let’s just go……”
“Go in!”Nina said with finality and Sharon found her self moving.
“This is crazy, I don’t want to go ,so why are my legs moving?”She muttered as she kept walking into the vast hall
She didn’t realise but it was now getting dark out side and how the hell did that happen,they were still in the……
“You look ravishing just standing there “Nina said behind her
“What are you saying Nina,look if this is a joke then am not in the mood, you got what you asked for and so you better do mine, see to it that Louis leaves me alone” with that said, Sharon began to head out of the hall, she was about taking her third step when she stopped walking.
No matter [email protected] she tried to walk, she couldn’t move, what’s happening? She thought as she stared at Nina who was starring at her with a smile on her face

“Are you the one doing this? “she asked and Nina Shaked her head negatively.

“Seems like the moon is out already!”He said she Sharon looked at the window ceiling and was surprised to see that the moon was out already.

“And since the moon is out, I think it’s time”Nina said

Out of no where Louis walked out of the shadow of the hall towards her.

“What’s he doing here Nina?”Sharon asked as she tried to move but it was all to avail.

Why is she unable to move ,she thought she tried to move again.

His harsh laughter stopped her and she looked up to find him starring at her

“What do you want? I can’t believe you set me up”She said starring at Nina

“Nina didn’t set you up! I did “He said starring at her


“Give me the hair Nina”He said and she walked towards him handing him the hair

“Are you crazy? Why would you do that!”Sharon yelled at her

“It’s simple, she is in my control”

“Your control?”She asked

“Yes! I simply tell her to do some thing and she do it”He said still standing in the dark

” That’s impossible, it’s a lie”Sharon said

“Nina take off Sharon jacket “He said and immediately Nina moved towards her pulling off her jacket leaving only her school shirt.

“This is crazy!”Sharon said as she tried to move again, she still can’t believe that Louis is controlling Nina

“I told you not to bother, you won’t move until I allow it and I meant what I said earlier,you look ravishing ” he said.

He hadn’t shown him self to her until a while ago, so when did he…..she paused when she remembered Nina telling her the same thing.

“I was controlling her back then too,don’t be too surprised”He said as he saw the realisation on her face

“This is crazy…..”

“You keep on saying that word,dont you have another to say or better yet shouldnt you be asking why you are here? Why I can control Nina and why you can’t move, aren’t you interested in knowing ?”He asked

“Is this why you all tell me that am not a part of you!”She asked
“It is,you are not a part of us, at least not yet”He said

“What do you mean by that?”

“You will know that soon” he replied

“Look,I don’t want any of this okay, I just want you to leave me alone Louis”She said

“That won’t do,I already told you why I need …..”

“But that is not true!am not a part of you, I loathe you for doing this Louis, don’t make me hate you more, just let me go”She said trying to break free.

“Fine! I will give you ten minutes, ten minutes to get out of here,I will come after you in that ten minutes and if you haven’t found your way out, you will be mine to do as I please with”He said
With a flick of his hand, Sharon could find her self moving and as fast as she could, she began to run out.

Even through the darkness, she ran as fast as she could, heading to the door she and Nina just walked through.

But she was shocked to find that the door wasnt there again,where did it go? She thought as she touched the wall, searching for an escape route but nothing showed up.

How will she get out of here if the only route out side was no where to be found, she thought as she trailed the wall down, looking for a way out.

She kept searching for a way out but there was none and she was getting scared by each moment.

She was still looking around when she heard Louis voice

“Your ten minutes is up! Am coming for you”He said

She began to run after hearing that, she didn’t care if she didn’t find the door, she just had to keep on running, she thought as she kept on running, she was still running when she finally saw the door.

She began to run towards it only for it get close when she got close to it.

She turned to stare around her knowing that he was there,waiting!

She saw him standing close and still scared she moved towards the wall.

“Don’t do this! “She said moving into the wall

“I give you ten minutes Sharon, ten minutes to get away but still you didn’t leave on time….”He stopped and gave her a long stare before he began to walk towards her

“Don’t come near me! don’t!”She yelled trying to fend him off in a way but he didnt stop and out of fear she closed her eyes.

“Look at me Sharon”He said softly and she found her self opening her eyes to stare at him

“This is the reason why you haven’t been able to see my ring change”He said as he showed her the bracelet still on her wrist

“There is power in it, it took me long to notice and that made you doubt me”he said as he pulled the bracelet off her wrist throwing it away.

She stared at his hand and was shocked when it changed

“Do you believe me now?”he said softly and she took her eyes off the ring to stare at him.

She screamed when she saw that his teeth had grown out of his mouth… looked like those of a…..a …..

“Please Louis, don’t do any thing to me,I beg you!”She cried out softly

“Am sorry Sharon but I have to do this”He said moving towards her and biting her neck

He couldn’t lose! He wouldn’t let Harvey she his mother succeed,he won’t be s£nt out of the throne and the only way to do that is by making Sharon one of theirs

A vampire.

He hate what he is doing but there is no way to stop now, she will be his before Harvey claim herand she will help him stay on the throne.

Her blood was just too sweet,he thought as he deepened into her flesh.

“What are you doing Louis!”Mary yelled at him and he moved away from Sharon whose blood was trickling down her body and who looked pale and would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her.

“Is this your solution ?”Mary yelled As he knelt beside him and the Unconscious Sharon

“This is the only thing I could think of, she is now a part of us, there is no going back”Louis said

“I know I wanted this but not in this manner” Mary said as she stared at Sharon

“There is no time for regret Sharon, let’s get out of here”Louis said as he carried the Unconscious Sharon in his arms, taking her to out of the hall.

Mary had gotten the car ready and as soon as he carried Sharon into the car, they drove off in a rush, none of them noticed Nina who was still lying on the floor.

Louis sat in the car starring at Sharon Unconscious face and he felt more Quilty than ever.

But feeling guilty wouldn’t give him what he wants and that is the throne but with Sharon marked as his now and finally having his own prospective bride, no one not even Harvey will get in his way.



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 17


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“What the hell is going on?'”Glady’s Louis grand ma asked as she opened the door to stare at Louis along with Mary!

“We have a problem grand ma” Louis replied as he stared at his grand ma

“What happen?”She asked

“I did some thing……I know you will reprimand me later on but first we have to look for a solution “He said as he walked towards the car to carry the unconscious Sharon out

“Wh…what happened?”His grand ma said opening the door for them to walk in

“Not now grand ma, we must at first do some thing about her!”Mary replied as she helped her brother lay Sharon on the chair

“But if you want me to help, you need to tell me what happened to her?”

“I bit her Grandma, I made her one of us”he said

“You did what?”She yelled at him

“I just can’t lose grand ma,I can’t let Harvey and his mom take away the throne from me and so I had to do it”He said

“Do you know what you have done? Do you know what you have condemned this girl to and what you have also condemned your self to?”She asked

“I will deal with what ever I have to go through later on but as of now, can we focus on Sharon?”He said to his grand ma who immediately stared at the Sharon who was still losing a lot of blood .

It was a very long time, a very long time later that the wound had been stiched and Sharon out of danger that Gladys pulled Louis to an empty room wanting to interrogate him.

“How could you do such a thing?”she asked

“You told me that am not destined to have a wife of my own, that all I can have is just to crave over some one that belongs to another”He said

“Yes I did but I didn’t really ask you to do this!tell me,is she the one you were talking about?”his grand mother asked

“Yes she is grand ma and I also found out that her other half turns out to be Harvey, that was why! I couldn’t let him be with her, I couldn’t let his mother win, I couldn’t let my mother death be in vain”He said

“And so you took matter into your hands “she said hitting him on the arm angrily

“Yes I did and I don’t regret it, she is now mine and…….”

“Grand ma! Louis! You need to come, some thing is going wrong!” Mary said as she ran towards them

Knowing it must be about Sharon, Louis took first In getting back to the room and he saw Sharon writhing on the bed, hands clenched and sweating profusely, she was still deep in sleep yet she looked troubled and tears were streaming down her face.

“I don’t know what’s wrong? She has been acting like that for a while now”Mary said

“It has began”Gladys said softly

” What has” The two siblings asked

“She is slowly becoming one of us, she needs blood to survive ” Gladys said

“That’s easy, Mary will go back to the palace and ….”

“That will be too late Louis”Gladys said

“Then perhaps we can find a human and then……..”

“It will still be late, we need blood now, you should have thought of this before you bit her”she said to Louis.

“Have never bitten any one during the past, hers is just some thing I had to do so I wouldn’t……”

“So you wouldnt be dethrone and also for the promise you made to your mother, you have said that to me and I get why you did it but then you should also know that if we don’t get blood for her, she will die”Gladys said

“Louis blood…..he can certainly give her his blood”Mary said

“My blood,wouldn’t that be a danger to her?”Louis asked

“It wouldn’t! You already made her yours, only your blood can soothe her now” Gladys said and Louis nodded

Taking a knife which had been placed in the room for emergency, Louis cut his hand and with his hand oozing out with blood, he went towards Sharon who was writhing in pain and placed his hand on her mouth.

Immediately she tasted blood, she bit on his hand su-cking it intensely.

“That would be so hurtful”Mary said to her grand ma

“That’s what he deserves for doing that to the girl” She replied

“But he did it for us grand ma”Mary said

“I know and I won’t fault him at it, he didn’t get to listen to the whole story, he only heard what he wanted to and left that day, now it’s up to him to make her fall in love with him or it might get worse “She said

“What do you mean by it might get worse” Mary asked

“I wonder if her mother knows, have you informed her yet”Gladys asked distracting Mary from asking more questions

“Gosh! I didn’t think of that! Her mom…..her mom will definitely get angry once she knows what Louis has done”Mary Said

“Then I think you should call her and tell her to come here, we need to talk “Gladys said

“Fine I…I will do it ,what are you going to do for the main time grand ma?”She asked

“Am going to call your father! He needs to know what’s happening”She said as she went to get the phone,dialing her son number.

It was a while later that Sharon mother arrived looking very worried.

*Where is my child?what happened to her?”Sharon mother asked Mary who was waiting for her in the sitting room

“She ……she got into some sort of accident and…….”

“What took you so long to arrive?”Gladys said behind then and Sharon mother stared in shock at the former queen

“You can leave us now, I will talk to Sharon mother by myself”She said to Mary who left quickly

“Your highness!” Suzanne,Sharon mother bowed on seeing the queen.

“You don’t have to call me that, am no longer the queen, actually my son wife is the queen”She said and Suzanne nodded gently.

“Until this moment I didn’t know you were Sharon mother,which leads me back to the question, why did you come late”she asked


“You didn’t want to come because you knew you would see my son again!”Gladys asked

“I have no intention of seeing your son, all I want to do now is to know what happened to my daughter? Where is she?”Suzanne asked

“She is in the room and by the way she is suffering from the same thing you suffered years ago but it turns out that her other half turns out to be my grand son, what do you have to say about that?” Gladys asked the stunned Suzanne

“Mother, I got your call and I…….”The king stopped when he saw who was standing in front of his mom

“History is about to repeat itself”Gladys said smiling up at Suzanne.

“Grandma you need to…….dad!”Louis stopped when he saw his father in the house.

“What is he doing here?”Louis asked this starring at his grand mother

“I had to call your father, he had to know the situation on ground so we will know how we can take care of it”She said

“But you shouldn’t have …….. ”

“Would some one mind telling me where my daughter is ?”Suzanne said

“You also called Sharon mom too, how could you, I brought Sharon here so that this thing can be solved with out our parents finding out but then you just had to…….”

“Now hold on louis, you said you want the issue to be solved and this is the only way I can think of, your parents have to know”Gladys said

“Okay enough of the knowing stuff, just tell us what happen?”The king said

“Your son happen to have done some thing wrong, well he…..he….”

“I made Sharon one of us, I bit her and that is only because she is my other half”Louis said starring at their parents

“You did what! My daughter…..where is she!”Suzanne yelled at Louis,pushing past Louis and running into the room Louis just came out from

“You shouldn’t scold him James, he was only doing it because she is his other half or so”Gladys added

“I know she is other half, he introduced her to me but what he forgot to tell mewas that she is a human and not a vampire like us, you having mark her will make her yours “James said

“That’s not the only issue on ground”Gladys continued starring at Louis who didn’t care if she Spilled every thing to his father

“She was suppose to be Harvey other half but Louis marked her first, that was what i meant when I said that history is repeating it self, Suzanne’s daughter Sharon was suppose to be Harvey other half but Louis took her from him before he could do a thing about it”She said.

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