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Keeping up with Trisha episode 3 & 4

<Mission Impossible>
Author~ Remio Viola
“OK” I simply said then stood with my eyes closed
“what happened to you Trisha?” Eva asked running to me then used a handkerchief to wipe the ice cream off my face
“Hey! Wheelchair” I heard the arrogant guy call
“it’s Davis” Eva whispered
“are you always such an idiot or do you just show off when am around?” I yelled at Davis
“whatever you say, hefe” he replied with a wave of his hand and walked out of the cafeteria
“hefe?” I asked myself
“what does that mean?” Eva asked me
“it means loser” I replied then tried walking out when Eva pulled me back
“can you walk?”
“I’ll try” I replied then limped painfully out of the cafeteria
School was finally over then I headed straight to the parking lot without saying goodbye to Chase or Eva. I was angry about what happened at school and the arrogant Davis. I entered my car and drove off.
I got home and pulled into the driveway then I alighted and slammed the door real hard.
“what’s the matter princess?” my dad asked coming out of his car.
I guess he just arrived.
“dad” I simply called
“you look angry”
“of course I am” I hurled then started limping into the house
“what happened to you?”
“I fell and sprained my ankle”
“sorry” dad simply mouthed seeing I wasn’t in the mood to talk.
I entered my room and threw my bag on the bed then I peeled off my cloths and limped into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and hard a quick bath then I put on a loose top and shorts and laid on my bed.
“princess” my dad called knocking on the door
“can I come in?”
“if you care”
I heard my dad chuckle then the door knob turned and he opened the door and walked in.
“I’ve never seen you so angry”
“dad I hate that school”
“you’ll change once the mission is over”
“what’s my mission there?”
“listen, there’s a rumor that the owner of the school McDonald Whitney killed the Principal…”
“I saw the principal today” I cut in
“McDonald is wearing a fake mask of the principal”
“what’s the source of the rumor?” I wanted to know
“the CIA gathered the information”
“so how do I come in?”
“you have to study the principal and his moves and give us feedback”
“what if I get found out as a spy?”
“you’re not gonna be caught just play smart as a student”
“but why did McDonald kill the principal?” I asked further
“the principal found out about his secrets”
“what secrets?”
“he’s a drug lord”
“what if I get caught he’ll equally kill me”
“just be smart princess this is not your first mission you’ve always been a spy”
“okay but am leaving the school and CIA after this”
“yes I promise”
“don’t promises cuz you always break your promises”
“not this one” dad chuckled
“am tired now I need to sleep”
“okay goodnight princess”
“Goodnight dad”
Dad got up then pecked me on my forehead, dimmed my lamp and walked out. I laid face-up on my bed thinking about my mission when I recalled the principal’s golden tooth. I quickly got up and took my laptop then I goggle searched ‘George Owen’ (The principal) health record. His record had nothing associated to tooth problem or an artificial tooth. I went through his pictures and there was none he had an artificial tooth.
That made the rumor true.
I goggled McDonald Whitney and his health record said he had series of complicated health challenges and a tooth problem that resulted in pulling off the damaged tooth. I quickly kept my laptop and got up to go tell my dad but discarded the idea and decided to wait till morning.
I slumped back on my bed and drifted to sleep.
“stupid” I cussed as I got up from my bed sluggishly. I wiped my eyes as I stared at my alarm clock and I recalled I broke it the previous day, unless…
Dad got me a new one
“I want you down here now” dad hurled through the landline. I ran to the bathroom and had a quick shower then I got dressed in a cyan coat dress and open now heels. But when I remembered Davis, I took off the heels and wore a sandals then I ran downstair.
“morning dad”
“always late”
“I’ll improve”
“let’s eat you didn’t eat yesterday” dad said then I nodded and followed him to the dining room. We had a quick breakfast of creamed eggs on toast then I drove to school.
When I got down from my car, I first made the sign of the cross praying not to see Davis cause my ankle was now better. I hurried out of the parking lot and bumped into someone.
“hey! You’re such an imbecile”
I looked up to see Davis and a girl clinging on to him. She was the same girl he was on stage with yesterday.
“sorry fella, I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today” I replied rudely then tried walking out but the girl pulled me back
“did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause it looks like you landed on your face” she said then I unconsciously touched my face and they burst out into laughter
“sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying, I don’t speak bullsh*t” I snapped then walked out on them.
<Mission Impossible>
Author~ Remio Viola
“She’s gone so shoo” I yanked Daphne’s hands off mine
“Davis why are you like this?” she half yelled
“I just used you to get her pissed so go”
“Davis I’ve moved heaven and earth for you to notice me can’t you see I love you and am the most beautiful girl in school”
“aish! You’re so ugly for me but thank you very much for thinking about me! Bye!” I smirked then walked out on her while she stamped her legs in annoyance and walked out.
I headed for the home class cause I was having Mathematics. I hate that subject but I just have to do it. I walked into the class and smiled when I saw wheelchair or whatever her name is, but it sounds like pizza.
Another piece of trouble.
I sat on my seat and waited for the boring Mr glasses to come in for his dummy subject. He finally walked in clumsily adjusting his glasses.
“sorry…am late…sorry” he repeated
“whatever” I picked my phone and put on my headset.
Mathematics is just too simple to listen to your teacher.
I glanced at wheelchair and she was sleeping.
Guess am not the only one who is good in Mathematics.
She sleepily stretched her cramped muscles then got sat up chewing on her mouth. I chuckled at her childish yet cute behavior then she walked to Mr glasses and muttered something to him before walking out.
Perfect timing.
I pulled my headphone to my neck then walked out with my phone without saying a word to Mr glasses. I trailed behind wheelchair till she entered the ladies then I waited for her at the door. She took few minutes then walked out. When I saw her coming, I put my leg across the door and when she came out, she stumbled and fell.
“I knew you were blind why didn’t you take my advise and get glasses” I yelled like it was her fault
“you’re such an animal who do you think you are?” she yelled back getting up
“for starters, I am me and you are you. I honestly shouldn’t have to say more, but check out the rest of the list anyway” I replied tilting my head
“it’s kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence” she replied rudely
“hold on a second. I’ve got something I need to say” I said then walked out leaving her pissed
“the jerk story called they said they’re out of.. You” she yelled at me and I stopped on my track
“umm… Pardon me I wasn’t listening can you repeat what you just said?” I asked pretentiously and turned to face her
“look, if I wanted to hear from an asshole, all I had to do was fart instead of listening to you” she fired
“people like you are the reason am on medication” I face palmed myself
“like your asshole girlfriend”
“speaking of Daphne she got everything you don’t have”
“I agree like an asshole boyfriend”
“yeah you wish you had me” I winked at her then she got really pissed and took off her sandal and threw it at me but I was fast to duck
“your sandal is just too cheap to ruin my hairstlye” I said then picked up the sandal “but I’ll have it” I added
“give it back”
“you have your entire life to be a jerk. Why not take today off?”
“I’ll do that when you get your broke ass out of this school. I hate ugly girls” I blurted out then walked out with her sandals.
I heaved a sigh of frustration when he walked out then I gazed at my feet.
How do I walk like this?
“hey!” someone called from behind me
“Chase” I called back smiling though embarrassed at my feet
“guess you’re always a damsel in distress” he chuckled lightly
“I guess” I said with a shrug
“where’s your sandal or did you come to school like this?”
“Davis took it”
“Davis?” Chase asked with raised brows like he didn’t believe me
“he was the reason I sprained my ankle yesterday and threw ice cream on my face at the cafeteria now he took my sandal he just won’t let me be”
“Davis is just like that when he doesn’t like people” Chase said
“but why doesn’t he like me? It’s not like we’ve met outside the school”
“maybe you annoyed him on your first encounter”
“we bumped into each other and his books fell”
“then that’s it” Chase snapped
“I already apologised”
“then you’ll have to do that again Davis loves been begged he’s a spoilt boy”
“I can’t beg him”
“then you’ll have to endure him”
Chase helped me get a new sandals from the school store.
Davis is not the reason why am here. Am here for a mission and once am done they’ll be no Davis, I can’t beg him he’s just too full of himself.
I can’t believe he said am ugly.
I headed for the principal’s office and lucky for me he was out. I opened the door and sneaked in.
The office was big and nothing suspicious. I walked to his desk and opened his drawer. I searches hurriedly but there was nothing.
I walked to the wall locker and started going through them one after the other.
I almost gave up when I saw opened a sealed envelope which was boldly written ‘1996 PAST’
I took it out of the locker and turned to leave when the door opened and someone walked in.


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