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September 19, 2021


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Keeping up with Trisha episode 5 & 6

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<Mission Impossible>

Author~ Remio Viola




I froze at the spot as I stared at Davis with the envelope on my hand.

“what are you doing here?” he asked in a serious tone no longer in his funny tone. I was speechless as I stood transfixed to the ground quivering in fear.

“what are you doing here?” He repeated and I could sense anger in his voice

“I…I…came…to see the…principal”

“what are you doing with that?” he pointed at the envelope on my hand. I stared down at the envelope then shut my eyes tight as I felt something warm flow in between my legs.

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Gosh! I can’t believe I pee on myself


I fluttered my eyes open again and wanted to speak but he was gone.

What do I do?

What if he exposes me?


I wanted to keep back the envelope but on a second thought I took it and headed for the door. When I got to the door, I ran back to the locker and dropped the envelope. Incase Davis exposes me, I wouldn’t get implicated or accused of anything.

I ran out of the office but I couldn’t find Davis again. I wanted to go in search of him and plead with him but what if he doesn’t listen cuz we’re enemies.

I swallowed an invisible lump in my throat as I ran to my locker to get a new dress to change.


Thank goodness for the extra dress I always keep in my locker.


I ran into the ladies then changed into a comfortable dress and put the other one into my backpack.


I really can’t believe I pee on myself.

What being a spy can lead to.


I ran out and bumped into someone.

“must I always bump into someone?” I yelled

“hey Trisha” Chased called

“Did you see Davis?” I asked fidgeting

“hey chill what’s up? You look scared”

“I need to see Davis”

“what did he take this time?”

“did you see him?”

“I saw him walking to the parking lot any…”

before he could complete his statement I ran out and headed for the parking lot. I stared at the thousands of cars that were parked there. I don’t even know his car.

I sighed in frustration as I raked my hands through my head.

“any problem miss?” a security man asked walking up to me

“Am looking for a Davis of a guy he’s tall and…”

“he just left in his car” the security man cut me short then walked out.


I was now really scared as I paced about breathing heavily.

“what’s wrong with you?”

I turned to see Chase standing with his hands in his pockets

“do you know where Davis might be?”

“did you guys have a fight?”

“you’re not gonna understand”

“but you want my help”


I heaved a deep sigh then we sat on a bench and I told him everything about me being a spy.

“you can’t possibly be saying the truth” Chase yelled when I was done

“it’s true Chase”

“McDonald is Davis’ father”


“he also knows his father killed the principal”

“so it’s true?”

“yes it’s but only Davis and I knows and that was why he left his dad and changed his surname to Hillson instead of McDonald” Chase explained

“then what was he doing in the office?”

“I don’t know but he might suspect you”

“I need to see him”

“what are you gonna tell him?”

“the truth”

“he’s gonna kill you

as much as he hates his dad he doesn’t want to leak out the secret he can’t see his dad go to jail”

“what do I do?”

“I’ll talk to him if he suspects anything then you’ll have to swear not to leak the secret like I did and if he doesn’t you’ll have to stay away from this”


I agreed with Chase then went home. It wasn’t yet school over but I felt really scared and it made me sick. I got home and fell on my bed thinking of what my fate would be if Davis suspected anything.

I got a call and it was dad telling me to come to the office. I got up from the bed and took out a picture of my mom from my drawer.

“mum am tired of this life” I said as tears trickled down my cheeks

“am scared mom I don’t wanna die is this the way you lived? Scared that you might die any minute if you get caught” I choked on my tears then coughed for a while

“I don’t wanna die mum I just want a happy life not being a spy”

I wiped my tears with the back of my hands then I picked up my phone and headed out.

I entered my car and drove off thinking about Davis. I was really scared and my hands shook on the steering.

I drove into the parking lot and parked my car then headed to the building. I showed the security men my ID and the let me in. I entered the main building and took an elevator to the underground building.

The elevator beeped and opened then I walked out and walked to my office.

“they’re in a meeting” a co spy told me then I nodded and headed to the meeting room. I barged and took my seat beside my dad.

“that’s impolite” dad whispered to me but I just rolled my eyes

“Trisha” George called and I just stared at me

“what’s your report?”

“am done with the CIA” I blurted out

“Trisha” Dad hurled

“am done I can’t keep risking my life for nothing” I yelled and everyone stared at me in awe

“we didn’t send you there for nothing” George yelled back

“I really can’t continue”



<Mission Impossible>
Author~ Remio Viola
“the CIA is not a playground where you come in and leave anytime, your parents has been spies before you were born and your mum died a spy you’re not leaving till McDonald is brought to book” Mr George’s words rang in my head as I drove home. My dad had already left in annoyance and I know am going to be doomed when I get home.
I arrived home and pulled my car in the driveway then I walked into the living room to find dad pacing about furiously.
“dad” I called softly as I stepped in
“am disappointed in you Trisha”
“I know dad but am scared”
“why are you scared?” dad asked suddenly becoming calm
“I was got today while searching the principal’s office”
“by who?”
“his son”
“did you find anything?”
“only an envelope that was written 1996 PAST”
“did you open it?”
“dad I told you I was caught and all you care about is an envelope” I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks
“am sorry princess you won’t get hurt I’ll protect you”
“he’s my enemy he’s going to expose me”
“did you take anything?”
“no” I waved my head
“then there’ll be nothing to implicate you”
“am not going back to that school again”
“you’ll have to or it will make you look suspicious”
“but he caught me holding the envelope”
“he’s not gonna expose you as long as you didn’t take anything”
I ran to my room then locked the door and sobbed quitely as I lay on my bed. I was so scared of death. I just hope Chase would be able to save me.

I arrived at Davis’ house and as I expected, he was drinking in the bar. I walked up to him then took a seat beside him and poured myself a glass of wine.
“what’s wrong bro? Why you drinking?” I asked Davis then took a sip from my glass of wine
“there’s a new girl in school I want you to find out who she is” Davis said
“you mean Trisha”
“yes that’s her name”
“she’s just a girl who attends the school, what more do you want?”
“I think she’s a spy” Davis spat out
“a spy? That’s ridiculous” I chuckled
“I caught her searching the principal’s office and she was holding a restricted envelope”
“that doesn’t make her a spy maybe she’s just a curious girl”
“am gonna kill her Chase”
“you can’t do that”
“of course I can, that’s the only way to protect my dad”

I heaved a deep sigh then stared at Davis for a while.
“where’s her sandal”
“it’s in my room but how did you know I had that?” Davis asked startled
“she told me how you made her sprain her ankle, how you threw your ice cream at her and how you took her sandal. She was actually going to complain to the principal when she saw the locker and curiously opened it the envelope caught her fancy then she picked it up” I lied
“is she your girlfriend Chase?”
“no” I replied sharply
“you’re just defending her” Davis sighed irritated
“you gotta spare her”
“for your sake I will but if I find anything suspicious about her I won’t hesitate to kill her”

I woke up before my alarm because I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I got up from my bed and stood before my full length mirror. I looked so pale cause my eyes were puffy from crying. I walked into my bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath. After dressing up, I grabbed my backpack and headed downstair. When I got down, I was surprised that my dad wasn’t yet down.

That’s weird
or maybe I woke up too early.

I shrugged it off and headed outside. I didn’t want to have breakfast to avoid meeting with dad. When I got to the garage, I entered my car then glanced at my dad’s car then at his room window upstairs. I felt uneasy but again I shrugged it off and headed to school.
I got to school then parked my car at the parking lot. I just pray I don’t meet with Davis today cuz he’s a badluck. I alighted from my car then slammed the door shut and locked it with the remote control.
“Hey Trisha” Eva waved and walked up to me
“you look pale” she observed
“am fine” I said forcing a smile
“you don’t look fine to me”
“I really am”
“seems you weren’t in school yesterday” I said changing the topic
“I went to see my aunt” she replied
“hey! wheelchair” I heard Davis call
“don’t tell me it’s badluck” I muttered then shut my eyes tight
“every girl is a Cinderella” I felt him say into my ears then I jerked and turned to face him. He was standing with Chase who was smiling at me and I smiled back
“hey! Go play your love somewhere else” Davis said rolling his eyes and Eva chuckled
“I came to return this, your boyfriend asked me to” Davis said then handed me my sandal
“Davis” Chase bellowed
“hey! Chill man, you really have a thing for ugly girls” Davis chuckled then walked out
“don’t mind him” Chase told me when Davis was gone
“thanks” I mouthed
“you welcome” he replied then walked out to join Davis
“well, well, well” Daphne clapped menacingly as she walked up to us with two girls each standing beside her
“what do you want?”
“I came to warn you”


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