Just stay season two Episode 6

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
{One Week Later}
💕Hyo Jin POV💕
I kept staring at Jimin as he was slowly sipping the yukgaejang soup my mom made for him.
I am so happy that he finally woke up from coma.
The day after he moved his hand was when he woke up.
Everyone was so happy about the good news.
Reporters c@m£ but they were not allowed to see him.
A lot of fans s£nt flowers to him.
I turn my gaze to the side of the room where the bunches of flowers are.
I couldn’t help but smile.
It is so good to be famous
I wish I am also like him.
I heard Jimin cough ma-king me to hastily turn my gaze to him.
I took the bottle water which was on the table beside is be-d.
I open the cap and gave it to him
He gulped down little of the water before handing it back to me.
“You nee-d to be careful while drinking the soup,you know that it’s spicy” I said while placing the bottle water back on the table.
“Koma woyo(Thank you)” He said
I blink my lashes ra-pidly at him.
“Why are you thanking me” I asked.
He smile at me.
“For everything you are doing for me,I don’t know how to thank you enough” he said
“Komawoyo” he added.
I smile at him
“You don’t have to thank me,I am just doing what I think is right” I said.
He smile again
The both of us began staring intensely at each other.
I cleared my throat and turn my gaze away from him because it was ma-king me feel uncomfortable.
“Drink your soup before it get cold” I said without looking at him.
“Feed me” he said.
I wi-den my eyes and turn to him.
“Mwo(What)” I said in astonishment
He gave me the bowl of soup with the spoon in it.
He open his mouth wi-de,gesturing for me to feed him.
I swallowed my spit.
I took a spoonful of the soup,I blew light air on it before proceeding to take it into his mouth.
My hand began shaking as I was taking it into him mouth.
Suddenly he held my hand where the soup spoon is
He win-ked at me and brou-ght the spoon into his mouth with his palm on my hand.
I swallow my spit again.
“That’s how you should feed me” he said.
I put the spoon back into the bowl of soup.
“Where is Josephine and your mom” he asked.
“Hmm,my mom went home to prepare some food while Josephine went to change” I said.
He nodded his head.
Josephine is Jimin’s cousin
She has been with Jimin since the day he woke up from coma
She is also a foreigner and I really love her,so jovial and funny
And also beautiful.
💞Jimin’s POV💞
My feelings for Hyo jin keep growing whenever I set my eyes on her.
I can’t believe that she stayed with me all throu-gh my days in coma.
Ap@rt from being beautiful she is also caring.
I alre-ady have plans for her,I and Sir Ethan had discussed about it.
I must make sure that she attain the height of popularity she wanted.
She will never live in poverty again
I promise her that.
I still can’t believe that Walter was the one that plan to kill me, and my two trusted b©dy guards Jungkook and Tiger where is accomplice.
I was so heartbroken when they told me.
I can’t believe that my guards also want me dead,just because of the peanut Walter paid them.
Walter was my high school mate during the time we were in highschool.
Thou the both of us were not in good terms.
After I bec@m£ a model
Walter also join the modelling industry because of how good looking he is.
Whenever a company want to model,they normally choose I and Walter.
But at the end I will be the one to model for the company.
This got him so furious that he tried eliminating me.
But he did not succeed.
I never knew he will go to the extent of travelling down to Korea just to kill me and even involve my guards.
I am so happy that James was able to apprehend him and put him behind bars.
He also arrested Jungkook and Tiger and that is what I nee-d to talk to him about when he comes visiting.
The ringing of a phone jo-lted me out of my thought.
I turned and saw Hyojin bringing out her phone from her pocket.
She answered the call.
“Jisun” she said.
She was quite for some seconds,then she turn her gaze to me.
“Ne(Yes) I will plead to him” she said before hanging the call.
“Hmm,my friend Jisun is one of your biggest fan,she c@m£ here when you were in coma but wasn’t allowed in,she is here now and want you to allow her in” she said.
I smile at her.
“No problem she should come in,tell my guards that I am the one that permitted her to come in”I said with smile.
” Jinjja(Really)Kamshamnida kamshamnida(Thank you thank you)”she said while bowing her head at the same time.
I couldn’t help my giggle.
I watch her hastily run out of the room.
Minutes Later⌚⌚
The door creak open
I turn and saw Hyo Jin and a beautiful girl walk in.
“Oppppppa” the girl screamed and run to me engulfing me in a hvg.
I saw Hyo Jin eyes wi-den.
I smile and place my hand on the girl back.
She eventually unlock from the hvg.
“I can’t believe that I will finally meet my celebrity crush, I have always been dreaming about you” she said.
I chuckled
“Jinjja(Really)” I asked.
“Ne(Yes)You are my celebrity crush,I always drool whenever I see your adverts displa-yed on the television” she said.
I smile at her
“Oppa you are so handsome and cute,so so handsome” she said and place her both palm on her cheek while blu-shing.
I couldn’t help but laugh at her childish behaviour.
“Komawoyo,thanks for the compliment,what is your name” I asked
“Jisun” she hastily said
“Wa(Wow) you are really beautiful Jisun” I said,she began blu-shing again.
Such a cutie.
💗Jisun’s POV💗
This feels like a dream
I can’t believe that I got to meet my celebrity crush
I even got to hvg him and he also told me that I am beautiful.
This is definitely the best day of my life.
I am really grateful to Hyojin for allowing me to meet my celebrity crush.
💟Prosecutor James POV💟
I walk into Jimin’s room with a bunch of rose flower in my hand.
Prosecutor Jung suk my as-sistant, was also beside me.
“Look who is here” I said
Everyone in the room turn their gaze to me.
“Wow James thanks for coming,how you doing” Kylo asked.
“Am good as always” I said as I drop the bunch of flowers among the bunches of flowers that pile up in his room.
I and Jung Suk sat down on the black long sofa in the room.
“How is your health now” I asked.
“As you can see I am healthy,all thanks to Hyojin,her mom and Josephine” he said.
I smile and turn to Hyojin.
“Komawoyo” I said.
She bow at me with a smile.
Then my gaze went to the girl beside Hyojin.
Wow she is such a beauty.
Who is she by the way?
“Hmm James I wanted to talk to you about something” Kylo said.
I sat down properly on the sofa.
“What is it all about” I asked.
“I want you to re-lease Jungkook and Tiger.
You know that Jungkook mother is sick and they is no one to take care of her,plea-se re-lease them” he said.
I frown at him.
“Why should I re-lease them, they almost killed you man
No I can’t free them” I said angrily.
“I know,but let bygone be bygone,I don’t want to have any case in hand,the media *is alre-ady taking it up,just re-lease them,they won’t work for me again,but I don’t want them in detention” He said.
I sighed.
“Your wish is my command,I will re-lease them” I said.
He smile at me.
“Thanks pal you are the best
Come give me a hvg” he said.
I gave him a disgusted look.
“Ewww that gross” I said ma-king everyone to chuckle.
The door creak open and Josephine walk in.
“Wow Josephine” I said.
“James,how you doing” she said and rush to me before engulfing me in a hvg
“Am good and you” I asked
“Am doing fine,have always wanted to meet you,but whenever you come,I might have left” she said.
“Oh so sorry, you are looking more beautiful” I said.
She smile at me.
“Thanks” she said and walk to Kylo’s be-d sitting beside him.
I have known Josephine right from when she was little.
I knew her back then when I was still living in New York.
I normally go to Kylo’s house and that’s was how I know her
She looks so cute then
But now she has grown beautiful.
After spending about 40minutes chatting with Kylo.
We decided to leave.
I bade everyone goodbye including the beautiful girl which I got to know her name as Jisun
She is Hyojin friend
I couldn’t st©p staring at her all throu-gh the conversation, most especially her double eyelids
I love girls with double eyelids
There are totally my type.
We walk out of Kylo’s room after bading everyone bye.
I and Jung suk began walking towards the elevator.
“Prosecutor that foreign girl is so beautiful, I like her” Jung suk said.
I smile and nodded my head.
“But that other girl called Jisun,I don’t like her” he said.
I st©p on my track and sharply turn to him.
“Wae(Why)” I asked.
He walked closer to me and stretched towards my ear.
“I think she is gangnam beauty” he said.
I wi-den my eyes.
“Yah(Hey)” I yelled at him.
He shifted back a bit in fear.
“Can’t you see,her face doesn’t look natural,even her lashes are fake” he said.
I bec@m£ so angry for what he said.
I moved closer to him and held him firmly by his ear.
He started screaming in pain.
“She is gangnam beauty or not is none of your business.
You should face your work” I said and began dragging him towards the elevator by his ear.
He kept pleading to me and yelling in pain but I didn’t listen.
This will teach him a lesson,so that next time he will learn to mind is own business.