Just stay season two Episode 5

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
💓Hyo Jin POV💓
I got back into Jimin room with the doctor and a nurse.
“You said it was is hand that was moving” The doctor asked.
“Yes this hand” I answered pointing to the hand that was moving.
The doctor moved towards him,he pinched his inner th!gh then squee-ze his hand lightly.
“I am testing for a respond to pain” the doctor said
The doctor then pinch him on the other th!gh, his abd0m£n,his arms,and his n£¢k.
I stood in silence watching,but there was no reaction.
“Keep talking or singing to him,I am going to get my penlight to check his pupils,I will be right back” the doctor said.
I nodded my head.
The doctor and the nurse left the room.
I sat back on the chair in front of Jimin’s be-d.
I sniffle in.
“Jebal(plea-se) just wake up,this is taking too long” I prompted but there was no response.
Suddenly I heard the door creak open,I thought it was the doctor but it was my mom.
“Omma” I called.
She walked to me smiling, with a large basket on her hand covered with a kitchen towel.
“How is he doing,any sign” she asked as she dropped the basket beside his be-d.
“Ne(Yes),he moved his f!ngers” I said.
“Jinjja(Really)” she said in astonishment.
She moved closer to him and press his hand.
“I have called the doctor and he examined him,he said he is coming to check his eyes” I said
She nodded her head.
“By the way,I saw some police officer outside with two men,taking one of Jimin’s guard,the one that looks like us” she said.
I wi-den my eyes.
“What did he do” I asked
“I don’t know,maybe they found out something” she said.
I sighed.
The doctor entered the room,my mom greeted him as he walk towards Jimin be-d.
He got to Jimin be-d and lifted one of Jimin’s eyelids with his thumb and shined the penlight into his pupil,he open the other pupil and did the same.
“Good,his pupil are contracting normally,that shows that both side of the br@in are functioning without any trauma” he said.
“When a person stays in coma and comes out of it,he normally doesn’t wake up fully alert,he awakens slowly and progressively” he said
“Maybe this is the start,keep interacting with him” he added.
I and my mom nodded our head.
“Kamshamnida(Thank you)” I and my mom chorused and bow at him.
The doctor left the room.
💞Hidden POV💞
I moved away from the other guards to a far end of the hospital
I brou-ght out my phone and dial his number.
He picked up after the third ring.
📱”Yes”he said
📱”Sir there is problem,my other p@rtner has been apprehended my the police,I guess they found out something “I said while looking sideways to check if anyone was eavesdropping or coming.
📱”Whaaaaaat,how did it happen” he yelled on the phone.
📱”I don’t know,right now we are not safe,because if they question him and he leak out the truth,they will surely come for the both of us”I said looking sideways again.
📱”This is really bad,what are we going to do now”he asked.
📱”I don’t know,I guess you have to leave Korea as soon as possible”I said.
📱”Okay,but what about you “he asked.
📱” I don’t know I will find ways to escape”I said and immediately hung up the call when I saw someone coming towards my direction.
I adjusted my jacket before walking back to my post.
I nee-d to look for a way to escape.
💕Prosecutor James POV💕
I was seated in the interrogation room with the guy we arrested.
I sat facing him..
He was just staring at me with a stoic face.
I turn on the recorder which was laying on the table that demarcates us.
I turn my gaze back to him.
“What is your name” I asked in korea
He gave me a shocked look.
I smile at him.
“Jungkook” he replied.
I nodded my head
Time to go straight to the point.
“Jungkook what do you know about the attem-pted murder of the famous Jimin Kylo” I asked.
“I don’t know anything” he sharply said.
I smile and stood up from my seat.
I brou-ght out my gun and began walking slowly around him.
“You look older and I wouldn’t want to go the ha-rd way
So for the second time,what do you know about Jimin’s attem-pted murder”I asked
He was silent.
I walked to his front,his gaze was on the table.
” I don’t know anything about it”he said without looking at me.
I smile…
I know what to do..
“I think I should speak to the hospital where your mom is admitted that they should discharge her,since you haven’t pay the hospital bill and the owner of the hospital is only helping you.
How will you feel if you precious mother is at home,without receiving any treatment,what if she die” I said with a grin.
He hastily look at me.
“Aniyo(No) plea-se don’t do that,I don’t want anything to happen to my mom,plea-se” he said with a pleading face.
I sm-irked at him.
“So for the last time,what do you know about Jimin’s attem-pted murder”I asked.
” I….I ….I am not the on….ly one involve”he stuttered.
I nodded and sat back on the chair I was previously seated.
“Who is your p@rtner in crime and who is the person that s£nt you both” I asked.
I saw his hand moving downward,I quic-kly rush to him and held his hand.
I smile on seeing a knife in his hand.
I held his hand firmly and brou-ght out a face towel from my pocket,I use it to collect the knife from his hand.
“What are you trying to do” I said as I put the knife inside my pocket.
“Are you trying to stab yourself or me” I added.
He bend his head down without responding.
I move to his back,I place my gun on the side of his forehead.
He g@sped and slowly brou-ght his head up.
“Are you going to talk now” I said in a stern whisper.
“I…I…I….I…” he stuttered.
I co-rked the gun ma-king him to shiver.
“Will you start talking or you want me to blast your forehead” I said.
I looked at his face and I could see the frightening look on his face.
“I will talk” he hastily said.
I smile sheepishly.
“Good,so who are the people involve in the attem-pted murder” I asked.