Just stay season two episode 7

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
{Five Months Later}
💗Hyo jin POV💗
I walk out of my mas-sive bathroom cladded in my pink bathrobe with a pink towel tied around my hair.
I inser-ted my feet into my fluffy white fli-p-flops.
I looked around my enormous and well finished be-droom and
I couldn’t help the smile that cross myl-ips.
I still can’t believe that I will be the one living in riches like this.
I don’t know how to thank Jimin enough,he is the one behind my riches.
After Jimin was discharged from the hospital.
They was this company he wanted to model for before his accident.
So he asked the company if the both of us could model and they gladly accepted.
I and Jimin modelled for the company and that was the first thing that raised my popularity.
Different companies started calling us to model for them
The press even thought we were d@t!ngbut we denied the rumors.
After my modelling
Prosecutor James arrested Park Jae Hyun for embezzlement of money and as-saulting of upcoming actresses, seems I wasn’t the only victim.
He also arrested Director Chang Wook for as-saulting.
After their arrest
Jimin told is manager to get a new director for the movie
He was the one the sponso-red the movie and I was the female lead character in.
The movie finally c@m£ out and it was a blockbuster.
It was the best selling movie ever
We made trillions of won from the movie.
I bec@m£ so popular after it.
I gain lot of fans.
From the money I made from the movie,I used it in purchasing this house that I and my mom are living in.
I also have fleets of cars,lots of maids,b©dyguards,personal as-sistant and so on.
I never knew that money was this enjoy able.
I also purchased a big restaurant for my mom.
On realizing that my mom is the owner of the restaurant,it bec@m£ the most patronised restaurant in the whole of Seoul.
I just can’t appreciate Jimin enough for all what he has contributed in my life.
And I have been having this weird feelings towards him,I can’t phantom it but I am definitely sure it’s something good.
The knock on my room door jo-lted me out of my thought.
I began walking towards the door while tying the towel around my hair properly.
I open the door and met my stylist.
“Ma’am your makeup artist is here, let’s go to the dressing room” she said.
I nodded and close the door behind.
My dressing room is the third room after my be-d room.
We got to the door of my dressing room.
My stylist opened the door for me.
I walked inside with a smile on myl-ips.
My makeup artist was seated on one of the chairs in the room.
She quic-kly stood up and bow at me.
I nodded at her.
“Ma’am would you like to get dress first before your makeup or vice versa” my stylist asked.
I turn to the direction of where all my outing cloths are hung.
It looks like this place is a boutique because of so many cloths in here.
“I will prefer getting dressed up before my makeup is applied” I said.
She bowed at me and walk to where my cloths are.
After searching for some seconds she finally brou-ght out a cloth that was hung with a hanger.
“Here is your dress ma’am” she said displa-ying the dress to me
I furrowed my brows.
The dress looks ex-posing.
It was a ash colour glittering t©p which has only one hand,the other hand is armless with a black bu-m short.
“Isn’t this dress gonna be ex-posing” I asked.
She shook her head
“Not too much ma’am” she said.
I sighed.
“Get me my undies” I ordered.
She nodded and walk to bring it.
“Done” my make up artist said
I open my eyes and a wow escaped myl-ips as I stare at my beautiful self in the mirror.
“This is beautiful” I said while turning my face sideways.
“Koma woyo(Thank you)” I added
She bowed at me.
I stood up from the chair I was seated on.
My stylist helped me to place my feet one after the other into the black ankle heels she brou-ght for me.
I stood up right.
The cloth was really ex-posing
The armless p@rt of the t©p expo-sed my br£@st a bit
And the bu-m short was really short
I look more like an idol than a actress.
“Sorry to say this ma’am but you look so S-xy,I am sure everyone is going to drool at your sight” My makeup artist said.
I smile at her.
My phone began vibr@ting behind me.
I turned and my makeup artist hastily hand it over to me.
A message popped on the screen from Jimin
I smile before cl!çk!ng on the message.
💬”Don’t bother using your car,I will come pick you up”the message re-ad.
I smiled.
I pick up my black designer purse and put my phone inside it before proceeding to walk out of the room with my makeup artist and stylist trailing behind me.
💝Jimin’s POV💝
I lean on my black SUV with my driver inside.
I look around the environment of Hyojin house and I couldn’t help but smile.
This was what I have always wanted for her.
And I am happy it was achieved.
I heard footsteps from a distance
I turn my gaze to the direction and my jaw instantly drop.
Wow,she looks super S-xy in that dress.
I just can’t get over her
She keeps ma-king me fall in love with her everyday.
She walk to me while dragging the arm of her dress up.
“Wow you look so beautiful” I said to her on getting to me.
She smile at me.
She drag her bu-m short down a bit
I guess she is uncomfortable with the dress.
“Did you just arrive” she asked.
I nodded
“Shall we” I asked gesturing towards the car door.
She smiled
I hastily open the door for her
She catwalk and got inside
I close the door and walk to the other side and got in.
My driver started the car and drove towards the gate.
Two of Hyojin guards quic-kly open the gate for us as my driver drove out.
The company we modelled for is holding a get together p@rty and lot of celebrities are gonna be there.
That’s where we are also going
I turn to Hyojin and her gaze was outside the car window.
I trail my gaze down to her white fresh th!gh
And I couldn’t help the dirty thoughts that crossed my mind.
I quic-kly turn my gaze away from her, to prevent myself from taking any actions that I will regret later.
We got to where the ceremony is holding place.
Paparazzi began flashing their c@m£ra lights on our car when we haven’t even got out.
I c@m£ down first before proceeding to open the door for Hyojin,she got down and the both of us began walking on the red red carpet.
The c@m£ra lights bec@m£ intense.
Suddenly reporters rush towards us but they where quic-kly blocked by the securities.
🚹”Jimin Kylo what is the relationsh!pbetween you and the fast rising star Hyojin”🎥
🚹”Are you both in any form of relationsh!p”🎥
🚺” We heard that you both are d@t!ng,is that true?”🎥
🚺”Are you both secretly d@t!ng”🎥
The reporters kept throwing random questions at us.
And it is all about the relationsh!pbetween I and Hyojin.
I turn to Hyojin and I could see how uncomfortable she is.
I intertwined my palm with hers
She turn to me but I hastily turn my gaze away from her.
The securities were able to evade the reporters and we were able to gain entrance into the big hall where the ceremony is taking place.
Another set of paparazzi began flashing their c@m£ra lights on us again.
Hyojin gently re-move her palm from mine as she began bowing in front of the c@m£ra lights.
💖Hyo jin POV💖
Everywhere was bubbling as a cool music was pla-ying in the background.
I and Jimin were given an award for the best model couple of the year.
I am just so excited
Jimin left to greet some celebrity of his type
I could see how some of the male celebrities were drooling at me
Guess I am the h0ttest female celebrity here, cause everyone kept complimenting me on how beautiful and S-xy I am.
I stood up from the VVIP round table I was seated on meant for I and Jimin.
I was craving for a drink so I decided to go to the where they are serving drinks.
I got there and ordered for a non alcoholic drink
I began sipping it slowly.
Suddenly I felt a light tap on my back
I turn and my eyes wi-den
“Namjoon” I said in astonishment
“Yeah it’s me” he said and spre-ad his hands wi-de.
I embr@ced him in a hvg
“What are you doing here” I asked as I unlocked from the hvg.
“I was also invited here,I once modelled for this company” he said.
Namjoon was my high school mate,but he left during our final year.
“Wow you are looking muahhh” he said using his mouth to gesture.
I smile at him
“You are also looking super cute and handsome than before” I said.
“Can I have another hvg” he said and spre-ad his hands again.
I smile and embr@ced him in another hvg,he placed his hand on my back.
Suddenly I felt someone push him away.
I turn and saw Jimin looking angry.
“Why are you hvgging her” he asked angrily looking towards Namjoon.
“Yah(Hey) why can’t I hvg her, is she your girlfriend or what” Namjoon retorted.
Jimin was about to get closer to him but I quic-kly block his way.
“Don’t put up a fight with him,he is my high school friend,what if the press see you fighting” I said.
His eyes melted a bit.
“I don’t like the way he is hvgging you” he said and turn his gaze away from me.
I bec@m£ confused
Is he jealous?
“Okay I won’t hvg him again” I said and I saw him smile.
I smile too.
I turn to Namjoon
“I will talk to you later” I said
“OK dear” he said and wi-nk at me.
“Yah(Hey)” Jimin yelled at him as he walked out of us.
I couldn’t help but giggle at his jealous behavior.
His gaze went down to my che-st
I look at my che-st and look back at his face.
Suddenly he place his hand on the armless p@rt of my t©p
He drew it up
His f!ngersgrazing the t©p of my brea-st.
I wi-den my eyes in shock
“The cloth is ex-posing,I don’t want other guys to be lvstfully staring at you” he said before removing his hand from my cloth.
I swallowed my spit
Someone called him from behind
He excuse himself from me before going to meet the person.
I took my drink and gulp down the remaining content.
I still find all what just happen to me surreal
It looks like I am dreaming
But it is all reality
I looked at my che-st again and quic-kly use my both hand to cover my che-st while looking sideways.