Judas in the church – episode 30

Judas in the church
Episode 30
Still recovering from the shock of all he has heard, Pastor Chris went into his ap@rtment. He still could not believe all he heard about Chuks. However he and pastor King has decided to summon Chuks and the girls the next day to discuss with him.
He was exhausted as he stepped into the bathroom to take his bath. After a warm shower he stepped out to dress up and he got the shock of his life.
A completely n-ked woman was standing face to face in his room. Pastor Chris was shocked , he felt like he was in a dream and he cleaned his face over and over just to be sure of what he was seeing, and it dawned on him that it was real. She was there, beautiful and n-ked.
Chris: Blood of Jesus, who are you and how did you get in here?
Like a flash of lightning she jumped on him and dragged his towel from his w@!st leaving him completely n-ked. He rushed at her to try and collect the towel and then she just started screaming, ”help, help, help, ”
And from no where four guys and a lady pushed the door opened, including the gate man and pastor King.
Pastor King:( shocked) Jesus is Lord! Pastor, what is going on here?
Pastor Chris quic-kly jumped to the wardrope and luckily he found a trou-ser, he quic-kly wore it to cover himself.
The lady was on the floor still n-ked and sitted on the floor crying.
Pastor King: pastor what is going on here? Who is this? What i s happening here? Young lady who are you?
Lady: he R@p£d me, pastor Chris R@p£d me.
”What?” They all shouted ,
Pastor King: r@p£?
Pastor Chris: me? r@p£? How?when?
The lady stood up pointing to some clothes that was thorn and scattered on the floor, pastor Chris had not even noticed them until now.
”See, see,see my clothes, he to-re everything , he sl@pped me and then he R@p£d me, oh my God!” She kept on crying.
Pastor Chris just stood there looking at her. He didnt even know what to say.
”Pastor talk na, you don lost your ton-gue?” One of the guys asked. But pastor Chris stood there, he obviously has really lost his ton-gue!
To be continued!!
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