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Judas in the church – episode 31

Judas In The Church!
By: Excel Rhymes
A.k.a Mummy E
Episode 31.
The news spread like wild fire that the new assistant pastor of the church was a rapist and he was caught in the act. And in few minutes the whole church was jam packed and everywhere filled up.
Pastor King had to take Pastor Chris into a hidden office alongside with the lady who kept crying uncontrollably. Some elders and deacons were also called into the office so that the issue could be trashed. When they were all sited ready to start the meeting there was a loud knock on the door and when they opened it, it was Deacon Douglas.
Pastor King: Deacon, why are you here?
”What kind of question is that? I am a member of this church and a deacon at that, a pastor at a time and I am supposed to be in this meeting especially during a serious crisis like this, except you want to tell me that you have driven me from the church”. Douglas said
Pastor King: But for sometime you stopped coming to church and you ignored all of my calls, you even went ahead to form a deliverance and miracle centre at your house. So how can you still be one of us when you obviously have left.
Douglas: who told you all of this? Did you come to the miracle centre. I am the one to officially tell you if I’m or I’m not still a member of this church. Is that not so my fellow deacons?
One of the deacons told Pastor King to forget Douglas and move ahead with the meeting and matter at hand which was more pressing than Douglas. They all sat down and the lady was asked to come forward and state how she got into Pastor Chris’s room.
”I am a new member in this church, last Sunday I met with Pastor Chris. I told him I was having some spiritual cases and I needed prayers. He assured me that he will pray with me but I should come today. Today, before I came he sent me a text saying I should wait in his room that the door was not locked. And so I waited for him. I so much trusted him because he was a good pastor according to all I have heard about him. When he came, he told me to hold on for him to have a change of clothes that he was hot inside what he was wearing and I sat and waited for him in the parlour. And suddenly I heard him screaming that I should come up that something flew into his eyes and he cannot see anything. I quickly ran to him, when I got to the room I didn’t see him, I was still trying to find him since he had gone quiet when he grabbed me from behind and before I could say anything he tore my clothes and pounced on me and he he he (she starts crying again and kept quiet sobbing slowly)
Douglas: say it, he what?
”He raped me” she burst out crying!
Douglas: ”Eh! pastor, pastor, you raped her, I said it, I knew one day you will be exposed and the God I served has finally done it. See how you’ve been exposed and disgraced. My God never sleeps, all your sins will catch up with you soon……..
Douglas kept on blabbing until Pastor King shunned him down.
King: deacon please stop all of this, you’ve passed judgement on our pastor even before he is found guilty. You’ve not even heard from him.
Douglas: what does he have to say? Oya sorry, pastor talk what happened. How come you were seen stack naked with a woman?
Chris: I don’t even know how to begin.
Douglas: Begin anyhow you can.
Chris took a look at him before narrating everything the way it happened. But as he finished, Douglas burst out laughing.
Douglas: Chris Chris, I hope you know you ain’t talking to babies. You expect us to believe this trash you just put up abi? Okay you came out of the room and she was there. How did she enter your house without you knowing? Secondly you didn’t see her all through until you’ve had your bath and you were naked abi? Please give us a better story abeg.
Chris looked at the faces of the people in the room and he knew no one believes his story. Even Pastor King’s facial expression couldn’t be explained by Chris and so he just placed his head down and waited for their judgement.
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