Judas in the church – episode 29

Judas In The Church!
Episode 29.
Happiness was locking up her.
door when Gift c@m£. She was surprised to see her. ”Gift how are you?/and what are you doing here?” Happiness asked.
”I c@m£ to accompany you, I want to come out clean. I dont want to protect him anymore”. Gift replied.
”And why the sudden change of mind” Happiness asked.
Gift: (crying softly) I went over to his place to confront him. He wasn’t expecting me because I didnt call him that I was coming. I knocked on his door over and over again but he refused to open for me even though he was inside. After waiting for hours I decided to pretend to leave, I went a bit from his house and I hid behind another house and he c@m£ out. A lady was with him.
Happiness: (smiling) why am I not surprised! What lady was that?
Gift: I dont know , she is not from our church. But I confronted him and then he introduced her to me as his fiance and I , me, Gift as his choir girl.
Happiness started laughing.
”I knew it, that guy is a chronic flir-t. I fell for his lies the first time but now am wiser.
Gift: I wanna expo-se him, I won’t allow other girls be deceived.
Happiness: Am glad you changed your mind. Let’s go.
The two girls walked away silently to church.
Pastor Chris sat outside his office studying his Bible. When pastor King walked up to him.
King: here you are, I c@m£ to your flat but you were not there.
Chris: yes pastor i decided to sit outside to take some air.
King: But you didnt lock your door. I just pushed and it was opened.
Chris: yes pastor, the key is bad. Though I’ve called for a carpenter to have it fixed.
King: okay! You should do that fast. Its not normally safe to leave your doors opened.
Chris: I know that sir. Thanks a lot. He said he would be here by tomorrow.
Just then, Gift and Happiness c@m£ in.
Past King: wow, Gift dear, am glad to see that you are well and better.
”Good evening sirs” the girls grewtws simultaneously as they both took their seats before the pastors.
It was Happiness that started the discussion.
Happiness: Firstly sir, I am here to l@ydown a confession, I know I would be scolded and probably suspended but I dont mind, I just want to make peace with God and myself.
Pastor Chris and King listened to the young lady as she narrated everything that has happened between her and Chuks from the day he first c@m£ to her house till the point he denied her pregnancy.
Pastor Chris was both shocked and speechless, because Chuks was one person he loved and admired.
Chris: I still find it ha-rd to believe all of this.
King: Do you mean you are currently pregnant for Chuks?
Happy: yes sir, I am, and he has denied it, but I really dont care. I will take care of my child alone I dont want to hurt God anymore.
Pastor King: (turning to Chris) pastor, I was coming to tell you what God told me this afternoon just before this girls c@m£ in. God told me something big is coming and that we must be strong to scale throu-gh. God said if we are not strong enough we may drown in it. I do not un-derstand what that is and I that’s why I wanted to talk to you about it. Do you think that this is it?
Pastor Chris: probably sir, but I do not know. (Turning to Happiness) how long have you been pregnant?
Happy: it’s two months Sir.
Pastor Chris: wow! What is going on? Dear Lord have mercy.
Then Gift raised her head and started narrating her own story. When she finished the pastors just stood up looking at the two girls. They were both in shock.
To be continued!!
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