Judas in the church – episode 25

Judas In The Church
Episode 25.
The nurses explained to Happiness that Gift had done an incomplete ab-ortion and now she nee-ds an evacuation to clear off the remaining p@rticles of baby in her and that she also nee-d to be transfused with blood fast if not she would die. Happiness was confused, she didn’t know what to do?
Sister Gift was staying alone like her and she didn’t really know the girl so well to know her family, she only knew her from the church. Confused on what to do she asked the nurses to go ahead and do whatever it is they nee-ded to do to save her life, but they told her she nee-ded to drop a deposit of fifty thousand naira.
Happiness didn’t have that kind of money on her, she wanted to ask Gift who was responsible for her pregnancy but Gift was alre-ady unconscious. She had no one to run to so she made up her mind to go to pastor King and explain everything to them. Somehow she felt Gift won’t be happy with this hut she didn’t have any other option and so she took a bike and went straight to church.
When she arrived church she asked the gateman if pastor was around and he nodded yes. She quic-kly ran into the office. She saw pastor King and Chris sitted and chatting. She quic-kly fell on the ground crying.
King: Sister Happy, what is wrong? Why are you crying?
Happiness: Pastor plea-se you nee-d to come with me fast. plea-se
Chris: young lady calm down and talk to us. Come with you, where?
Happiness: pastor, it is sister Gift, she is dying and I can’t help her by myself, plea-se you nee-d to come with me right now. I dropped her at the hospital but the nurses won’t attend to her, plea-se I have no other person to call.
Pastor Chris and King quic-kly stood up and they carried Happiness. They all drove in pastor Kings car straight to the hospital.
When they arrived, the nurse explained everything to the pastors. And when she was throu-gh, Pastor King asked them to go ahead and save the girl’s life while he pays the deposit money at the counter.
Pastor Chris took Happiness aside and asked details about Gift and also on who was responsible for her pregnancy, but Happy had no idea and explained to pastor Chris how she met Gift along the road.
After waiting for a while the pastors left but instructed Happiness to stay by Gift until she becomes conscious and she should upd@t£ them for developments. And Pastor Chris gave his phone number to Sister Happiness.
It took 4hours before Gift finally opened her eyes. She looked around wondering how she got to the hospital. Happiness had to explain everything to her.
Gift: so you mean pastors are aware that I did an ab-ortion?
Happiness: I’m sorry Sister Gift, I didn’t know who to meet, I didn’t know where else to turn to and I didnt’ have that kind of money on me.
Gift: oh $h!t! What have you done? You shouldn’t have gone to them. Oh oh, what have you done now?
Happiness: I’m sorry but I couldn’t let you die and I didn’t have the money and I had nob©dy to go to. I don’t know your family members….
Gift: You would have gone to meet Chuks na, oh oh oh….
The mention of Chuks on Happy’s ears sounded like a sl@p on her.
Happiness: Wait! Did I hear you mention chuks? I mean which chuks?
Gift quic-kly realized herself.
Gift: forget it don’t worry, let me bother about getting out of this mess you just caused.
Happiness: Gift! I will not forget it. Which Chuks are you talking about? which chuks would I have gone to?
Gift: what is all these questions na? Am I un-der interrogations? I said forget it shoo.
She shouted at Happiness. Who bec@m£ quiet thinking to herself. ”I hope it is not the same Chuks, I hope Gift didn’t get pregnant for the same Chuks she was pregnant for?
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