Judas in the church – episode 26

Judas in the church
Episode 26.
Happiness kept pacing up and down in the hospital. She was in a h0t mess, pregnant and rejected and here she was with another sister who had probably just done an ab-ortion for the same guy. The event of the day began to pl@yin her head.
”Why did she had to see Gift just some few metres away from Chuks’s house. And why would Gift say she would have called Chuks instead of the pastors?” Could it be the same Chuks? She has to find out”
And so she sat close to Gift.
Happiness: Listen Gift, I have called Pastor Chris and I know in no moment he and Pastor King will be here, they will also want to know who is responsible for your pregnancy, because they previously asked me and I couldn’t give them the answer and you and I know that you cannot lie to a man of God. So if there is any thing you can tell me, start telling me now so that we can plan together. I can as-sure you that I am trustworthy. And I also want to know why you said I should have gone to Chuks. Which of the Chuks were you referring to? Is he someone I know?
Gift kept quiet and reluctant to talk not until Happiness added.
Happiness: Is it the church Chuks? Choir master?
Gift dropped her head when Happiness said it. And Happiness jumped up hitting the table.
”I knew it, I knew he was the one. Immediately you said I would have gone to Chuks I knew he was the one. That bastard, that liar, that devil……”
Gift: St©p it Sister Happy, st©p talking like that as if he is a monster.
Happiness: of course he is a monster. See what he did to you. He is a monster.
Gift: But he didn’t do this to me, he didn’t ask me to go for an ab-ortion. He loves me and he wants to marry me, it is just that this is not the right time and this pregnancy is only going to dent his image. That’s why I decided on my own to ab-ort it.
Happiness: Just look at yourself. Did you tell him you were pregnant?
Gift: Yes I did
Happiness: And what did he say to you?
Gift: Nothing. He cried and begged me not to disgrace him, that he is re-ady to marry me but this is not just the right time. I felt pity for him, I un-derstood him and because I love him I decided to do this on my own.
Happiness: And did you tell him what you decided to do?
Gift: yes I told him.
Happiness: and?
Gift: nothing, he didn’t say anything.
Happiness: that guy is the devil I know what I am saying…..
Just then Pastor King and Chris walked in.
Happiness: pastor welcome.
King: Hey Gift, I’m glad you are awake. How are you feeling?
Gift: I’m better now sir, though I’m still feeling very weak.
Chris: Sorry dear, you will be fine. I am glad to see that you are better. (To Happiness) thank you dear for taking care of her. Have the two of you eaten anything?
Both girls: No Sir.
King: It is okay. Happy you will go with us so that we can get something for you girls to eat. Meanwhile Gift, you know we have a lot to talk about when you are stronger right?
Gift: yes sir.
King: That’s alright, we will see the doctor and then Happy you will follow us okay?
Happy : yes sir.
The pastors left the room to the doctors office. Happiness turned and faced Gift.
Happiness : hope you know you won’t lie to pastor. You can’t do that. Shay you know.
Gift put her head in her hand crying!
To be continued
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