Judas in the church – episode 24

Judas in the church
Episode 24.
Pastor Chris was sitting in his office studying his Bible. He didn’t un-derstand the way he has been feeling since morning, the Holy Spirit was trying to tell him something but he seemed not to un-derstand and so he just kept re-ading his Bible.
Pastor King had gone to see Odogwu and his wife to confirm all he had heard and so Pastor Chris waited patiently for him. It wasn’t long before he heard a knock on his door and before he could answer she stepped in.
Pastor Chris took a look at her, she was like Jezebel s£nt from the marine world. She dressed s£dûçt!velyand immediately Pastor Chris s-en-sed that she was on an evil mission.
”Young lady who are you? And what are you here for?” he asked angry in his spirit
”Habba pastor, calm down, is this how you treat your members? She asked sitting down and raising her two legs on t©p of the table ex-posing her th!ghs.
”Young lady re-move your legs from my table now”. Pastor Chris shouted lifting up his voice in an angry tone.
Then she stood up and walked up to him and tried to hold him against herself.
”What the hell do you think you are doing? If you dare l@yyour marine hands on me I will beat the hell out of you” Pastor Chris shouted raising his hand which was alre-ady set on a fist re-ady to strike.
She moved backward when she saw the anger in his eyes. ”Ah ah take it easy na, can’t someone pl@ywith you again, I just want to pl@ywith you and you are setting b!ow.
Pastor Chris pushed her aside and opened the door and then ordered the gate man to lock the gate and come.
The young lady bec@m£ terrified as she didn’t un-derstand what was going on. She picked her bags and tried to run out buy Pastor Chris caught her by the hand.
”Come on stand here, where the hell do you think you are going?
She went on her knees, ” pastor plea-se just let me go, I don’t want trouble plea-se”.
Pastor Chris went into the children clas-s and picked up a cane which was normally used to caution the children. The girl bec@m£ scared when she saw him stepping out.
”Pastor plea-se, just let me go, i beg you” she kept pleading.
”Listen young lady, I want to know your mission in this place. Who s£nt you and why this church?” Pastor Chris asked swinging the cane in the air.
”plea-se sir, I am begging you, forgive me let me go plea-se”
Before she finished talking pastor Chris landed the cane on her b©dy three times and then she screamed in pains crying and shouting.
”I will talk sir, plea-se forgive me o, don’t flog me again plea-se sir, I will talk plea-se. I will talk” she cried and begged.
Chris: Go ahead I’m listening.
”Okay, hey, Jesus o, okay, pastor forgive me o. I was on my own o, when one man contacted me o, he paid me 15,000 naira o, he said all I nee-d to do is lure you to be-d and video it, that’s all. He said even if I can’t get you to be-d, a k!ssor hvg is okay. I’m very sorry sir, plea-se forgive me.” She cried.
Chris: Who is this man? Talk before I beat you up.
”I don’t know his name sir, he said you c@m£ from no where and took his position and that you are challenging him in the church so he wants to teach you that you are a small boy and both of you are not age mates”
Chris: Pastor Douglas! Pastor Douglas! Must you go to this length?
”Forgive me o, I am very sorry sir, plea-se let me go plea-se”
Pastor Chris dropped the cane and helped the lady up. Then gave her a seat and they both sat outside, then he started preaching to her and telling her about Jesus. And after about 15minutes of talking, she started sobbing. While Pastor Chris prayed for her, gave her a cloth from the church to cover her half n-ked b©dy, he also gave her some money before s£nding her away.
Gate man: pastor me I no know where that girl pas-s enter, true to God.
Pastor Chris just looked at him without saying a word, picked his cane and went back inside his office.
To be continued!
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