Episode 19


Violet’s POV
I quickly hit her head on the wall without thinking twice because I’m very sure Josie can handle the three of us smoothly and deal with us in no time in order to save the evidence

Yeah I did the right thing by hitting her head on the wall in time
“Oh Violet, what did you just do?”Zach asked
I smirked”I made her pass out obviously. This girl may just look tiny and weak, she’s really strong,she beat up five muscular guys about a month ago and till now four of them are still in the hospital,two in coma. So if we delayed a bit,I don’t know what she would have done”
“You’re smart, Violet”Zach said, patting my hair
“Yeah. I’m so happy all my children are smart like me”My dad said
Three of us smiled
“Oh no. I shouldn’t have done that”I said
“Done what?”they both asked
“I shouldn’t have destroyed the phone. We could have used that as a bait to draw Dave here easily”I told them
“I know of a very fast and smart phone engineer. I’ll take the phone to him early in the morning and I’m sure he’ll repair it in no time”Zach said
“That’s a relief”I sighed
“So what’s your plan now?” Zach asked
“Isn’t it obvious??”I said smirking
They both started smilling, seems they understand my plan already too

Josie’s POV
I opened my eyes,I was feeling tired, weak, hungry, thirsty……ouch my head hurts. What the heck happened?
I need to get water first
I tried to get up but I couldn’t
It was then I realized….
I’m bound with strong ropes
They’re too tight and uncomfortable,the more I try to release myself, the more weak I am
Where am I?
Then I remembered,I got the evidence, Violet smashed my phone and immediately,she hit my head on the wall
So…..did she bring me here?
Was she the one who tied me up like an animal?
“Anyone there? Anyone there?”I called out weakly”Water…… please I need water”
I didn’t hear any reply
I kept on calling”Anyone there please save me. I’m really thirsty”
Then I heard footsteps, the door opened and the witch of all witches entered
“You’re finally awake. I knew you’re a strong person and hitting your head on the wall can never kill you”Violet said
“Violence….. why’re you doing this to me? I’m weak please, just free me. I need water too”I told her
She mock laughed”You need water?”
I nodded
“Fine, I’ll bring water for you”she said and left. She came back later with some papers and a glass of chilled water”Sign these documents and you’ll have access to drink this chilled beautiful water”
I scoffed”Are you trying to use a glass of water to buy me? Shame on you. Of all things”
She crossed her arms”Fine don’t sign it then. Then I guess you’re really not thirsty”
“I’ll never sign those documents so don’t waste your time”I told her

Dave’s POV
I’ve been trying Josie’s number since early this morning but she’s not been picking
I’m really getting worried now
Is she alright?
Could it be that she’s deliberately avoiding her calls because she’s studying for the forthcoming exams?
Maybe I should just be patient till tomorrow. I’ll check on her tomorrow in school

Josie’s POV
How will she be using water against me?
My throats are so dry
I’m getting weaker ever second
One bit of water will at least strengthen me a bit
“You may not sign it now……but soon I bet with you you’ll surely sign it without bulging because our next bait will make you sign no matter what”she said
I was confused
Next bait??
Does she mean Dave??
I panicked”What are you planning to do, Violence? Don’t you dare involve Dave in this”

She clapped”Whoa, you’re really surprising this days,so smart of you to really grab my coded words”she smirked”Come in you all”
Zach,his dad and four huge guys entered.
“Zach,give them the phone”
Zach did as told and gave the phone to one of the huge guys
“Is that my phone?”I asked”You had it repaired?”
“Yeah,Pest. For my own purpose” She then faced the guys”Dial the number now”
They dialled the number and put it on speaker
“Hey candlestick,you finally picked. I’ve been calling you since morning,you were just ignoring my calls”he said
Oh no
That’s Dave!
He and his weird pet names
I almost smiled but no…… This is not the time to smile, we’re both in trouble
“Hello are you there? Oh you hate this Pet name too right?”he kept talking
“Josie is in our custody right now”One of the guys said,he has a really thick scary voice
“What’s going on?”Dave sounded scared”Josie…. Josie….are……”
Violet collected the phone”Dave,my future husband,if you want your temporary girlfriend’s life to be spared,you better show up at the address I’ll text to you now”
“Ohh it’s you Violet. Anyway, Josie is not a weakling. She can deal with you all in no time so just get lost and stop wasting everyone’s time”he said
I smiled
He’s confident
“You think so?” Violet continued”Let’s do video call so you’ll know the state your temporary girlfriend is in”
She then cut the call and switched to video call
“Check her out”she said and brought the phone closer to me

Dave looked so shocked”Violet,are you nuts? How dare you treat Josie this way. You tied her up and her head is even bleeding. Don’t you have human feelings at all?”
“Just come here if you’re so pissed off. I’ll text you the address and better come alone if you love her life”she said
“No, Dave don’t come don’t come. I’ll be fine”I told him weakly

Dave’s POV
I’ve never seen Josie this weak
It scared me
These heartless humans must have really done a lot of terrible things to her
I’m going to kill these people for hurting Josie this way
Josie was so weak when she was saying I shouldn’t come. Why won’t I come after seeing her in that condition
My phone beeped,it was the text Violet sent. I got up quickly and left the house without even leaving a note for my dad. Surprisingly, the place was actually in their house,the basement to be precise

I entered, Violet’s dad,Zach, Violet and four muscular guys were there. Josie looked so weak,tears were almost dropping from my eyes. This girl has really suffered a lot in this life in the hands of even her family members.
Now she has me, it’s my duty to protect her

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She looked up and saw me”Why did you come? You shouldn’t have come”
“Josie, you’re weak”
“I’m fine”

I moved closer to Violet and her evil family”Haven’t you guys done enough already? What more do you want from her?”

Violet smirked”You walked in here yourself so…… Guys!”she shouted and all of a sudden,I was tied up and forced to kneel
“We don’t want much from her. Just for her to sign those documents….. period!”Violet continued

“I’m never going to sign those documents”Josie said weakly

“Hmm sweetheart,you will sign these documents”Violet said and signalled to the guys
They brought out a knife and brought it close to my neck
Oh no what are they doing?

“Josie, sign these documents peacefully and leave here alive with your love or whatever OR refuse to sign these and he dies here instantly”Her uncle said
Is her uncle trying to use me to get Josie to sign those documents?
“I’ll count down from ten”he said
Josie looked up”Uncle….why are you being like this?”
“10” her uncle said sharply
“Josie, don’t sign, I’m sure they’ll never kill me”I told her
“No Dave, these people are murderers,they killed my parents,they won’t see it as anything if they kill you”
“Josie, trust me, Violet will never want me dead. Remember,she likes me”I told her
“No. I don’t trust them. I have to sign this”
“No if you sign this, it’ll be over for you. Your parents dream for you won’t be fulfilled”

They cut my neck slightly
“Ouch”I yelled

“Yeah,that signifies half time. Once I reach 1 your neck will be completely over your head”her uncle said”4″

Josie was already crying”uncle please don’t do this to me. Let’s settle this another way”

“Josie, I’m alright. I won’t be alright anymore if you sign those”I said
“Dave if you leave me,I don’t think I’ll be able to live in this world again. I’m going to sign it for them and I’ll accept it’s my fate to live in the streets”she said, crying bitterly
“No Josie…..



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