Josie Episode 18

Episode 18
Josie’s POV
The beach is really beautiful and big. It’s been long i’ve ever being to a Beach. The last time,I went to a Beach was when I was ten,on my birthday. Now Dave is bringing me hear
God,I appreciate you so much for ma-king me meet Dave
He’s like a parent to me
He’s like a brother to me
He’s really everything to me
“Hurry Josie, before the cake melts”he said, pu-lling me by my hands
I smiled”You ordered a cake?”
He nodded”The last time I checked,a cake is very important in celebr@ting a birthday”
We chuckled and went to the place the cake was. The cake was so hvge. It even had my picture on it. The caterer that baked this must be very expert.
“Are you re-ady to cut the cake? One two go”Dave said
“No, we have to take a picture of this cake. It’s so beautiful,it can’t just go to waste like that without taking a picture”I told him
He smiled”yeah that’s true. It’s selfie time 🤳 🤳 🤳”
We took a lot of pictures with the cake before I finally cut the cake, Dave recorded that moment on his phone
“h!ph!ph!phooray”Dave shouted and we both cl@pped and laughed
“This cake is hvge mehn. Both of us seriously can’t finish this. I didn’t expect you to celebr@te my birthday in this grand way”I told him
“You’re welcome”he said smilling
“What? I didn’t say thank you”
“That’s what you meant to say”he said and placed his hand on his che-st”I know right? What I did is really tou-ching”
I smiled”Of course, Dave. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for always standing by me at all times. I’m sure my parents would be watching us up there and they’ll be very happy their daughter finally met a good person”
“Oh your words are so tou-ching. I’m moved to tears”he said fake crying
I hit his arm pla-yfully”St©p fooling around”
He looked up”Father in law….. Mother in law….. I’m sure you’ve been watching us for quite a while now,if I get married to Josie,I may end up having only one arm”
I laughed”I’m so so sorry. I don’t know why I just like hitting your arm”I said, mas-saging it again
“Or you deliberately did that so we could finish up what we couldn’t finish in the detention hall,in school that day.”he said with a mischievous smile”oh yeah….. we’re even alone in this hvge place”
“No. I……”
“It’s written all over your face,lamp holder”
“Lamp holder??”
“Yeah it’s a new pet name I c@m£ up with”
“Why are you coming up with lame pet names?”
“I’m the lamp, you’re the lamp holder. Without you,I can’t be upright, I’ll fall”he explained
“Gosh! Sun flower was even better. Lamp holder? You really sound like all those men from the 18th century. It’s very obvious you’ve never d@t£d”I told him
He smiled”I’m glad you were the first girl I ever loved and I know we won’t ever st©p loving each other”
I returned the smile”I’m glad too”
He pu-ll-ed me close by my w@!st and crashed hisl-ips into mine
I returned the k!sswithout any delay
Violet’s POV
My head was aching badly
I can’t watch this anymore
Dave looks really happy with Josie
I’ve never seen him smile this way with anyone else
Now he’s even k!ss!ngher
This is seriously hurting
I feel like pushing Josie into the water but I can’t do that, I’ll be in serious trouble
I c@m£ to find out their new plans but they aren’t even saying anything, instead they’re acting all lovey-dovey all around
I nee-d to st©p this somehow, it’s getting so unbearable to watch them
I moved closer to them”Hey you both!”I yelled
They broke the k!ssand faced me
“Sorry?”Dave asked”Why did you interrupt us. I made this reservation to avoid any interruptions. As a security shouldn’t you be outside this beach?”
“And by the way, your voice really sounds familiar”Josie added
I really nee-d to change my voice
I changed my voice”I’m a security yes but I’m to secure inside not outside in case anyone tries to sneak in by other means”I told them
“Ohh”Josie said
I’m so perfect at lying
“If you’re a security guard for securing us then why’re you interrupting us?”Dave asked
“Err….the thing is…. actually….err…..”my eyes caught the cake”yeah…. The thing is this cake is melting alre-ady and once it melts, it’ll attra-ct ants that may want to bite you both”I finally c@m£ up with an excuse
“Oh that’s true. Thanks for that”Dave said and cut some p@rt of the cake away
He gave the remaining one to me. It was still very hvge”Take this and share it with your other colleagues”
I tried my best to hold in my anger and put on a smile”Thanks for your kindness. I’m sure my colleagues will surely appreciate this”I struggled to carry the cake, looking for those colleagues or whatever
Josie’s POV
“That was a very thoughtful act”I told him
“Come on, I’m the most thoughtful guy you’ll ever meet so don’t you dare think of falling in love with another guy”he replied
“Oh …so proud. Anyway,I won’t ever fall for any other guy so you better not fall for any other girl”
“Yes ma’am”he said, acting like a soldier
We both laughed
“Let’s eat our cake before it melts like that security lady said”I said and we both ate,it was more than perfect
“So….have you come up with a new plan yet?”I asked him”I mean, have you found any evidence yet?”
He sighed”Josie, that’s a really ha-rd task honestly. I paid my manager a lot of money to help but we didn’t get any tangible evidence”
“Violet doesn’t wanna relent at all. She said she’s going to try all her best possible to make me sign those do¢v-ments. I’m really confused on what to do”I said
“Josie,you just have to be positive that everything will turn out fine. Oh,I have an idea”he said
“Really??”I brightened up
He nodded”You just have to try to have your uncle admit to committing those crimes,then you’ll make sure to record it and we can really use that as an evidence. We’ll show it to the police and they’ll work more on it”
“Wow, awesome. Why didn’t I think of that? You’re really smart,Dave. That’s what I’m going to do”
He crossed his arms”You should be very happy you have someone like me as your b©yfri£nd”
“Aish……so so so proud”
Violet’s POV
It was ha-rd finding the securities.
I just have to drop this with them and leave immediately before they find out I’m actually not a security member
I found them. They were about ten. Most guys
“The couple over there s£nt this cake”I said and dropped it immediately.
I was about leaving when I felt a hand pu-ll me back. It was a guy
“Hey shouldn’t you be outside, guarding outside? You’re not a member of the inside securities”he asked he really has a stern face
“I’m…..I …I was outside when they called me and gave me the cake to give to everyone”I lied
“This cake is pretty hvge but as securities,we won’t be eating the Icing sugar. Who’s in for this game?”he shouted
What’s he talking about?
I was thinking…..
Of a sudden,I felt a liquid stuff on my face, the icing sugar was melting on my face
I looked at the direction it c@m£ from,it was that guy.
How dare he?!
Does he know who I am at all
“Why did you do that?”I asked
He laughed”How dare an ordinary outside security question me, the boss of securities of this beach?”
Is that good enough of a post to br@g about?
“Come on everyone. Let’s teach this br@t a lesson for questioning me”he said and everyone started throwing the icing sugar at me, eating the cake
Why the heck did I have to pretend to be this lady?
She’s a lowly member in this beach
After a long time,they were all done eating the cake and throwing icing sugar at me
I was now drenched in icing sugar
“Make sure to thank the couple on our behalf”the annoying guy said and they all laughed
I went back to the Beach,Dave and Josie weren’t there anymore
Oh no ….they must have left alre-ady
Time has really gone
Gosh I can’t believe this
I didn’t get to hear their plans at all
All because of those annoying securities up there
I just wanted my time by coming here
I gro-an ed angrily and went outside
As I got outside,I switched my clothes back with that security lady and went back home
Josie’s POV
I sle-pt, thinking of Dave. I had a perfect 20th birthday, thanks to him
In the middle of the night,I woke up, feeling thirsty
I took my phone and left my room
I heard voices again and traced those voices to my uncle’s room
“Dad I wasn’t able to figure out their plan at all”it was Violet
I quic-kly started recording
“We have to hurry up. I can’t wait to get my hands on that company. Killing Josie’s parents must not just waste that way,I killed them to take over every of their company so I have to accomplish that”my uncle… Violet’s dad said
Thank goodness I started recording at this important p@rt
“Violet, we’re really counting on you. You have to come up with a plan fast”That was Zach
“Oh……I think I have a plan. I finally know how we can get Josie to sign those papers”she said
I strained my ears I must listen closely to her plan
“What’s that?”Zach and his dad asked
“We’ll use Dave. We’ll kidnap Dave and….. we’ll threaten to kill him if she doesn’t sign. If she still proves stubborn we’re……”she was saying
My heart skipped
No they mustn’t involve Dave in all this
I have to inform Dave about this
I have to……
I turned to go but I sli-pped and fell
As I looked up, Zach, Violence and their dad were at my front glaring down at me
I stood up
“Was this the same you knew the secret about your parents death?”Their dad asked
I didn’t reply
“Seems luck isn’t on your side this time around”Zach said
Violet laughed out”This girl is really trying to be smart”she said and dragged my phone”oh I see so you were recording everything”
I remained silent
Zach sl@pped me”You idiot, what were you planning on doing? You were planning on showing this to the police right?”
“Zach,I promise you if you ever sl@p me in your life again, I’ll break that nose of yours and you’re going to end up in the hospital ICU to be precise”I told him and he retreated
Violet smashed my phone to the ground and destroyed it”let’s see how you’ll involve the police in this matter now”
I hate that girl!!!!
“You just made matters worse for yourself baby”she added and hit my head on the wall almost immediately with great f0rç£
I pas-sed out