Josie final episode

Episode 20
Josie’s POV
I was scared to my bones,I alre-ady lost my parents Eight years ago now,I can’t bear to lose someone close to me anymore
I can’t bear to be left alone anymore
My uncle finally got me
He got my weak point
“1”He shouted
“Noooooooooooooooooo”I screamed out”plea-se don’t hurt Dave, bring the do¢v-ments, I’ll sign it”
My uncle,Zach and Violet started their evil laugh
“You made the right decision baby”Violet said mockingly and gave me the do¢v-ments to sign
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa
We kept hearing those cl@pping sounds and all turned to the direction of the sounds
A man entered in dark sunglas-ses,a woman followed in the sunglas-ses too
Who are these people?
I looked at my uncle,he looked surprised himself
Who are these people seriously?
“Long time no see, Desmond”The Man said and smiled.
Desmond is my uncle’s first name,for this man to know that,it means he must be someone very close to my uncle
The man then re-moved his sunglas-ses
We all stared at him
I ru-bbe-d my eyes,am I hallucinating? Or is this another dream of mine?
The woman re-moved her sunglas-ses too….
Yeah I must be really seeing things now
I looked over to my uncle,he was over shocked as well
Is he seeing what I’m seeing?
“Derek?”he said softly
My eyes lit
Tell me this is really real
“Dad?? Mom??”
The woman ran quic-kly over to me and hvgged me, crying”My baby,I really missed you so much. You must have suffered so much in this world. I’m so sorry, your dad and I had to leave that way,it was all p@rt of our plans. We wanted to know who has been trying to kill us and who set up the fire in our house”
I was still shocked”Mom,is this really you? Are you really alive? This isn’t a dream? You really didn’t die?”
“My baby, I’m here now, everything will be alright now”she said and hvgged me more ti-ghtly.
I cried out, this mustn’t be a dream
She cut off the ropes that were used to tie me,cu-mpped my face and k!$$£d my cheeks
She immediately went to my uncle and gave him the h0ttest resounding sl@p ever
“You really will never change. How dare you treat our daughter this way?!”my mom yelled angrily
My uncle glared furiously”How come you both are not dead? I killed you both. I set your house on fire. I c@m£ back to check it. It was burnt beyond recognition. It was burnt to shreds”
My dad moved closer to them”You really don’t have any sign of remorse for what you did. You tried to kill your own brother because of greediness! You’re teaching your children the same thing. They’re both getting animalistic like you!”
“Yes. I killed you. I’m so annoyed. How come you’re still alive?! I killed you to take over your companies because I was bittered against you! How can my younger brother be so rich than me. How can that be?!”my uncle replied
My dad scoffed”I never refused helping you anytime you come to me for help”
“Still it’s not right! A junior brother should never be richer than the s£nior. You didn’t die then right? Fine, I’m going to kill you myself this time around, I’m going to kill you with my own hands”He said and collected the knife from one of the guys who was to cut off Dave’s n£¢k
He then pointed it at my dad
“You can really never repent.”my dad said”You can come in now”he shouted
Huh?? Who??
Five policemen entered”Mr Desmond Philli-ps, you’re un-der arrest for the attem-pted murder of Mr Derek Philli-ps”
My uncle was glaring ha-rd “You even brou-ght police to take me. I’ll break out from prison and come back to kill you. I’ll make sure I take over every single company of yours”
They handcuffed him and the muscular guys and took them away
“No. You can’t take my dad away. You can’t”Violet cried out following them
Zach glared at every one of us and we tell out too
My dad untied Dave and hvgged him”Thanks so much you really helped us a lot”
“Tell me everything in details, what’s going on? Why are you hvgging Dave? How did everything turn out this way?”I asked
“My baby…”
“Wait before you start”I said and pinched myself continuously
“St©p hurting yourself,princess”My dad said”Everything that’s happening is real don’t worry”
Dave smiled”I tried all my best possible to find evidence of who killed your parents but I couldn’t because they really didn’t die. I found out they were able to escape by the help of their college friend like they said…..I haven’t met her yet though”
“Is that true?”
My both parents nodded smilling
I ran towards them and hvgged them”I was so scared. I had to live in the streets after that happened. Why didn’t you come to me then?”
“We were looking for the right time to do so. We knew someone was after our lives so we had to find out who the person was. It was recently we met this young man,Dave. He really did a lot of ha-rd work in finding us because we were living in an hidden place. Dave was the one who informed us that my brother alongside his family is really giving you a ha-rd time. He called us today too to tell us he was coming here and it may really be life risking so we had to come. Today was the perfect day”my dad explained
I smiled
I’m so relieved
“Let’s leave here. Let’s go to the new house we built. Our friend and helper must be waiting for us there”My dad said
My mom carried me
“Come on mom, I’m not a kid anymore, I’m twenty”
“Whatever. I missed carrying you”my mom replied and gave me a piggyback ride to the car
That’s better, I’m really so weak to walk
We got to the new house like my dad said,it was so beautiful, better than our previous ones that got burnt. It even has a swimming pool
“You’ll check out the house later, let’s go in first so you can meet with the person that saved us and you can also rest”my dad entered
We all entered,Dave followed us in too
“Lizzy we’re back. It really turned out well”my mom shouted
Then a woman in her early forties c@m£ downstairs to meet us
“Lizzy meet my daughter and her wonderful b©yfri£ndand…..”
I looked sideways at Dave
His mom??
The woman walked closer to Dave”My baby. You’ve grown so well”
“Mom?? How are you here? How…. I …”
“Derek,Rose and I have been great friends ever since we were young. When they told me they nee-ded help I couldn’t refuse. I’m so sorry I didn’t inform you and your dad about this. We wanted this to be as secretive as possible. Now that everything is settled, I’m going to go back to you and your dad. I’ve really missed you both. I’m sure you must hate me so much for this”
“Why would I? I’m more than glad that you did all this for my girlfriend’s family. I thought you got tired of dad and left him”Dave said
“Awwwwwww….my baby grew so mature”His mom said and hvgged him
This is so awesome
I love this
I got my parents back
Dave got his mom back
Happy ending
“Mom dad”
Two kids called out
Maybe not the end……
“Oh Josie,meet your kid sis,Jessie. I realized I was pregnant after that fire incident”my mom said
I have a kid sis?
The little girl ran closer to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly,I returned the hvg, she’s so sweet
“Dave,I also realized I was pregnant. Meet your kid bro,Dan”his mom said
“I’m so happy you’re my brother. Your songs are awesome, I’m your fan”the boy said and hvgged Dave
Dave was smiling so ha-rd
I’m sure he’s as happy as I am
Who knew things could turn out so wonderful this way?
4 years later
I’m in my wedding go-wn, standing beside Dave, looking charming as ever in his cool suit
The wedding hall is so crowded
Reporters and fans are outside struggling to get in
The day is really beautiful
“Jessie, guess what’s going to happen in the next twelve years”Dan was telling my sister
They were eleven now
“Hmm……. what’s that?”she asked trying to think
Dan smiled”Aish…… you’re so clueless. We’re going to be having our own wedding p@rty then. I’ll be getting married to you”
Jessie brightened up”Really?? I can’t wait to get married to you, hunny bunny”
Dave and I bur-st into laughter
“You both are still small, what do you know about marriage”I said and we all started laughing
My parents and Dave’s parents joined in the laughter too……..
Our lives turned out well
Years back,who could think such a thing will turn out to be
There’s a key point
No matter what may be happening to us,we shouldn’t be discouraged
We should never give up either
Everything will surely turn out fine…..💃💃💃💃💃💃