I’m longing to be his episode 5

Mirabel’s POV
Mum said she had an important reason why she c@m£ back to Los Angeles, I’m still wondering why??
“Mirabel honey” I could hear mum calling me from the sitting room
“yes mum, plea-se give me some minutes” I replied. I was blogging as usual.
I had to log out so I could meet mum.
“I’m here mum” I said with small smiles
“okay dear, What about your younger sister?” She asked while searching for her With her eyes
“She’s in our be-droom, I’ll go get her” I said walking towards our be-droom.
We share the same be-droom together. We are really close to each other.
“Babe, mum wants to talk with us” I said while tickling her
“okay” she said between laughter.
We are now sitted before mum. She is a bit quiet, its awkward though.
“Mum, we are here now. Its everything okay?” I asked concerned
“Everything is good, I want to tell you girls why I c@m£ back to LA” She said with smiles
Rita and I we were listening keenly.
“You know girls, our family and The Knight’s family are close friends. We had an unbreakable agreement when I was pregnant with Mirabel and the agreement was that; if i give birth to a girl, she going to get married to their son. Mirabel you are getting Married!! It was your father’s last wish” She said with excitement.
I am furious right now? How could they enter into such a lame agreement like that?? Who is that Knight guy?? I hope is not the one after Rita?? After all he is not the only Knight.”Mirabel aren’t you saying something” Mum asked
“I don’t want to get married to someone who wouldn’t love me” I said with tears rushing down my cheeks.
I ran to my room, my life is shattered, should I run away??
“Sis, sis” I could hear my sister calling me
“I want to be alone” I shouted on her
“plea-se let me talk to you” she begged
“okay, if you are just going to support mum just get out” I said with anger
She sat close to me hvgging me. I felt at ease.
“sis, Its an agreement, you had mum said it cant be broken. I feel bad for you. Just give it a try. You might find your Prince Charming. I will be here for you Mum and I, We love you so much” She said with tears in her eyes.
“okay, I will give it a try. Thanks love” I said thinking about what she had told me.
I nee-d to clear my head. I am going to meet up with my best friends, Angela and Dezzy at the next time coffee shop.
“what’s up Girl” Dezzy said while I was getting sitted
“Have you been crying, Mira?” Angela asked with concerned eyes
“Yes, I am getting married to God knows who” I said as tears sli-pped down my eyes.
I told them what mum had told me this morning.
“what! How could they? Girl you have no choice but you have to accept it” Angela said
“Its awkward babe, we will be here for you” Dezzy said
“yes will would” replied Angela
“Thanks guys, I have alre-ady accepted my fate” I said forcing a smile.The rest of the evening went well with my friends, they made me forget about the stupid unbreakable promise.
I got home Mum and Rita were worried about me.
“my girl, where were you?” She asked with tears in her eyes
“I’m fine mum” I said
“uhm mum, I have accepted the marriage, is not like I have a choice” I said with smiles
“oh sis you have, that’s goodnews, wedding things on point” she said in excitement.
“Really good news” mum replied while hvgging me.
“prepare for tomorrow, your husband to be and his family would arrive here by 4:00pm for dinner” she said with wi-de grin
“okay mum” I said heading towards my be-droom.
I freshened up so I could sleep. i sle-pt with the thought of who is my Husband to be??
Guess who it is guys?✌😋