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I’m longing to be his episode 4

Mirabel’s POV
6:00 Am
*Alarm rings*
“Argh so noisy, just shut up”, I said to my alarm with sleepy eyes.
“Rita, Rita, plea-se wake up; Mum is coming back today” I said
” uhmm ok” she said with small smiles on herl-ips.
My mum has been in Paris for 6 months. She went there for vacation after the death of my father.
Rita and I am very excited.
Rita had gone to shower, while I was busy setting some welcome back designs.
“Uhm, Sis am done showering, I’ll continue from here go shower” she said willingly
“okay dear, see ya” I said running to the bathroom
I could here her giggles.
I was done showering, I had put on my Red go-wn and flat white shoes, I applied a bit of mascara and My redl-ipstick, am not a fan of heavy make up, I love appearing natural.
Mum would be arriving at Los Angeles Airport any moment from now. I was super excited.
“Rita, Hurry up” I said while looking at my wristwatch.
“Am almost done” she said.
9:00 am @ Los Angeles Int’l Airport
“Sis, I have seen mum” She with utmost excitement.
“oh my, Mum looks super cute” I said walking towards the Arrival area.
“Mmmmmmuuuuummmmm” Rita and I screamed in excitement, which got people looking at us.
“My babies, how are you doing?? I have missed my children so much” she said hvgging us ti-ghtly
“We are fine mum” I replied on behalf of Rita and myself.
We took my mum’s luggage from her. We were talking happily as we walked towards the exit of the Airport.
We boarded a cab to our home.
“wow, this house has changed, its only been 6 month i left” she said while smiling.
I was happy, she was learning how to cope with the death of my dad, it wasn’t that easy .
“My baby girls, Thank you for the designs, I love them” she said while veiwing the designs we had set up in the living room and her room.
“Anything for you mum, we love you Mum!” Rita and I said simultaneously.
“Mum go freshen up and come for lunch” I said
“I will dear” Mum told me while patting my shoulders.
Rita was going anywhere mum went, she had missed her.
“Rita, come lets set up the table” I called out
“No sis, I’m not coming do it yourself. I will take care of mum, i have missed her” she said sticking her ton-gue out.
I really hate when she does that, do I have a choice??
Mum was done showering. She looked so un-der 18.
We were alre-ady sitted on our dining table.
We had macroni salad for lunch. That’s mum’s favourite.
We talked about stuff and the rest
Mum had taken us out, to the ice cream shop, we ate pizza. Today is a great day.
I got home took my bath and sle-pt, with today’s activities in my mind. I love my Family.
What do you think my dear re-aders?
Your comments are needed plea-se😋😋😉😘
Love you guys😘😘

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