I’m longing to be his episode 6

Wesely’s POV
I was in the office working on some files when I heard my phone rang. Oh, Its my dad
“Hello dad” I said with smiles
“Hello Son, where are you?” he asked Anxiously
“I’m in the office, is there a problem??” i asked worried
“come home now, your mum and I have something to discuss with you” he said.
He cut the line so that I wouldn’t asked any questions.
“S–t what’s up with the old man, maybe its another business deal I have to win this time” I said giggling.
Gosh I’m super exhausted, I nee-d to see my parents. I walked out of my office straight to the ceo parking sp©t.
I drove to my family house, of course there is where I grew up. I had many memories there!
I’m here alre-ady, the house has changed a bit, that because I’m always too busy to come here though.
“Young Master knight, Good evening” I heard the maids greeting me.
“Where are my parents?” I said with straight face not returning there greetings.
“They are in the sitting room on the 2nd floor” one of the maid replied
I went to 2nd floor. I could see mum had designed the house again, she loves doing that.
“Dad, Mum, Good evening” I said while having a hand shake with my dad and hvgging my mum.
“oh son, you are so handsome” Mum said while hvgging me ti-ghtly
“Son welcome” my dad said
“Thanks dad” i replied while taking my sit opposite them.
The maid had drinks served to us. I then remembered why I’m here
“Dad you said you want to discuss something important with me” I asked”Yes son” he said while placing his glas-s of wine on the tray
“you see Son, you are 30 years old, successful and a handsome young man” he continued
“you nee-d to get married”
“get married?? ” i spit my drink out.
“Dad come on, I wanna get married when am 50 Yrs, I wanna enjoy my life, besides I dont love any woman, at least not now, how would I know a good wife like mum?? ” I asked with a little bit of anger. I knew I had to control myself.
“My son no nee-d to worry, We have found a wife for you, she is from a good and responsible home. Beside her family and ours had an unbreakable agreement, that you would marry their daughter and now is time son” My mum said with smiles.
“what! How could you both do this to me?? I’m not marrying any woman, whether is a breakable or unbreakable agreement or God knows what! ” I said in full anger
“It’s final. Prepare yourself tomorrow by 4:00 pm we will be going to your wife to be’s house” Dad was furious now. When he says its final, it really is final.
My God what have I gotten myself into?? Who is she?? Is she h0t, S-xy and you know?? Holy s–t, what the hell is this??
“ok dad, could you tell me her full name plea-se?? ” I asked because i wanted to do a background check on the crazy b—h.
“No we are not telling you” mum said with wi-de grin which irritated me
“It’s a surprise Son, a surprise” Dad said smiling
“ok, What if I don’t like her?? ” I asked wanting to know whether i could say No”you will still have to marry her” He said smiling.
“tch, this isn’t funny, it so isn’t funny” i said with fury
My parents just laughed at me saying I was being too childish.
“Okay fine I accept the marriage” I told them reluctantly
My day and mum were so excited at this Point. They had hvgged me. I had to k!ssthem goodbye.
I was driving home thinking about who that stupid girl is?? I alre-ady feel for her, she would regret getting married to me. I will ruin her like she ruined my life right now.
I got home safely, freshened up. I had to take some bottles of beer to make me forget this moment but it wasnt working, I am not happy and I wasnt in the mood for S-x being me the award winning pla-yboy. I hate that girl, I promise to ruin her miserable life.
I was drun!know, I staggered to my be-droom. I fell asleep with the thought of the stupid girl I’m going to see tomorrow.
This yawa😕😕😕