I’m longing to be his episode 36

Westley’s POV
Her being around me was just so much fun. I love her!
“Mine, have you taken your bath?” She asked me smiling.
“No dear, I was too weak for that” I said as I typed in the pas-sword to our room of which I changed it to MiraWest. The door opened and we entered the room.
“Uhm….Mine will you love a warm or cold bath” She asked as she tied her hair in loose buns
“Warm one babe” I replied smiling.
“Done” she said with large grin.
She c@m£ to inform me that the bath was set. I went in to the bathroom, everything has been set actually.
I soa-ked myself in the warm water. I closed my eyes. I hope what I want to tell her doesn’t make her angry or spoil her mood.
I c@m£ out of the bathroom,I didn’t see her anywhere in the room. I was kind of scared that she had gone back home not until I saw her glas-ses and her purse. I heaved a de-ep sigh of relieve.
I noticed she picked out some clothes for me, she picked a sweat p@n-ts and a simple black t©p.
I wore the clothes she kept for me.
I felt stronger than before, I was recovering.
I missed her alre-ady, I didn’t want her to be far away from me, but that’s not possible. I’ve got to feel her while it last.
“I miss you so much, I love you more” she talked on phone may be to her b©yfri£ndor something. I felt jealous.
“Mine, oh your back, how are feeling?” She asked as I sat beside her.
“I’ve got something to tell you” I said ignoring the question she asked
“What is it?” She asked as her eyes shown
“All my life, I loved one woman which was Nicole. Her death was a big pain to me. Because of that I rejected love” I said pouring out my heart to her as she listened keenly.
“Getting married wasn’t in my plan, at times I f0rç£ my self to love someone but it wasn’t working. The girls I try to fall in love with were after my money and not my happiness. I resolved that love wasn’t for me. Actually when I married you, to be sincere I hated you because I felt that you were like other girls. I noticed that you weren’t really after my money but you were after me loving you. I treated you badly of which I’m really sorry, I won’t mind it if you’ll pay me back. I’ll be willing to do anything to deserve your forgiveness. I caused all this problems, I didn’t believe you when you told me you were innocent of what Damon accused you of, I foolishly let my anger lead me. I’m sorry for hitting you I’m sorry for ma-king you cry. I’m sorry for calling you names, for not defending you against the people that mock you, I’m truly sorry for every night you spent awake waiting for me to come home. I’m also very sorry for cheating on you. I’m really sorry for everything you went throu-gh because of me” I said as my eyes bec@m£ watery.
” I’m not good at saying this, it may sound awkward but I have to say it” I said as I crossed my f!ngers
“I LOVE YOU, I don’t know when? But I have feelings for you” I said chuckling admist tears.
“I know the time I should have reciprocated my feelings for you has pas-sed, but even if you don’t accept me, I’ll promise you that I’ll love you from afar and I’ll protect you, I will always be hear for you anytime you nee-d me. I will never st©p loving you even though you are in another Man’s arms, you know why? That’s the pain I caused upon myself. I’m willing to live with it, I sincerely love you.
You gave me the reason to love again, you are my miracle” I said as I watched her reaction she was in tears.
“Westley” she said as she held my hands with her soft hands.
“I un-derstand how you feel, I no what is like to go throu-gh that pain. Its not your fault that you treated me that way. This marriage wasn’t easy for me too. You deserve my forgiveness. I forgive you for everything. I know you did that just to scare away love because you felt love wasn’t for you. I un-derstand that perfectly well,I felt the same way too” she said as she pu-ll-ed her hair bend her ear
“Who says you are going to love me from afar when you’ll be here with me? How can you say you’ll protect me from afar, when I’m sure I’ll be safer in your arms? You think you deserve to live in pain for the second time? No my love you don’t deserve that” she said as she had tears in her eyes..
“The time for you to reciprocate your feelings hasn’t pas-s. I won against that dark wall you built in your heart. I won you my love” she said as she chuckled with her tiny voice.
“I love you, mine” she told me as she rest her head on my shoulder.
“I Love you more, Mi Amor” I said as I hvgged her ti-ghtly. We broke away from the hvg. I saw her smiling as her beautiful big blue eyes shown.
“I thought I lost you to that guy” I said as I ca-ressed her hair as she leaned on my shoulder
“Which guy?” She asked
“The one I saw in your bake shop” I said
“Funny you…he is just a friend, his name is Desmond” she said laughing at my ignorance. I laughed also.
“Thank God, he is just a friend love” I said
“I’ve got something to ask you jewel?” I said as I told her
“I’m all ears” she sat as she sat up
“So I’m I accepted as your husband by you?” I ask hoping to hear her opinion
“Yes mine….you are my hubby” she said as she smiled.
“Will you cheat on me?” She asked pouting. I was expecting that anyways
“Tch…I don’t think so. You’ve got all I nee-d in a woman” I said. The atmosphere bec@m£ tensed as we stared de-eply into each others eyes. I couldn’t resist my self from tasting those pink v!rg!nli-ps of hers. I ca-ressed herl-ips slowly with my thumb, as we c@m£ close to k!ss!ngeach other my phone rang.
“What ah kill joy” I m0@n ed as I picked up my phone..
“Its sister” I told my wife. She gave me a pick the call look.
“Westdear” I hear my sister said almost like a shout.
“Yes sis” I replied not happy at all, she ruined everything. She didn’t let me k!ssmy jewel
“How are you?” She asked
“I’m fine” I hastened to reply
“What about your wife? Give her the phone plea-se” she said. I gave my baby the phone
“Yes, he is fine”
“No, sis his cool”
“He isn’t yelling at me” I watched
her as she replied my sister’s endless question.
She looked very pretty…
She hang up and gave me the phone. What did she say I asked
“She said I should take care of my grumpy hubby” she said laughing as she ran her soft f!ngersthrou-gh my hair. I laughed so ha-rd because it was ticklish.
I tickled her she laughed so ha-rd her voice Was so sweet.
“Mine?” She called
“Yes sweetie pie” I answered still tickling.
“I nee-d to go its dark alre-ady” she said in between laughter. I wasn’t happy to let her go.
“Are you living me?” I asked sad and pouting.
“No, mine, I’ll come very early tomorrow” I said as she held my face in her soft hands.
“But shouldn’t a wife be where her husband is?” I asked still not satisfied. I nee-d her so badly because I love her.
“I didn’t come with my clothes” she said
“Or your scared that I’ll want to t©uçh you?” She kept quiet.
“Is it that?” I asked expecting to hear her reply.
She nodded her head slowly. I let out a loud laugh. She kept on pouting.
“See, Jewel. I must surely t©uçh you, its a must in a marriage OK?” I said as-suring her I’ll be a good guy around her
She nodded still pouting.
“But I’ll promise you that I won’t do anything until you are re-ady” I said as I k!$$£d her forehead.
I heard her mumbled a faint thank you.
The rest of the evening was fun with my wife. I love her!