I’m longing to be his episode 35

Westley’s POV
It is Monday I’ll have to see my Jewel,I’ll have to claim her back.I want her to trust me thatI’ll protect her and to see that I’ve changed.I decided to see he first before I’ll go to work.
I drove down to her house but I was told she was in her bake shop. Her sister gave me the address. I went there what I saw shocked me. My fears has come throu-gh, I saw throu-gh the glas-s door that a man k!$$£d my woman and fed her with cu-pcakes, I lost it, I felt jealous for the first time.
I went in there in anger and punched that bustard’s face. I wonder what he has that I don’t have I’m more handsome than him and I’ve got the money.
What hurt me most was my woman was furious at me, at some point I got scared…I scre-wed up. She told me she doesn’t want to see my face anymore.
I got home,I couldn’t even think straight. I’ve lost her. I went into my be-droom, I just freshened up and la-id on my be-d. I didn’t know what to do. I want to have her back as mine.
“I don’t un-derstand it, is it that I love her or I just want her in my house?” I thought
“No, I feel something for her. I love her” I said that loud.
I’ll beg for an opportunity to tell her even though she doesn’t accept me. I’ll have to tell her my feelings.
I know I didn’t want anything to do with her before but now I wish she where in my arms, I wish I could k!ssher and tell her how much I love and I want to be the man she deserves. I can’t because I had hurt her, hit her and despised her. She doesn’t love me
I had a splitting headache, I reached for my first aid box to take some pain killers but it wasn’t working.
I battled with headache, I couldn’t sleep. I stood up walked into my kitchen, no food I was hungry.
I checked the time it was 1 am in the morning.
I sat on the kitchen chair and la-id my head on the table and then sle-pt off.
I woke up in the morning to see myself in he kitchen, the headache hasn’t st©p yet.
“My life is meaningless” I said in regret
“Almighty God, I nee-d one more chance” I said even though I don’t pray that often.
I had to go to my room to rest. I was feeling cold and feverish. I wonder what’s going on with me?
I ha-rd ly fall sick, so why this?
I stood up to bath, I didn’t want to be sick. I wasn’t going to the office, I’ll just work from home.
I went to my office, I couldn’t get her off my mind. She’s mine. I’ll do what it takes to make her fall for me, even though it means living my wealth to be a simple man for her. I’ll do it.
My b©dy was getting h0tter and my headache wors£ned. I thought I should call Arthur for treatments but I didn’t want to bother the poor guy. Let me wallow in my pains alone.
My b©dy got worse as the day pas-sed by, I took medications but to know avail. Today I wanted to go and see my wife. I showered, I wore a simple jean trou-ser with a white woolen shi-t because of the cold I was feeling. I took a look at my face in the mirror, I looked pale because I was sick and haven’t eaten, I wasn’t even hungry. I took my car keys and phone. As I walked slowly to my car, I bec@m£ dizzy, my eyes where spinning, I slumped. That was all I could remember.
My views where blur, I could see a figure by my side.
“West dear” the figure said. I was weak I couldn’t respond.
I black out again.
I woke up again to see my elder sister and Arthur by my side, they looked worried. I wondered what had happened to them.
“West dear” my sister called as she ca-ressed my forehead
“Yes, sister” I answered trying to sit up but I felt weak.
“Have you eaten?” She asked
“No” I replied
“Guy, here is some food” Arthur said as he pas-sed the food to my sister to fed me. She fed me with one spoon of porridge. I didn’t feel like eating anything. I vomited it
“West, what’s happening to you?” My sister asked as her eyes bec@m£ watery.
“Mirabel, sis, I love her” I replied as drew the duvet to cover myself.
“I know, she should be on her way by now” she said
“You’ve been calling her name when you were unconscious” she said smiling
“What did she say sis, is she coming?” I asked in curiousity due to the event that happened lately
“Yes, she sounded scared” she said
“OK” I was happy to here that she was coming. I was going to use that opportunity to tell her how much I love her.
I relaxed and sle-pt off again.
When I woke up, I felt a familiar t©uçh c@r£ss!ngmy hair. I opened my eyes to see my wife, she had that worried look in her eyes.
“Jewel” I said smiling. She st©p c@r£ss!ngmy
my hair.
“plea-se don’t st©p” I said hoping she would continue. Luckily for me she did.
“How are you, mine?” She asked holding my hands.
“I’m fine, I’m truly sorry for how I treated you, I want to say this now before I won’t….” I said
“Shhhhh….its okay recover first” she said as st©pped me from talking.
“Okay, promise me you won’t leave until I say what I want to say” I asked pleading.
” yes I promise” she said smiling.
I smiled back. I took a good look at her face, when she smiled she had dimples, she had natural pinkl-ips her skin was so milky fair and soft, she had the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She had a mole on the right side of those S-xy pinkl-ips that I wish to k!ssthat’s if she’ll let me. How come I never noticed such a beautiful woman, she had her cat eyed glas-ses on. I thought glas-ses made someone look like a nerd but its not true, it made my wife look like a princess, so beautiful.
“Mine, I’ve been talking to you but you haven’t been answering me” she said as she tapped me.
“Huh? I’m sorry, its just that you are …uhm..you are so beautiful” I said smiling at her. she blu-shed she was shy.
“St©p it, st©p flattering me” she said, she couldn’t look straight to my eyes.
“I prepared some porridge for you, it will help you get better” she said
“Let me go to the kitchen to bring it, be right back” she said smiling.
“Alright….I’ll be waiting” I sat up on my be-d. Seeing her gave me extra strength. I watched her as she left, she was well endowed She had full legs, large h!ps and a normal sized bo-ob s, with her long dark hair, she was just chubby. I was wondering why I never saw this features nor her inner beauty . This woman is pretty in and out. I smiled. I wish she would accept me back. Its not possible because she’s with another man that treats her well.
She c@m£ back with the plate of porridge in a tray. She placed them on the be-d. She smiled at me.
“Here you go” she said as she sat down on the be-d.
I watched her re-move her glas-ses, she kept it on the be-d stand.
“Should I feed you?” She asked with large grin.
“Yes Jewel” I said, I have to enjoy this while it lasts.
“What ah baby” she said as she chuckled, her laughter was like music in my ears, so small and captivating.
She fed me with one spoon of the porridge.
“Hmmm……so delicious” I said, it tasted better than the one my sister prepared.
“Eat, sister told me you haven’t eaten anything” she said as she fed me.
“Jewel, eat some of this, have you eaten?” I asked concerned
“Yes mine, I have eaten. Its about you not me OK? plea-se eat” she said with her beautiful voice
She fed me with the last spoon if the porridge, she gave me water to drink,
“How are you feeling now?” She asked
“I’m fine, I well now” I said
” I want us to go to our room” I said standing up of course I felt stronger than ever.
“Alright, let me clear up things here” she said.
I help carry the tray back to the kitchen, when I c@m£ back I saw she had cleaned up the room.
“Thanks for coming”I said as I was tem-pted to hvg her but I held myself.
“That’s the least I could do” she said giving me a beautiful smile.