I’m longing to be his episode 37

I couldn’t st©p shedding tears of joy. I promised him that I will always love him too, that I’m willing to go throu-gh thick and thin with him. To support him in all he does, he’ll always be my heartcode. I love him when he didn’t care but now he cares I feel something more than just love.
The rest of the day was so fun and fantastic with hubby.
My man! I’m proudly Mrs. Westley
Episode 38
Westley’s POV
I suggested we go out on a d@t£ to get to each other well. She welcomed the idea whole
heartedly. I was very happy.
We wore a jean and a white polo together as couple, she was so elegant so pretty.
I noticed she had her wedding ring on her so do I. She was the typical meaning of fun.
My being with her had being so fantastic, I love her, she’s my miracle.
I took her to the place she loved going, it wasn’t a big restaurant though but I want to be
p@rt of her world, the things she liked.
I opened the door for her to go in she did. We took our seats. I wasn’t familiar with the
restaurant I wasn’t able to order anything.
She ordered for me. She order some French fries, chicken and some champagnes.
“Hey girly, isn’t that the owner of knight cooperation?” I heard a matured old lady asked
my woman.
“Yes he is” she replies her with smiles looking at me and I smiled back at her.
” what are you doing here with him, don’t you know he has a wife ” the lady asked my wife
rolling her eyes at her.
The day we got married the media wasn’t involved so many didn’t actually know my wife.
“Yes I know, Anty. I’m his wife” she said chuckling
“Girly you didn’t invite your French fry aunty” the lady said pouting.
“I’m sorry, everything happened so fast” my woman told her.
“Hello Mr. She’s my little friend take good Care of her” the lady said with the scariest look
“Yes MA, I’ll” I replies smiling luckily for me she did smile back.
She left us.
“Sweetie…who was that lady?” “Oh…she’s the owner of this restaurant, she is a family
friend” she answer smiling at me.
“I’m sorry about that I know you…” She said but I cut her off
“Its okay I want to be p@rt of your beautiful world” I said holding her hands.
“Its that so?” She asked
“Yea baby” I replied giving her a wi-nk
“Thank you very much mine, for accepting me and my world, I’m very grateful” she said
as she had tears in her eyes.
“Its okay, that’s the least I could do for a good woman like you” I said as I k!sses her
I gave her my handkerchief because she was in tears. She mumbled a faint thank you
We were still eating, we talked and laughed.
“Why are girls looking at you that way? I don’t like it. You’re married for crying out loud.
They should leave you” she said feeling annoyed.
“Jewel are you jealous?” I asked chuckling
She just nodded her head.
“So you want then to st©p looking at your cute hubby?” I asked
“Yes” she replied pouting.
,”Done” I stood up.
“What are you doing? ” she whispered
“ma-king an announcement Jewel” I replied whispering to her ears.
“Don’t be…” She started saying but I cut her off..
“Hey all the girls in this restaurant focus on the man that brou-ght you here, st©p looking
at me, my wife doesn’t like it and to you men st©p looking at my wife, if not….you know
right?” I said shouting with that straight face. The restaurant was silent while I talked and
when I finished they sat straight facing their p@rtners or what brou-ght them here.
“Oh my God…you are so amazing” she said as she hvgged me.
“Anything for you babe” I replied.
We were done eating. She opened her purse to pay the bills.
“What are you doing?” I asked as I pointed to the purse
“Oh…paying the bills?” She asked confused.
“I’ll pay” I said as I brou-ght out my wallet to settle the bills.
“Thank you” she mumbled
“Its my duty Jewel” I said giving her a wi-nk.
“I’ll take you out and pay for the bills another day, plea-se you have to agree to this” she
said expecting an answer
“Okay…I’ll agree” I said reluctantly. This woman isn’t after money. All she wants is love
and attention. This marriage wasn’t a mistake at all.
We left the restaurant we sat down in our car driving to the cinemas to watch a movie.
It was all her idea. I’m not a movie fan when I rarely watch TV if am watching, I watch
news only. My wife is my opposite, she’s a true wife and ideal woman.
“Mine…” She called
“Yes dear” I answered looking at her for her to know I’m listening then I averted my eyes
back to the road.
“Where do you love going?” She asked me smiling
“You want to know?” I asked sm-irking.
“I climb mountains” I replied her with a grin
” you do?” She replied with excitement.
“Yea…its boring to take a woman to that kind of place you know” I said that as I
remember that Nicole doesn’t like watching me climb mountains.
“What! Who told you that? I’ll love to watch you climb” she said laughing. I was kind of
“You do?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes….anything Mine
likes Jewel likes” she said as she laughed ha-rd .
I laughed with her also, she’s fun.
“Now I un-derstand, you are so different from her sis was right” I said as I held her hand
while the other controlling the starring.
“Different from who?” She asked eager to know.
“Nicole, she doesn’t know what makes me happy, she was always concerned about
herself” I said shaking my head while sm-irking.
“She’s like that at times but she was good” she said smiling sadly”Yea, kind of true” I supported..
“So when are you taking me there.?” She asked smiling
“Any day you wish” I replied.
“When you are very strong, you are still recovering” she said
“Alright baby” I said.
“Yea” she replied.
“You are so special, my better half” I told her.
We got to the cinemas, we watched a love movie. It was just like the pl@yof our lives. My
wife was so excited about the movie, I was happy she’s having fun with