I’m longing to be his episode 31

Mirabel’s POV
Work at the bake shop was so tiring, I got home sat down on the sofa I’m the sitting
room. My sister walked in giving me a very ti-ght hvg, I noticed she was happy than
“Sis, welcome guess what?” She said dancing
“Uhm….David bought you a gift?” I said with large grin
“No guess again” she said shaking her head.
“I don’t know you know I’m not good at guessing” I said laughing.
“Ok.. OK…fine I’ll tell you” she said as she sat beside me
“Mr. rude was here” she said smiling
“You mean Desmond, I know you and my bestie quarrel alot…I told you not to call him
that” I said smiling. But she laughed ha-rder
“No sis, its Westley” she said jumping up.
“You..you mean Westley was here?” I asked standing up surprised
“Yes” she said folding her arms.
“What did he say? Did he say I should sign the divorce papers? Did you see a file with
him?” I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I said.
“Sis, plea-se don’t shed tears” she said as she cleaned the tears.
“He said and I quote ” I’m here to see my wife” she said mimicking Westley’s voice and
“He called me his wife?” I asked with eyes wi-de open. I was tired but I received extra
” yes he even called me sister in law, Westley of all people apologized for the way he
treated me at his house that day” she said holding my hands.
“What should I do? Do you think he wants me back? Do you think he is joking?” I asked
not knowing what do feel
” I don’t know sis, but I have this feeling that he changed and he wants you back” she
“So what should I do if he wants me back?” I asked eager and wishing it were true
“You wouldn’t just accept him like that you’ll prove to him that you aren’t a toy he can pla-y
with?” She said.
“He’ll come another day I’m sure” she said hvgging me.
“I hope he comes back for me?” I said hoping.
“I want to make him know I’m not a toy, how do I do that?” I asked curious to know
“Sis, I believe you can handle that” she said with smiles
“Let me get you something to eat” she said standing up.
“I’m full sis, maybe later” I said as I carried myself to the room, I was happy that Westley
was here. Let me not get my hopes too high, I thought as I sle-pt off.
Westley’s POV
My sources s£nt me my wife’s phone number, I tried her number it was switched off.
I’ll go and see he later in the evening.
I was alre-ady dressed for office I took my brief case and car keys.
When I reached the office, I inspected some projects, held a board meeting and then did
some paper work.
I was kind of excited, I have this feeling that I’ll see my woman today since I went there last week.
I left the office by 5pm, I thought I should get a gift for her. I had enquired from my
secretary which gift I should buy for a special woman. She said earrings and flowers.
So I decided to go to the mall, I bought some diamond earrings and flowers.
I took a look at the earrings I got her, I hope she likes it. I don’t know if she’ll accept it or
not. But I have to try.
I drove down to her house, I was abit tensed,
“Oh my! What do I expect?” I asked myself
I stood in front the door and I took a de-ep breathe before knocking.
“Good evening to you” I greeted her sister
“Evening” she replied with curiosity on her face as she saw the things I got for my wife
“Is she at home?” I asked hoping she doesn’t give me a no
“Yes she is” she said
I heaved a de-ep sigh of relieve.
“Come in” she said
I walked into the house and took my sit. The house was neat and comfortable but much
more smaller than mine.
“Sis….sis…someone is here to see you” She said as she shouted so that her sister would
hear her
“I’m coming a minute” I heard her sweet small voice said.
I waited as I viewed the pictures on the Wall. She really has a happy family I thought.
I stood up as I heard her footsteps entering into the sitting room. She looked beautiful in
her long simple go-wn and her cat eye glas-ses, she emaciated a little but she looked
more amazing.
“Good evening love, how are you doing?” I asked smiling for the very first time at her.
“Evening, I’m fine” she said folding her arms still standing giving me a I am not Interested
look. But that not withstanding I’ll have to say what I’m here for.
“I’m sorry for everything, I know you are innocent, Arthur told me the truth” I said kneeling
to apologize. She just looked at me like I wasn’t talking to her
“I’m asking for your forgiveness love….I’m sincerely sorry” I said
“I can’t forgive you easily, Westley, you hurt me so much. I don’t think I’ll be able to do
that, plea-se leave my house” she said as she turned her back at me.
“OK… I’ll leave but I won’t get tired of asking for your forgiveness” I said as I stood up
depressed of course I didn’t expect this to be so easy, she isn’t a toy right?
“Take this, I bought them for you” I said as I stretched my hands to give her the flower
and earrings but she didn’t bother turning nor looking at the things.
“plea-se leave with your gifts, I don’t nee-d it. Give it to the next girl you are going to f–k
tonight, get out” she screamed
I was t©uçhed, my heart ached at what she had told me well, that was small compared to
the one I had told her.
“Sweetie, I bought these things with a clear mind for you and no one else. If you don’t
want to forgive me fine, at least don’t reject my gifts” I said as I walked to her front
“Leave plea-se” she said closing her eyes because I was pissing her off.
“Okay….I’ll come back later for you l. I miss you jewel” I said
As I was about living throu-gh the door
I heard her turn around.
“Hey Mr. Grumpy” she said with her tiny voice.
“Yes jewel” I said as I turned back
She stretched her hands forth for the gifts. I handed it over to her” she smiled
“Now, get lost” she said rolling her eyes at me.
“Goodnight jewel” I whispered