I’m longing to be his episode 30

Westley’s POV
Two days after I knew the truth, I felt like a beast as I reflected on how I hurt my wife, I
bullied her again that’s what hurt me the most. I wonder how she’s doing? Is she still in
love with me? This like this change women a lot.
I hate myself for hurting her, I would have been civil with her.
I was at the office but I couldn’t concentrate, the memory of Mirabel filled my thoughts it
either made me regret or smile.
I wasn’t thinking straight I lost it, today I fired ten workers because they were so irritating.
How would they greet me and at the same time ask me for a thing, I fired them.
I don’t un-derstand why I get easily angry this past few days.
“What the f–k!” I yelled running my hands throu-gh my hair.
“I ruined my life myself, how couldn’t I have seen the innocence and the beauty that lies
in her eyes” I said shaking my head in regret.
“I’ll win her back” I said as-suring myself.
I left the office since there is no point wasting time on something I’m not concentrating
on. I drove in speed to my house. I got to my house, I sat down on the sofa in my sitting
room I didn’t even pu-ll my clothes. I wasn’t I’m a good mood
I picked the telephone,
“Come in immediately” I said to my gatekeeper
He knocked and I ordered him to come in.
“Yes sir, you called” he said bowing his head
“You are fired” I said giving him a killer look.
“Sir, plea-se what have I done” he said kneeling
“You saw me when I threw my wife’s belonging out of my house and you didn’t st©p me,
you’re fired. Until she comes back that’s when I’ll call you” I said
“Get out” I barked he ran out in fear.
ru-bbish I gr@bb£d some few bottles of beer, I bec@m£ drun!kto the extend all I knew was
saying Mirabel and remembering the good times I missed with her.
“She’s my Jewel!”
Mirabel’s POV
I wanted forget about my problems for a bit. I didn’t hear any feedback from Arthur. Its
now clear that Westley doesn’t want anything to do with me.
I feel pain right inside my emotion. My life hasn’t always been easy. When I fell in love
with my soon to be ex husband, I thought I could make him change but No, he hates me
with pas-sion.
He is the first man I’ve ever loved.
Why am I ugly? Why do I have to be fat? Why am I not h0t and S-xy?
I was mocked by many people, no one wanted to as-sociate with me back then in high
I felt it was going to be over when I married the h0ttest and handsome guy any lady
would dream of having in LA. I never knew that’s greater problem for me.
I still love my husband, I wish he would just be my friend even if it just one day. I thought
as I designed the cake which I baked. I reopened the bake shop, I don’t have to be jobless
and I nee-d to forget my pain for a bit.
Life isn’t fair to me!
Westley’s POV
I’ll have to kill my pride for once if I want to be happy. I thought I as stood up from my
be-d having the mind of going to the Davidson’s house. But I don’t know what to expect,
I’m re-ady for anything after all I hurt my wife.
Its a Saturday I took my bath wore a pair of jean trou-sers and a polo. I took my car keys
and I was off to Mirabel’s house.
I was at Greenville estate right in front of her house but I don’t know whether to go in or
Maybe she wouldn’t want to talk to me nor see me. I discovered that I wasn’t the rude guy
I was, now I’m tensed.
Its a kind of new feeling for me which I don’t like. I wasn’t even tensed approaching
Nicole but for Mirabel its a different thing. I had to summon up courage, I was sitting In
my car for thirty good minutes.
I walked to the door right in front of me. I knocked on the door as if I had no strength. I
wish Mirabel should be the one to open the door because if its her sister I’m finished.
I heard a the door open and then my worst dream c@m£ to pas-s it was her sister.
“What do you want?” She asked with hands akimbo rolling her sister eyes at me.
“I’m here to see my wife” I answered looking at her directly into her eyes
“Well, she’s not at home ” she said about shutting the door but I held the door she wasn’t
able to close it anymore.
“Where is she?” I asked
“Why do you want to see her, I thought you hated her? Huh?” She asked still rolling her
eyes at me
“Look, whatever happened between she and I is none of your business OK? And I’m
sorry for the way I talked to you the day you c@m£ to my house” I said apologizing to
her. It was he first time I didn’t speak rudely to someone.
“Apology accepted, well she isn’t at home I’ll tell her when she gets back” she said
“OK…thanks” I said as I took my leave
“Hey Mr. Rude are you dreaming? You look calm to me” she said laughing.
“Sister in law, I am not dreaming” I said while entering into my car to go back home.
I got home thinking maybe I should try her line but I don’t even have her phone number.
I had to call some of my men to get her phone number s£nt to my phone. I nee-d her very
badly. I miss her. I decide to rest, so I la-id on the sofa thinking about the whole events as
I was about slee-ping my phone rang. I picked up my phone it had no name sto-red
“Hello…sweetie” I heard a female voice
“Yea” I answered frustrated
“Its me Linda” she said chickling
“Oh…what do you want?” I asked in a hurry
“I want you baby, should I come over?” She asked in a s£dûçt!vevoice
“I don’t nee-d you” I answered
“Why?” She asked
“I’m married” I said, I wasn’t planning to say so but it just c@m£ out
“Awwn….but you were married when we I do come over and we f–k? So why now? don’t tell me you’ve falling for that fat thing” she said almost like yelling
“How dare you call her fat thing? Wait till I ruin you” I shouted while hanging up.
“What ru-bbish!” I said.
I’m hungry and I can’t even cook properly its either the food would too salty or The
pepper would be too much.
My house isn’t lively anymore, its las quiet as a cemetery.
I thought as I place my face in my hands.
I hate this!