I’m longing to be his episode 32

Mirabel’s POV
I had waited patiently for him to come claim me back as his. He c@m£ after a week. When my sister called me I wasn’t really expecting to see him.
When I c@m£ to the sitting room I saw him, my husband. He looked so handsome in his suit. I felt like hvgging him ti-ght but I had to control my feelings before I’ll spoil this game.
He asked for my forgiveness, I’ll have forgiven him but I don’t want to create the impression that I’m a cheap toy to toss around.
He called me sweet names, the one that t©uçhed my heart was when he called me jewel. Maybe he likes me now, but I don’t think so. He didn’t try k!ss!ngme nor hvgging me? I don’t un-derstand him
I turned my back on him because I was fighting the tears that formed in my eyes, I didn’t want him to see my tears.
He bought me gifts, I was very happy in my mind. I walked out on him and I felt bad about it.
But he has to earn me.
I stood as I thought and smile. Then my sister c@m£ in and scared hell out of me.
“Phew….come st©p it” I said laughing
“Tell me sis, what did he say? What did he give you?”she ask with a large grin
“He asked for my forgiveness and then I’ve not opened the other gift but he gave me flowers, here they are” I said excited “Show me” she said stretching forth her hands. I sl@pped her hands pla-yfully. I sat down as I looked at what my hubby got me. “Awwn…this flower scents so nice” I said. I opened the small red box.”Oh my God! Sister isn’t It the pure diamond earring saw on the market stock last night. Sis, this is really very expensive ” my sister screamed in excitement. I viewed the earrings, they were so beautiful
“How much is this?” I asked my sister
“$100,000” she said
“What this too expensive” I said as I was shocked and excited at the same time
“You worth it sis” she said smiling
“Maybe he likes me” I said as I took my flower and my earrings to the room. I kept looking at the flowers repeatedly.
I tried the earrings he got me on. I fit me well.
I was happy, I felt like standing in he middle of the road and scream how much I loved my husband.
I took my bath and I changed into my p.j. I la-id on my be-d and let the happiness feel my heart. I k!$$£d my flower goodnight as him and of course I kept my earring in my safe.
“I love you, Mine” I said as I sle-pt off.
Westley’s POV
I walked out of her house feeling as if I had lost her. She’s changed a bit. She looked beautiful I must confess. I wonder how a Lady could look so pretty without makeup.
I drove to my house with smiles and sadness.
I got home tired and ordered some food for myself.
When the food I ordered c@m£ I wasn’t able to eat it. It didn’t taste good like hers. I ate because my stomach nee-ds it.
I made coffee and took it to my office I nee-d to work. I did some paper work and then did a Skype meeting with some of my business investors. Being a business man isn’t easy.
All I’m working ha-rd for is vanity if I can’t find true happiness.
I thought as I sighed.
I was done with my work, I was so bored and lonely at least if she was here she would have being talking and asking me questions.
I miss her no doubt.
I went to my room showered, I la-id on the be-d waiting for sleep but it never c@m£.
I logged in on my social media account everything was just so boring.
My king sized be-d wasn’t comfortable to l@yon..
“Ouch….what’s this?” I asked myself as I stood up. I wanted to drink milk. I heard it makes someone sleep.
I drank 2 glas-ses of milk it wasn’t working.
I walked round the whole house, I decided to enter my wife’s room. It was empty. None of her things where there not even a pin of hers.
I la-id on her be-d, her scent was still yearning for her.
“Goodnight jewel where ever you are” I said before I sle-pt off.