I’m longing to be his episode 18

The door of the bathroom opened revea-ling Westley, his towel wra-pped around his w@!st and his hair we-t. He looked so gorgeous. Lest I forgot I said I was going to shun him.
” Hey Mr. Man listen and listen very clearly” I said walking towards him blocking him from entering the closet, standing in an akimbo position
“You’ve got the nerves to call me a s–t? Do I look cheap to you huh? Oh, you think I sleep around with anything trou-sers?” I paused
“I’m a v!rg!nfor crying out loud, I haven’t even had my first k!ssyet plea-se don’t think of me that way ” I said slowing down with my tiny voice. He pushed me to the floor, walking into the closet, He had no emotions on his face even when I told him I was pure.
I felt pain in my bu-ttocks. “I hate you Westley” I gr0@nstanding up I sat on the be-d where I was. I felt like crying but I said I’ll learn to be strong.
The closet door opened, He c@m£ out with his black P.Js, he alre-ady b!ow dried his hair.
“Because you’re a vir-gin, would that make me change the way I feel about you?”
“Wake up babe, I’ve deflowered so many, too bad am not interested in yours” He sm-irked. He la-id on the middle of the be-d.
“your slee-ping on the sofa” he threw one pillow at me.
“plea-se, let me use the be-d, I promise I won’t push you down to the floor, no b©dy contact” I kept my hand in a praying position. He just nodded
“And what if you have a b©dy contact with me, what should I do to you?” He asked with a sm-irk on hisl-ips
“Uhm..uhm..” I was short of words, I had my hands pu-lling my hair behind my ears
“I’m waiting for a reply, woman” he said with rage
“A….Anything that plea-ses you” I said in haste
“Well till then” he sm-irked closing his eyes. In the next minute, I could hear small snores. How could a wicked man like him sleep so easily like a baby.
I stood up, taking my pink P.J, I don’t trust this man, he might want to take me f0rç£fully, That’s why I nee-d to wear a p@n-t. I entered into the shower and let the cold water hvg me. I change into my pajama, b!ow dry my hair.
I went to sleep beside him. I sle-pt at the edge of the be-d to avoid b©dy contact with the beast.
Mirabel’s POV
Waking up to see myself on a rock, “I thought I sle-pt on the be-d” I thought. I lifted my hands to clean my eyes so I could see clearly.
What! How did I get on his che-st? My God I checked myself whether he took advantage of me, thankfully he didn’t. I looked into his face, I saw his long eye lashes, his perfectly shaped jaw, his pinkl-ips and his pointed nose, I regained s-en-ses and remembered the deal last night, that was when I knew the position I was in with him, My legs were entangled in his and his left hand was on my back and his right hand held my w@!st firmly. My God how I’m I going to get up without him noticing. What trouble have I gotten myself into.
I gently removing his right hand from my w@!st, wanting to re-move my legs from his because our posture was affecting my system. He put his hands back on my w@!st
“Don’t leave me again Baby, Nicole don’t leave me” He said softly, he looks so innocent while slee-ping.
“Who is Nicole?” I thought, “could she be His first love?” I would ask Lara about it.
“I would love to take all your pain Westley” I said to myself smiling
I checked the time its was 3am and its still dark. I sle-pt again on His che-st.
Westley’s POV
I felt someone holding me firmly, I cleared my eyes. What the hell! She was the one, its this woman I don’t wanting my life. I looked at her slee-ping peacefully on my che-st half her b©dy was on me, I felt her che-st moving up and down. I smile at that, I noticed our levels were entangled in each other and my hands where on her w@!st holding her firmly.
“Gosh! What’s this?” I thought. To be sincere, she looked beautiful while slee-ping. I hate the fact am complimenting her. Out of frustration, I re-moved her hand f0rç£fully from my che-st, I pushed her
“Ouch” She said ru-bbing her beautiful dark orbs.
“plea-se don’t push me away, I enjoy slee-ping on your che-st” she said pouting yet still sleepy
“St©p being delusional, that I’ll let you rest your head on my che-st” I held her arms f0rç£fully.
She was very much awake now.
“St©p being so over serious, You were holding my w@!st firmly last night and when I wanted to pu-ll your hands off me, you said ” don’t live me baby, Nicole don’t live me” so now who is at fault? ” she hissed.
My muscles contracted, I was filled with rage, I felt my eyes becoming so-re at the mention of Nicole.
“Don’t dare me” I held her n£¢k, I was willing to strangle her. She was coughing but I exacted more pressure. After seeing her in much pain, I freed her. She was coughing with tears in her eyes, I walked into the bathroom to shower since it was alre-ady 8am.