I’m longing to be his episode 17

Mirabel’s POV
Westley had told me that we will be going to his parents house for a reunion and I nee-d to put up an act that we are a perfect couple.
I put the best of my things in my small trunk box atleast I’ll have to pres£nt myself like someone he is worth going out with, I thought.
Its was 3:30pm. I went to the kitchen eat lunch and to clear up the plates and pot. I couldn’t see Westley, maybe he is in his room preparing.
I had my bath, brushed my teeth. I chose my favorite black go-wn that reached my knees, I wore my black heels to match it, I did a light makeup. I was done, I went to the parlour to wait for him.
Its alre-ady 5pm and he hasn’t come out, what’s wrong with him. I think I should check on him if he is OK.
I went upstairs to his room, I knocked.
”Westley, Westley, we are late alre-ady ” I shouted
There wasn’t any reply. I was feedup.
I thought that was his room huh?..
I went walked throu-gh the hallway calling “Westley, Westley we are late, Its 5:30pm alre-ady”
I heard the last door on the right way of the hallway open. He c@m£ out with sleepy eyes and he wasn’t wearing any shi-t at all he had strong abs his hair were messy, yet he looked handsome.
“What? are you just gonna stand there and admire me or you just get lost and wait for me downstairs?” He said with rage.
I ran downstairs. I sat at the sitting room waiting for him.
I saw him walking outside with his box, he didn’t even call my attention that he was done. I walked behind him, he was dressed in His black suit and shoes. I walked behind him as fast I can. He open the trunk of the car and put his box there, I did the same. He closed the trunk, he sat on the driver’s seat and I sat on the front seat. Our way going was silent, an uncomfortable one.
I was going to break the silence by talking to him. His eyes were focused on the road. He does smile at least I haven’t seen it.
“Uhm West..” I wanted to speak
“Shut up” he said while increasing the speed of the car.
He doesn’t even want to hear my voice.
We arrived his parents house. He packed at the garage. There were about 8 cars alre-ady there expensive ones. This people are d–n Rich, I thought.
He walked out of the car with a lot of high esteem. I could notice he wore his wedding ring today. Pretender, I said that out loud while giggling
“What do you say?” He asked with fury, I know he heard me
“Nothing” I said with little fear.
He opened the trunk, we collected our boxes.
We walked into the big mansion of his parents, the maids took our boxes upstairs.
“Uncle, Uncle” I saw two beautiful kids a boy and a girl hvgging his legs. Awwn..they were so beautiful. I imagined his relationsh!pwith our kids, and that’s if we would have one
“Awwwn..My babies are just too cute, how you guys” he said carrying the both of them in both arms.
” we are fine, thank you and you?” Both of them said. .”I good guys” he replied smiling. This is the first time I’ve seen him smile, he looks good when he smiles.
“Uncle, Is this my new Aunt ?” The little girl asked Him
“Yes, she’s your Aunt, go greet her you two” he said dropping them on the floor.
I could feel little hands wra-pped round my w@!st.
“Aunt, welcome, I’m Eric and this is my younger sis Ella” the little boy said while smiling.
“Thanks kids, I’m Mirabel, your uncle’s wife” I said to them while hvgging them.
Westley had alre-ady gone leaving me with the kids.
“Aunt your sooooooo beautiful” Ella said while hvgging me even more.
“You too my babies, you people are just so Beautiful” I said while we walked inside.
The house is pretty and well conducive, I loved the atmosphere.
The kids lead me to the garden at the backyard, where we will stay and eat dinner.
My mum and dad in laws where there alre-ady. His sister and her husband was there including Westley too.
” Mother, Father, sis good evening” I greeted them.
“Evening” they replied in unison.
“Ella and Eric really likes you” Westley’s Sister Lara said.
“Yes we do mum” The kids shouted. Everyone pres£nt there laughed except Westley.
We had a great dinner prepared by mother and Lara. The dinner was fun the kids made my day. Lara and I cleared the dishes before joining the rest of the family in the sitting room. Lara sat with her husband, while the kids sat with their grandparents.
“Mirabel how is your marriage going with Westley, is he treating you well?” Mother asked
“Yes mother, he treats me well” I said smiling at Westley whom also returned the fake smile.
” that’s Good” she said. This conversation was mostly about me and Westley.
“Westley, when are you giving us our grandchildren??” His dad asked him
“What! We just got married last week” he said in shock. How are we going to give them grandchildren when Westley has nothing to do With me, we don’t even share a room
“In 9months time I should be an Aunt West dear” Lara said with a large grin.
I kept quiet.
“Well lets hear from my wife, Babe do you want kids now?” I heard Westley asking me with give it a No
“Yes” I said with a smile. Of course I want to have kids with him, not that I love him or something. He gave me a death glare of which he wipe it in a nanosecond
“Work on it bro, your wife wants it” Lara’s husband said and everyone laughed except Westley.
We had discussed on other issues and our plans for tomorrow. Mother and father had retire to their room to rest while Lara and her hubby carried the slee-ping kids to their room wishing us goodnight.
Westley stood up, I also did.
“Were am I going to sleep?” I asked him in small voice
“My room” he replied without looking at me he walked towards the staircase, I followed him.
He opened the door and walked in, I followed him shutting the door behind me. I saw Westley un-bu-ttoning his shi-t, he focused on what he was doing, he pu-ll-ed the shi-t out of throu-gh his arms, throwing the shi-t on the largest be-d I’ve ever seen. I saw his well sculptured abs and rock ha-rd che-st, I could see a tattoo of a heart broken on his left b—-t , I wonder who broke his heart.
“Keep staring at me with mouth wi-de open pig, I bet you’ve seen more, s–t” He said walking into the bathroom. Arrogant fool what did he mean by I’ve seen more. Gee, I’m still a v!rg!nand I have never been close to a guy. I haven’t had a d@t£, how dare he call me a s–t huh? I am going to shun him when he finish showering. I sat on the be-d waiting patiently for him. I took time to study the room. I has a hvge black and white str!p curtain. I had a white sofa and another door leading to the balcony. It had another leading to his closest.