I’m longing to be his episode 19

Mirabel’s POV
Its like I annoyed Westley, but how would he want to kill me? Besides who is this Nicole girl that left him?
I had the bathroom door open, I immediately cleaned my eyes with the hem of my P.J. He walked straight to the closets without even looking at me, he c@m£ out later putting on t-shi-t and sweat p@n-ts. He walked out of the room with his phone, I could still perceive his scent even after he had left the room.
“Stupid marriage, stupid husband, stupid wife and stupid everything” I said aloud with my heads down. Before I knew, I saw Lara standing at edge of the be-d.
“Mirabel, What’s wrong? Did you guys had a fight?” she asked sitting beside me. His sister is so kind hearted even His parents too.
“Nothing, did you hear anything?” I asked as my eyes shun.
“Yes, I heard what you said. plea-se don’t hide anything from me because sisters don’t hide things from each other”she said smiling and I nodded
“I know Westley doesn’t love you, but its okay” she said.
” who was Nicole to him?” I asked eager to know
“Nicole…Nicole was his first love, she was the only girl he had ever falling for genuinely. Though he had fleet of girlfriends, he broke up with all of them just to be with her”
“Why did she leave him?” I asked eager to know
“Death took her away, she drowned inside the river” she said with sad smiles “she was the only girl that turned Westley from being cold, her death was a big b!ow on him, he almost committed suicide if not for the Almighty who saved him”
“He was a terribly cold and a very serious wom-anizer, after her death It bec@m£ worse” she said sadly
“So I’m telling you this for you to bring my brother back to his s-en-ses, because I know you would win over his dark walls” she said holding my hands pleading with me.
“But he doesn’t love me nor even like me like a human” I said
“I know, he had vowed never to fall in love with any lady. But you can make him fall for you” she said.
” but I don’t love him too ” I stated clearly
” you will, Westley is a nice person a kind hearted person, irrespective of his being cold he looks out for the well being if others” she said
“What! Hahha, he is kind? And looks after the well-being of others? Well not in my case, he almost strangle me to death this morning” I said in fake laughter
” you will get to see the kind of person he is and you will un-derstand what I’m saying ” she said with a small smile on herl-ips
” OK sis” I said smiling. She hvgged me and left.
Can Mirabel change Westley?