I’m longing to be his episode 12

Westley’s POV
Today is the day I’m getting married to that girl. My black suit and other stuff delivered here yesterday.
I put on my suit and did all the things I’m supposed to do. This wedding is stressing me up and I hate it.
My parents and my best friend were in my house. I c@m£ out of my room so that we can get to the church before my fat bride arrives.
“Man, you are handsome” Arthur said
“thanks man” I said with a straight face
Mum and dad also made their own compliments.
We arrived at St. Peter’s cathedral for the annoying wedding. Well, I don’t have a choice.
We arrived, our guest had alre-ady arrived.
I walked down the aisle majestically waiting for that b—h. I could hear people saying the bride is here and the rest. She was been admired. I saw her walking down the aisle with her bouquet. She looked extra fat in that wedding dress of her’s. I didn’t get to see her ugly face. I giggled abit.
She stood next to me. We did the wedding stuff and the rest. I was told to k!ssher. I was like what. I can’t k!ssthis uglyl-ips. I told the priest we will save that for later.
The wedding we were to go for reception. We walked together from the altar holding our hands. Her hands were so soft very nice to t©uçh but that doesn’t change the fact she’s ugly.
I opened the car for her like a gentleman I am. The ride to the reception was silent all the way. I knew she was looking at me, I laughed in my mind, saying stupid woman.
We arrived at the reception ground, this time she opened the car door herself. But I c@m£ by to hold her hands. We sat down on our sit. The wishes were going on but I didn’t just care, I was in my foul mood. My arrogant look was on me.
Even on my wedding day, girls are still giving flir-tatious looks, l!çk!ng there lowerl-ips and the rest nons-en-se they were good at.
We were asked to dance.
I held her w@!st. Her w@!st was bit small but still fat and I took hold of her right hand. We danced. I didn’t feel anything or whatsoever attra-ct a couple together.
Then I heard a blonde beauty saying “”His wife is so ugly, she’s fat”
Another good looking b—h replied “Yes she so not his match, she’s has short legs, she is not even up to his height”.
I looked at my wife’s face she had tears in her eyes, I love seeing her tears, it gives my joy. I am going to make it worse.
“hahaha, Did you hear what those girls said?? Wifey you are not my type” I said sm-irking. I exacted much pressure my pressing her w@!st and hand so that it would hurt her because that’s what I liked.
“plea-se st©p” She said while tears fell down her cheeks. I st©pped, she used the back of her right palm to clean the tears. I walked away from her to mingle with my business fellow and my best friend.
“your wife is beautiful” Arthur said while smiling. I was not in the mood to talk about that fat pig
“she’s a pig” I said drinking my glas-s of wine.
“No she has a nice personality, I guess” He said while drinking his wine
“I dont care Man” I said.
He excused me and went to meet that pig. I noticed she was with her sister.
I talked with other business men and some other whom c@m£ to give me their best wishes.
Arthur c@m£ back and punched my arms jokingly
“Man, you wife is a gem, its best you treat her right now” he said smiling
“marry her if You want Man, don’t just preach on me treating her right” I said with disgust.
“I would have married her, but I’m married to my better half. That girl is your better half, beside that girl is pure and innocent, its in her eyes Man” He said with a serious face.
“whatever, I wouldn’t love her no matter how you say it. Why won’t she be pure and innocent, who would love to make love with someone so fat as she is” I laughed
“you would be the one” he said with small smiles.
“I bid to that man, I don’t do that with fat girls like her” I laughed
“I promise you Man, dont forget what I’m about to tell you, you will fall heads over heels for that woman and you say she wouldn’t be the mother of your kids?? You will beg to have more kids with her” He said with a straight face. When he keeps straight face its always very serious.
“Haha, let’s see to that Man, I’m sure I wouldn’t fall for her and I’m not having kids with her, period” I said while drinking my wine
The reception p@rty was over, I was tired alre-ady. We nee-d to live, I went to our parents, the pig was alre-ady with them. I bid my parents good bye and my mother in law.
“Take of my daughter” MIL said
“yes, I would in a Special way” I Said with sm-irk.
My parents also told me the same thing, I nodded.