I’m longing to be his episode 13

Mirabel’s POV
We left the reception ground, at first we were holding hands but when we were alone he let go of me hand in a rude manner. I wasn’t surprised either. I was wondering what this night would look like.
We entered the car parked right in front of us. I sat behind the driver while he sat at my right.
The ride to his house was silent, an uncomfortable silence. I stole glances from him but he didn’t even want to look at my direction. I bet he will take everything he has to get rid of me. His right hand were un-der his chin looking outside the window.
We were at his house. His house is well secured. His house was far more bigger than mine. He opened the car and walked out really fast. I got out off the car trying to catch up with him. He climbe-d the stairs, I stood down to watch him disappear. His house was so big, there was no maid that I could ask where his room was. He only had gatemen and security men.
I had to sit in his sitting room still on my wedding go-wn. Its heavy I nee-d to pu-ll this thing off, I felt like suffocating in it.
I re-moved my high heel shoe, my leg was alre-ady hurting.
“Almighty, what’s this? ” I said a tear escaped my eyes.
Where am I going to sleep. I’m alre-ady feeling sleepy. My box of clothes just arrived but I didn’t have wear to change.
Oh Westley, why are you this wicked.
I la-id on the sofa in the sitting room and sle-pt off.
“Ouch! I’m so hungry. I nee-d to eat. Should I go to the kitchen but I don’t know where it is” I Said ru-bbing my stomach. Its 2:00am in the morning. I haven’t seen Westley since he went to God knows where.
I stood up, I knew the kitchen would be on the down floor. I walked around the house and there it is. I found the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and saw some bre-ad. I toasted it and I drank the fruit jui-ce.
Atleast with that I had a little bit of strength.
I did the dishes and examined the kitchen. The kitchen is very big and neat. Its good Westley is neat. I love cleanliness.
I checked throu-gh the refrigerator to see what I can prepare for Westley when he wakes up.
I am going to prepare him some Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.
I went back into the sitting room and la-id down on my sofa and sle-pt off