I’m longing to be his episode 11

Mirabel’s POV
Today’s is my wedding day with Westley, I have always wanted to get married to the man I love but things don’t always happen the way we wish.
I’m wearing my wedding go-wn, the go-wn is beautiful, Angela had done my makeup a mild one since it isn’t my thing.
“My daughter, you look beautiful, I’m sure your husband can’t take his eyes off you. I am happy for you. Are you done so we can leave for church?” She said smiling Beautifully. My mum is beautiful, today she looked stunning in her blue go-wn.
“yes mum, I’m re-ady” I said with small smiles
“Sis, you look good” she said snapping me
“awwn…. Thanks dear” I said while hvgging her. I’m sure gonna miss her.
When we reach the church, I saw Westley waiting on the altar for me. I smiled a little. He was looking Handsome some in his Black suit. Wow, my hubby is cute.
I walked down the aisle alone, dad wasn’t there to accompany me. I had a little bit of tears in my eyes. I’m going to miss my little family and my house. I stood beside him.
We were before the priest. It was time for us to take our wedding vows. I looked at Westley’s face, his face was cold. He held emotions on his face. I was scared.
“Do you, Mr. Westley Knight take Ms. Mirabel Davidson, as your lawfully wedded wife for better for worse, in sickness and health till death do you p@rt?? ” said the priest.
He was silent a bit
“yes I do” he replied
“Do you Ms. Mirabel Davidson accept Mr. Westley Knight as your lawfully husband for better forWorse, in death and in life in sickness and in health? ”
“Yes, I do” I replied with smiles. After that we exchanged our wedding rings.
“Do anyone has a reason why this two should not be joined together, speak now or remain silent” The priest said repeatedly.
No one said anything.
“So By the power bestowed on me by the Almighty God declare you Man and Wife” I could hear cl@ps from the congregation.
“May you now k!ssthe bride” the priest said
What! Oh no, I’m not re-ady for this
“uhm Priest, my wife and I agreed we would save that for later” Knight said with sm-irk in hisl-ips.
The congregation were screaming in laughter and excitement at what Westley had said. I smiled too, It was a relief but Are we going to k!sslater?
I could hear they are shy, cute couple and the rest. I was happy to marry Westley. But I haven’t fallen for him.
“Mr. Knight unveil the bride and hvg her” The priest said
Westley stepped closer to me, I was tensed. While unveiling the veil, he whispered to my eyes
“Don’t get too excited, your life is ruined” he said while hvgging me. I felt like crying. He doesn’t even have human feelings for me. This man is a beast.
The cheering from the congregation brou-ght me back from my thoughts.
We walked hand in hand from the church. We were heading to the reception ground. He pretended to be a gentleman by opening the car door for me and I sat in his latest limousine.
The ride to the reception ground was silent althrou-gh. He didn’t even look at my face for once, while me being stupid occasionally stole glances from him. He was handsome. I have never been so affected by a guy like this. He has an effect on me.
Reaching the reception, I opened the car myself, I stepped out, he c@m£ by and held my hands. His palms is so smooth and strong at the same time.
We took our sits. As the ceremony went on and all people were saying there best wishes for us even our parents but Westley and I were so not interested.
We were called to dance. He held my w@!st with his strong yet gentle hands and his right hand in my hands. Other couples c@m£ to join us.
“His wife is so ugly, she’s fat” I heard a beautiful skinny girl saying so.
“Yes she so not his match, she’s has short legs, she is not even up to his height” another beautiful girl said looking directly in my eyes.
I couldn’t take this any longer, I cry easily. I had tears in my eyes. I tried to control it but it still c@m£ down, I had to re-move my hands from westley’s to clean my eye he held back my hands.
“hahaha, Did you hear what those girls said?? Wifey you are so not my type” He said pressing my hands and my w@!st so that it will hurt me, ofcourse I was hurting.
“plea-se st©p” I said in between tears. He let me go. He walked away from me to mingle with his friends.
While he was away I talked with my sister. I noticed that Westley had got all the women flir-ting round him. But he seemed not tocare he was talking with his fellow business as-sociate. I saw a young man walking towards me.
“hello Mrs Westley, you look beautiful” he said smiling. My sister had alre-ady left me.
“Thanks Sir” I said smiling
“Well I’m Arthur Williams, your husband’s childhood and best friend” He said with wi-de grin
“oh! Its nice meeting you, I’m Mirabel Davidson now Westley” I said with small grin. I am Mrs. Westley.
“wow, that’s good. Anyway I just wanted to greet my friend’s wife since we didn’t get to know each other. Well I’m married but my wife couldn’t make it to the wedding” he said while smiling. He is friendly unlike Westley.
“no problem, I’ll get to see her around, thank you very much” I said
He nodded his head and walking away towards Westley.
It was time to live, the wedding stuff were over
I went to greet my mum and sister and bid them bye, I had cried abit. I missed them. My mum told Westley to take care of me well, his reply was “I would do that very well in a special well, isn’t it wifey? I just nodded.
My mum gave me some little advise.
I also bid my Father and Mother in law bye. They hvgged me and told their son to take care of me. He just nodded.
Ghan ghan