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I can’t sell my heart episode 5 & 6

Khalid my Son, please stop crying everything will be alright, u have tried ur best. Mummy where have we wrong? Why everything are turning against us day by day?What is our offenses? What Khalid said touched his mom heart that she couldn’t control her tears. Even where Deen was laying down, tears was just forcing down from his eyes as he was listening his mom and his brother conversation. Khalid I am sorry,I must confess.
I failed as a mother for not be able to take good care of you and ur brother. A day prior to ur father’s death, he was just crying, telling me to take good care of u and ur brother but now we are, nothing to show as a mother. Mummy u have tried, I know how u are struggling everyday for us. Khalid please tomorrow return the wheelbarrow to the owner, I will beg my head mistress to resume work. Mummy why?
Look at our situation, look at our rooms ,no mattress again, look at our house, no roofing again, no doors again, u sold everything because of us. As Khalid was talking, his mom couldn’t stop crying. Khalid as u can see, nothing in this house to sell again, if those police officers see you again with the wheelbarrow and arrest u or the wheelbarrow where will I get money from. Mummy I have my plan, early in the morning I will help my customers to carry their load come back home then go in the evening again.
Mummy u are not saying anything, don’t u know u need my support? The three days I work I know how helpful it was. The woman was just looking at his son, she don’t even know what to say again. Throughout that day she couldn’t eat.
The next day, she managed to trekked to royal primary school where she work as a cleaner to beg their head mistress to accept her back. She explained everything to her and Without any complain the head mistress accepted her back. The woman was surprised as their head mistress didn’t complain before taking her back.
She was happy, thanking, praying for their head mistress. She worked for two good months, the head mistress refused to pay her salary and also gave her a sack letter telling her the two months she work was for the loan she collected including the 1k she fine her the other time. Khalid mom couldn’t stop crying, she laying down flat on the floor begging the head mistress to at least give her 2k before sacking her.
The head mistress kicked her to leave her office. She stood up crying, sweating profusely begging the head mistress that she had a lot of debt to settle. Out of annoyance the head mistress pushed the woman h@rd to the wall. She hit her head on the wall as blood was just raining down.she fainted. She woke up after like 5 hours found herself outside the school compound. It was the head mistress who order the security man to throw her out and locked their gate. She stood up to walk but she couldn’t as blood was still dropping. The blood she wasted that day can full 5liters of kerg. Khalid and his brother traced their mom to the school as they couldn’t find her.
On getting to the school, they met their mummy laying down on the ground sobbing. Khalid tried to back his mom but he couldn’t. Their mummy just managed to crawled with the help of Khalid and his brother to their house . No enough energy on her again. The pains was so much for her to bear but she couldn’t said it out. The following day the woman couldn’t see well again, everything was turning upside down. It was as a result of excess of blood she lost.
She couldn’t tell her children bcoz no money or nothing to sell to raise money for her hospital bills. That night she managed to call Khalid with tears in her eyes. My son I know how things is going to be h@rd for u and ur brother. I know I failed as a mother. I know I didn’t fulfilled ur father’s promise. Please be a man. I may not be alive to see my grandchildren but my sprit will be there for them. u have tried ur best for me, u stood by me, u supported me wholeheartedly. In my next world, u will forever remain my son. please take good care of ur brother no matter the situation ,i am going to missed you till we meet again in another life. That was the last words from their mother. Khalid was calling mummy, mummy but mummy was no more. The woman died out of pains.
Khalid was calling mummy, mummy but mummy was no more. The woman died out of pains. Khalid held his mom corpse, crying. Mummy please wake up. Mummy please, mummy I beg you in the name of God, please wake up. That was when Khalid discovered his mom was no more. He started crying out loud shouting. Mummy why! Why do you left us so soon! how do u want us to survive! How do u want us to cope without you! Mummy please don’t do this to us! U promise to take care of us, u promise to be with us.
Oh death why! U took my Daddy away from us! Now my mummy again. Death please don’t do this to us, we don’t have anywhere to go, my only uncle left for us, u took it away long ago. God why? What have we done that u can not forgive us, where have we wrong that u can not correct us, look at where we are living, look at how we are been living. Look how my mom suffered without any help from anywhere. God no oooooooooo
Deen woke up as Khalid was crying talking to himself, shouting. He went straight to their mom taping her to wake up but no respond. He looked at his mom eyes as tears was just dropping on the floor. The woman cried a lot before she died. Deen was just begging their mummy to wake up. Khalid on the other hand cried to the extent that blood started dropping from his eyes. You can read more of these from unlimited story platform, fresh stories kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story through ohene ome on+233544142683. Mummy Junior their neighbor over heard them but she refused to come out that night. Her husband was not around when all these are happening.
The following day, it was Khalid who beg people before they buried his mom. His relative that came where mostly from his mother side. That period one of their cousin from father side took them and promise to take care of them especially their education. Khalid and Deen were a little bit happy. Is not even up to 2 weeks when the man who took them and his wife started maltreating Khalid and his brother.
They would wake them up very early in morning to go to the far river to fetch water 5times, then s£nd them again to the farm without giving them anything to eat. Most times, Khalid and his brother would stay for completely 2 days without eating anything. The man told them to discard all their old clothes away but the man didn’t buy any clothe for them. Things where getting h@rder for them day by day more than where they came from.
There was a day Khalid and his brother were extremely hungry as they didn’t see anything to eat for completely 3days. It was gr@ss they ate raw. They were crying while they were eating those gr@ss at the farm. The worst happened when the man started flogging them, giving them punishment bcoz they didn’t wake up on time to do their house chores where their own children are still sleeping.
As the sufferness became much, Khalid and his brother ran away to their village. Immediately they got to their house, Deen broke down crying, Daddy where are you! mummy where are you! u people left us alone ! From where Khalid stood he was just shaking his head crying. He looked at their building as everything was just empty. The worst part no roofing and doors again.
To be continued


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