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I can’t sell my heart episode 3 & 4

Khalid and his mom rushed Deen to the hospital. The doctor demanded for a deposit before he can attend to them. People in that village knows the doctor as a wicked soul. No matter the emergency, u must deposit something before he can attend to u. Khalid and his mom don’t even know what do as the doctor refused to attend to them.
The woman went to the doctor office again crying, laying down begging the doctor to safe her son first that should would go and borrow money to clear everything. The doctor didn’t give her a listening ear. He started nagging at the woman, kicked her shoulder to leave his office. This was the same thing the woman experienced when Deen fell sick the other time before she took loan, sold her properties but this time nothing to sell again.
The woman left the doctor office in tears. She left Deen with Khalid at the hospital reception. She quickly ran to their school to beg their head mistress to still borrow her money. The head mistress that was boiled with anger over her attitude to work before. She yelled at her to leave her office. What made the head mistress not to sack her the other time was bcoz of 5k loan she collected.
The head mistress was actually waiting for her to offset her loan before sacking her. The woman went to one of her colleague to borrow her money. The man only gave her five hundred naira that he doesn’t have much. The woman don’t even know what to do again or whom to borrow her money. She left the school in tears and went home whether she can see anything to sell. Nothing in their rooms again. Not even a mattress or a pillow to sell to raise money for the bills.
She broke down, crying talking to herself. God why!!, What have I done to deserve all these!! Please safe my son for me!! My children are the only joy I have. The woman was crying and sweating profusely as she broken down in front of their house. She now remember she still have something to sell.
She ran out bearfooted to call those hausa scavenger that normally buy scraps. The hausa man she called was surprised as the woman told him to remove all their roofing that she need money very urgent. The Man asked like 5times to know if the woman was actually serious.
The woman told the man to give her 10k and remove everything. Immediately she collected the money , she left the hausa man there alone and ran back to the hospital. The hausa man don’t have any option than to remove all their roofing. A raining season for that matter. The woman was just running bearfooted to the hospital. She was even happy to see the 10k.
People who saw her on the road to the hospital thought she has gone mad. Immediately she got to the hospital she couldn’t find her children. Khalid on the other hand left Deen lifelessly at the hospital reception to go and look for money as he couldn’t see their mummy. He went to their popular village restaurant to beg the madam to help him. The madam said she needs someone who can help her pound yam.
Without hesitation Khalid accepted the job, thinking the madam would help him with some money to at least deposit so that his brother can receive treatment. Khalid couldn’t pound very well.
Khalid was just fifteen years with slim body. Very slim couple with the suffering made him tiny . As Khalid couldn’t pound to the woman taste, she pursued him away without giving him anything not even food. Khalid left there crying. Khalid mom broke down at the hospital crying as the nurse in the reception told her one woman took Deen away when she saw him rolling on the ground. She was crying when Khalid also came in. Khalid where is ur brother? Mummy I also left him here on the floor to go and look for money. Khalid and his mom couldn’t stop crying. The doctor came with aggression and pushed them outside that their disturbing the environment.
Khalid and his mom were outside the hospital gate crying as they couldn’t find Deen. After like 2 hours before one woman brought Deen, blaming them why they left him alone on the floor to die. The woman actually came to visit someone in the hospital before she saw Deen rolling, holding his stomach.
If not the woman that gave Deen milk, Palm oil and some herbs Deen could have died. Deen vomited everything out immediately he took those things. Khalid and his mom were just thanking the woman for everything. At that moment Khalid Mom couldn’t find her money again. The 10k she collected from the hausa scavenger.
The 10k she wanted to use for Deen hospital bills. She lost the money on her way to the hospital as she was running to meet up. The money was like billions to her. From where she stood, she broken down as tears was just raining down. She just managed to back Deen home. Immediately they got home, Khalid was surprised as nothing cover their house again. His mom looked at him in tears saying Khalid my son am very sorry, I was the one who sold our roofing to raise money for your brother hospital bill as I couldn’t find anyone to borrow me money and I don’t even know how I missed placed the money.
Mummy!!! Mummy !!! Khalid was just shaking his head as he was calling his mom with a stream of tears Cascaded down from his eyes and his nostrils. The worst part not even a single food stuffs in their house. It was bitter leaf in their compound they cut washed it with salt. That was the only thing they managed that night. In the midnight heavy rain started. No where to hide, the only thing they did was to cover Deen with nylon. All of them couldn’t sleep till day break.
Their body was totally drenched with water. The next day, Deen started talking, the rain that fell over night gave him energy. Their mom was a little bit happy as Deen started calling mummy, mummy am hungry. As they was no food at home, Khalid told his mom not to worry, he quickly went out to look for food for his brother. Khalid couldn’t find anything. He went to the igbo man who gave him 2 cups of garri the other time, the man pursued him away. Khalid ran to Mr Makolo farm to harvest c@ssava as he couldn’t find any food.
He was there harvesting when the man and his 3 children came. They dealt with him, tied the c@ssava on his head. Khalid was just begging them to have mercy on him that it was hunger that made him. The left side of his face swelled as a result of the beating. Despite all the beating Khalid was still begging them one tubber of c@ssava. What khalid said made Mr Makolo pity him with 2 tubbers of c@ssava and told his children to leave him. With the pains, Khalid quickly ran home with the 2 tubbers of c@ssava. When he got home, his mom tried to know what happened to his face, Khalid just lied to her that he fell down as he was coming.
The 2 tubbers of c@ssava is what they managed for 2days. The third day, Khalid told his mom to allow him hussle so that the family can feed. That day ,Khalid rented a wheelbarrow and started helping people to carry load. Khalid of fifteen years became a wheelbarrow pusher. He worked for 3 days when 2 police officers saw him at the market square with wheelbarrow when his mates are in school.
Khalid left the wheelbarrow and ran away. Those officers took the barrow to their Hilux to the station. His mom went to the station crying, begging those officers to release the wheelbarrow for her. She explained everything to them how they rented the barrow, how the barrow is their only source of living.
Out of pity those officers still demanded for 3k before they can release the barrow. She came back home crying because it was only 600 naira they have at hand. The woman doesn’t have any options than to call a carpenter to remove their 2 doors to raise money to bail the wheelbarrow. The carpenter she called bought the 2doors 2k saying the doors are not that good again. It was the money the woman used to begged those officers before they released the wheelbarrow for her. Their house, no roofing, no doors. They only used wrapper to cover their rooms.
To be continued


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