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I can’t sell my heart episode 1 & 2

Khalid u are very stupid, how Many times have I warn u and ur brother not to come to my compound and play with my children again? Mummy Junior I am not here to play with ur children, I only came to call my brother.
Khalid u are crazy for telling me that. The woman responded that with a hot slapped. Mummy Junior u slapped me today again, the other day, u slapped me bcoz u saw me and junior playing together and i caution myself not to come close to ur children again, if not this my stubborn brother nothing on Earth will ever cross my legs into this compound, not even my corpse.
Khalid how dear u talk to me in that manner, get out of my house now, u this useless, shameless, dirty, illiterate that ur mummy cannot sponsor u in school, common Jss1 ur mummy cannot pay ur fees.. Mummy Junior I will leave ur house but one thing my Dad told me before death snatched him away from us, he told me no condition is permanent. Khalid u don’t know what u are saying, how will things change for ur mummy when poverty are written all over her face with three thousand naira salary.
Mummy Junior just mind ur business and leave my mummy out of this . Khalid u said I should mind my business, no problem from today I will stop giving ur mummy food stuffs. Mummy Junior u are not God that provide. Khalid out of my house before I changed my mind. Khalid just held his brother and they left the woman compound in tears. Throughout that day Khalid was not himself.
He completely lost his appetite bcoz of what the woman told him. His mom tried to know what happened to him, he just lied and told her he was not feeling fine. The next day in the afternoon Deen, Khalid younger brother went to mummy Junior compound when he saw Junior and Juliet coming back from school. He knew the woman usually prepared food down for her children before coming back from school. Fortunately that afternoon Khalid mom managed to brought food home for her children. Khalid was sleeping when Deen Snick out of the house.
Their mummy s£nt Khalid to call Deen for her from mummy Junior compound their neighbor because she knew Deen always stay with them. Khalid told his mom he was not feeling fine bcoz he don’t want to go. His mom just left to call Deen by herself.
She was at the gate and about to enter when she heard her son Deen crying. She stopped to know what was going on. Mummy Junior pushed Deen away, insulting him, telling him how their mom can’t take care of them, how their mom usually come to her to beg for food stuffs, how she doesn’t want her children to play with illiterate and Many things she said that left Khalid mom dumbfounded.
She stood at the gate like a dried tree. She don’t even know when tears started flowing down. She couldn’t enter again. She went back, enter their house and went inside crying. Deen on the other hand was just begging mummy Junior to help him with food that he haven’t eat anything since morning. Mummy Junior pushed him outside and locked their gate. Junior was not happy with his mom but Juliet was in support of her mother. Deen stood at their gate crying, begging the woman to help him with food.
The woman just poured small garri through fence for him on the ground. Deen just packed the garri that has already mixed with the sand in his pocket. He was crying while eating the garri. Deen wiped his tears, composed himself as he reached their compound so that Khalid won’t noticed anything but he was surprise to see his mom at home at that time crying. His mom looked at him again as tears was just raining down. Deen was speechless, looking askance.
Deen my son please come and eat ur food. Mummy why are you crying? Khalid just stood up with anger to beat Deen before their mom held him from behind. Khalid I know how u feel but if not ur brother how do I know this woman had something in mind. Mummy I don’t want to tell you so that u won’t feel bad, mummy Junior even slapped me yesterday for entry their compound. Khalid I don’t know!! Mummy please stop crying everything will be alright.
Throughout that day the woman couldn’t stop crying. Even that day she only took excused from her boss to bring food home for her children but she couldn’t go back again. Khalid and Deen are the only children their father had before he died. Their late father was just a farmer. Their mom couldn’t sponsor them to further their education.
She was doing a cleaner job in royal primary school and she was collecting 3k every month as salary. The 3k is what she normally use to feed herself and her children.
Mummy please stop crying, look at how lean u are , u subjected yourself into thinking since last night bcoz of what mummy Junior said. Khalid my Son u won’t understand how I feel as a mother for not taking good care of u especially ur education.
Mummy u need to stop this crying first bcoz of ur health. Khalid I don’t believe mummy Junior can utter those words to ur brother. Mummy u have tried for me and my brother, u sold all ur valuable properties to make sure we didn’t sleep with empty stomach. Even the other day Deen fell sick, u took loan, sold ur mattress, ur only new wrapper even my Dad old bicycle before Deen was discharged from the hospital.
Khalid what do I do now? I want u and ur brother to go back to school but I don’t have any money on me God why!!!. Mummy u are taking this matter too personal, how much are u collecting as salary? The 3k u are collecting can’t even reach my brother registration fees. Khalid I don’t even know the reason why am working, I leave home everyday to work leaving u and ur brother without good food. I think this is the right time for me to quit the job.
Mummy no oooo, did you want us to die of hunger? At least the 3k u are collecting we managed to eat once in a day. If u stop how are we going to survive? Khalid even the once u eat in a day is not enough. Mummy am tired of this ur crying beside we are not complaining and again we are not the only one suffering in this country, they are many people even graduates that don’t even have anything to eat. Some graduates even beg to survive.
What Khalid said touched his mom heart but throughout that day, the woman was not happy. Even over night she was just thinking where to get money to register her children to school. The next day, she managed to trekked to royal primary school where she was working as a cleaner. The school is very far from their house. The trekking alone can make someone dried like Corona patient. The woman almost got a sack letter for abandoning work.
It was beg before they accepted her back. Despite that, the head mistress fine her 1k for abs£nt one day without permission couple with 5k loan she collected to join those her properties she sold when Deen fell sick. She was just crying silently as was cleaning the school toilet. The 1k they charged her was like millions to her. The place she used to buy food stuffs, she owes the woman 1k. Her plan was, when she collect salary she would pay 1k from the loan then settle her customer 1k and manage the remaining 1k to buy food stuffs for her children but all her plan for her next salary was in vain.
After she close from work, she was just trekking down home thinking what her children would eat because the last 2 cups of beans that remain is what they managed last night. On getting home, she met Deen rolling on the ground shouting my stomach, my stomach. The woman quickly held him, Deen what happened to you? Mummy I went to mummy Junior place as we didn’t see anything to eat.
It was mummy Junior who gave me food after begging her for four hours. Deen the food mummy Junior gave u, did you eat with her children? No mummy she warned them not to eat with me. Deen was saying this with force bcoz no enough energy on him again. It was mummy Junior who mixed the food with rat poison for Deen to eat and die so that he won’t come to disturb her again. After like 10 minutes Deen couldn’t talk again. The woman started shouting for help, mummy Junior over heard her but she ignored.
At that moment Khalid came in with 2 cups of garri and 20 naira sugar in his hand. Khalid actually left home to go and look for something for his brother to eat even before he left ,he warned Deen about mummy Junior. Deen was rushed to the hospital as he couldn’t talk again. Not even one Kobo on the woman.
To be continued


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