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His village bride Episode 11 & 12

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By Noel Innocent
Chapter Eleven 📖
Opening my eyes I flin-ch then exhale before pushing tony face out of my view ” Dont scare me, you have a ugly face ” tony frown then chuckle
” you woke up in the right side of the be-d huh ” he muttered then k!$$£d my cheek, memory of last night [email protected]£ rushing back and I could feel my cheek hit up ” I made breakfast ”
” Awwn my husband is getting ro-mantic ” I poke his nose, giggle and he just smiled still starring at me
” can I get a morning k!ss” he asked drawing closer and I close my eyes, waiting patiently for the k!ssbut it never [email protected]£, instead laughter fill the room
Opening my eyes I li-ck myl-ips and watch his laughing face, even if he loves me, he just can’t st©p annoying me
Wra-pping my hands around his n£¢k I k!sshim, slowly gaining entrance to hisl-ips, i bite his lower l!pa little [email protected] before withdrawing ” morning ” ma-king my voice sound S-xy than usual
Tony growl un-der his breath ” are you so-re ” he finally asked but I felt nothing and defiantly didn’t regret my answer
” No ” tony face light up but I quic-kly added ” I feel horrible ” then take a bite from the bre-ad he brou-ght and drink the tea ” who would have thought you can make tea, impressive ”
” anything for my wife ” he wi-nk and I almost choke on the tea ” nice tits by the way ” I followed his gaze and it landed on my expo-se brea-st
” cone on, you t©uçh them last night ” I said fighting the urge of covering up ” st©p starring ”
” well princess I just can’t st©p starring ” he li-ck hisl-ips while I take my tea “since you’re drinking tea why Dont I drink what I want ”
I furrow my brows ” and what is that ” he gr-ab my hands and pin me to the be-d ” let me show you ” with that his ton-gue li-ck my n!ppleand the plea-sure [email protected]£ back, he gently svçkat first but later proceeded to b!tt!g and su-cking
” you’re insatiable ” I [email protected] ed and he nod but the knock of the door made him curse un-der his breath ” are you expecting someone ” I asked and watch him retreat back, running his hands throu-gh his hair
” yes, her name is Lisa ” he said and I find myself frowning, using the be-dsheets I cover myself ” she usually lives here ”
” what’s your relationsh!pwith her ” I asked calmly and tony exhale ” Tony ?”
” she is pregnant” he purred shocking me to the bones ” I didn’t know, last night she called saying she was bearing my baby. Three months ”
Realization hit me [email protected] and I stare at tony ” is that why you had S-x with me, to get me pregnant, so that I won’t leave you ?” guilt was all over tony face and the knock on the door increased ” get out”
” Lucia am not even sure if that’s my baby, all I know is that she might be faking it or with someone else child ” Tony pleaded but I only stare at him
” you met her before you met me tony” a tear drop down ” I stole you from her ” Tony shook his head
” no, I choose you Lucia” he purred ” I love you ”
” I doubt that ” I said and I could see the hurt in his eyes, he has no right to feel hurt, am the one suffering here
Last night was the most amazing night of my life and today is the worst day of my life ” Lucia ”
” get out!!!” I yell this time, tears flowing freely now ” plea-se leave ” covering my face with my hands his footsteps fade away and the sound of the door closing
” you’re married” Lisa yell, she refused to sit on the couch and for a three months pregnancy her tummy is awfully small ” what about me ”
” Lisa shut the fv¢k up ” I purred ” I Dont give a damn about you, all you wanted from me was my money ” I couldn’t go to work when Lucia just push me away from her
Why do Lisa have to show up in the picture now ” am not even sure if am the father of that thing in your stomach ” Lisa furrow her brows trying to [email protected] me but I caught her hand
” are you calling me a harlot ” she [email protected] really pissed ” I loved you tony ”
” you can stay here till you give birth to the child and then I will proceed with the DNA test but Dont you ever expect me to treat you with tenderness Lisa ” I purred ” I hate you right now ”
” that can change ” Lisa said and I watch Lucia walk downstairs, putting on a blue short dress, when did she buy all these kind of clothes ” this is your wife, she looks like a…….” Glaring at Lisa she shut up immediately and I gr-ab Lucia hand
” talk to me Lucia, plea-se ” she stare at me, anger, sadness, betrayal fill in her eyes as she pu-ll her hands out of my grip
” I Dont blame you Tony, I wasn’t in your life when you sle-pt with her ” Lucia voice shaky ” but I can’t say am happy about this either, are you gonna make her your second wife??” Shaking my head Lisa ch!pped in and I wish I could [email protected] her
” so what if he get married to me, you stole him away from me ” Lisa yell at Lucia ” whore ” surprising Lucia gaze land on Lisa
” what did you just call me ” her voice calm but Lisa didn’t take the hint, Lucia has always been a fighter right from childhood
” whor……” Before Lisa could complete her s£ntence Lucia gave her the [email protected] of her life but when Lisa try hitting her back I had to hold her back
” you have no right to call me names, am not the one pregnant out of marriage ” Lucia yell then walk to the kitchen
What have I gotten myself into
Chapter Twelve 📖
Why is this happening to me, I don’t deserve this ” Lucia, plea-se listen to me ” tony voice break throu-gh and I [email protected]
This isn’t the time to talk to him” I need space tony ” I said before he gr-ab my arm and turn me around facing him ” Tony!! ”
” she may not be pregnant Lucia, I just called my doctor and he said he is free so we are going for a pregnancy test ” tony eyes fill with pain ” plea-se st©p ignoring me, I need a second chance. plea-se ”
” I dont know what to say to you tony ” struggling out of his grip I walk [email protected] him gr-ab my bag and head out ” am going to the saloon ”
Calling a tab I entered and closed my eyes, what do I now, am so confused that I need to talk to someone but who
My mum and dad isn’t in a state of dealing with my problems, tony mum is in the village, I dont have any friends
I also heard it isn’t proper to tell people your marriage problems ” we are here ” the driver said, I paid and step out of the cab
” washing of hair one hundred and fifty naria ” Mrs Johnson said and I nod before she started ” you quite today, w€tin happen ”
” my friend problem tire me, she de disturb for advice ” I said trying to get advice her, she is an elderly woman with five kids
The period I caught some other woman k!ss!ngtony, I took advice from her ” w€tin happen ” the woman asked and I told her everything concerning Lisa pregnancy
” if I be that your friend I no go allow that woman near my husband ” Mrs Johnson went on ” I know say her husband na mumu, why he no go use c0md0m”
” I ask em the same question ” I said sounding normal as always
” but the thing be say if she no forgive her husband and she keep avoiding him, the other woman fit steal em, she fit s£dûç£her husband ” she has a good point
Do I want to lose tony, do I want Lisa to steal even his heart ” I go tell em ” Mrs Johnson later brou-ght out another story, a funny one
We joked and laughed, by the time I was done with my hair, I paid her the money and head back home with one idea on mind
Keeping my husband close.
Entering the living room, I drop my bag and lift up the sheet of paper on the table, Lisa is truly pregnant. Pregnancy test
The little hope I had that she wasn’t pregnant was ruin but I won’t let this get to me, not now
Moving upstairs, I take a quic-k shower, put on a Jersey short and t©p. Tony wasn’t home and from the looks of it Lisa is in the kitchen preparing egusi soap
I watch her dancing while preparing a meal that she will probably give to Tony, she wore this black bu-m short and blue tank t©p
Is she trying to s£dûç£john? Her hair is made into a long feathers and tied into a ponytail. Even if I hate Lisa I can’t deny that she is beautiful
She has this hvge arse and tits that are man killing while I had a hvge arse my tits are okay. I should drive her from my kitchen but the strength to fight isn’t in me
Maybe some other time.
Walking into the kitchen I could feel Lisa eyes sweeping me up. I pick up some beans and start separating the stones ” what are you doing??” Lisa asked and I glared at her
” am cooking for my husband, in my kitchen ” maybe I should have drive her out ” don’t think that because I let you cook here, you’re welcome. This should be your last ”
” am alre-ady cooking for tony ” Lisa lowered her voice obviously knowing who the boss around here is
” do I look like I care” with that silence fell in the kitchen and the only noise we heard was of plates, pots and spoon
They is no way tony is eating her meal, I will make sure of it.
The door to the living room open reveling john and Tony walking in, john face light up with the smell of egusi soup alre-ady placed on the table but tony looked around. For god knows what
John quic-kly sat and Lisa serve his food separate, tony on the other hand went upstairs and the shower cli-ck on and I was thankful because this will give time to my beans
Within twenty minutes tony was back and I alre-ady brou-ght my food down and place them in his plate
” tony have a seat and eat ” Lisa voice echoed to the kitchen and I wait patiently for tony reply
” am not eating that ” tony [email protected]” where is Lucia?” His question made my heart smile
” am here ” walking out of the kitchen, holding his plate I watch his face light up ” Lucia I……” gr-abbing his hands I shut him up by pu-lling him with me to the living room. Lisa kept starring and I could see jealousy burning in her
” come, sit and eat” tony sit down looked confused because I was ignoring him hours ago and now am smiling ” I cooked beans with lot of meat for you ”
” come ” he gr-ab my hand and made me sit on his [email protected] ” are we okay ” he asked and I nod smiling
” what do you think, Lisa can’t steal you away from me ” I bite his nose ” you’re stuck with me ”
” am happily stuck with you then ” he smiled” your hair look pretty tho ”
” you like it ” he nod and I smile ” come on let’s eat, I will feed you ”
” I cooked for you tony ” Lisa [email protected] pissed and tony frown
” do you expect me to leave my wife cooking and eat yours ” tony growled ” get some s-en-se Lisa beside john is eating your meal ”
” I told her ” John shrugged and continued with the meal
” go and eat with your brother Lisa ” tony said surprising me
” brother???” I asked and Lisa ch!pin ” step brother tony, step brother ”
I watch Lisa angrily sit next to john eating while starring at us, I place my hands on tony che-st before wra-pping them around his n£¢k and whisper ” do you want to eat me or the meal”
” both ” tony said while I chuckle, throu-gh out the time we both eat Lisa eyes didn’t leave ours and ma-king her jealous is fun. Whenever tony k!ssmyl-ips trying to take the meat from my mouth she always hiss
” that’s all , can’t believe you emptied the plate” I tease ” fat bully ” tony lift me up and stand to his feet
” why dont I show you what the fat bully does in the be-droom ” looking over tony shoulder I watch john hands on Lisa th!gh but I didn’t miss when he them moving higher
When Lisa gaze met mine, her whole face was flu-shed and she was bitting herl-ips, she quic-kly shove johns hands out of her th!gh and john gaze met mine, he wi-nk and I smile pretending I didn’t see anything
What just happen??

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