His Village bride Episode 9 & 10

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By Noel Innocent
Chapter Nine 📖
” here” she feed me another spoon before I gr-ab her hands and stare at her ” what’s wrong ”
” am fill, I want something else in my mouth ” I said and she furrow her brows still sitting on my l@p
” and what’s that ??” She asked while I draw her closer to my b©dy ” st©p beating around the bush and tell me ”
Moving myl-ips to her ear I whisper ” I want to eat what’s hiding un-der this pretty dress then I will tear ap@rt your p@n-ties and fv¢k you till you won’t be able to walk for a month ” she flin-ch on my l@p, her b©dy shiver when my hands t©uçh her l@p
” Tony…..” Her voice a little bit shaken ” not here ” she m0@n this time, my hands circling on her p@n-ties, feeling how we-t she is
” when Lucia, I can’t hold it anymore ” I gr0@nmoving her p@n-t to the side before di-pping my f!nger into her b©dy
” oh god ” she m0@n throwing her head back, my hands travel to her back and unZi-p her dress followed by the br@ hook before holding her tits and fv¢k, my c0ckcould explode any moment now
” someone might come in ” Lucia said and I sm-irk before increasing my f!nger to two and di-ving into ” call my name when you come ” dropping her dress my mouth svçkher tits and her m0@n s were growing lower that my secretary might hear
” oh tony……I…..” Hitting her g sp©t I could feel her Orgasm give way to plea-sure and she coll@psed on my b©dy, my f!ngersstill in her ” what was that ” she asked before I pu-ll my f!ngersout and li-ck them
” those jui-ces are meant for me alone, okay ” she bite herl-ips before nodding, obviously shy ” t©uçh me ” gr-abbing her hands I drop them on my c0ckand I bet she felt how it twitch ” bring it out ”
” Tony…..I….I don’t ” I nodding shutting her up ” let me teach you ” she look at me expecting me to say something ” take off my belt”her hands a little bit shaken and I just couldn’t wait anymore
Taking off my belt I unZi-p and pu-ll my c0ckout and judging from her look, she is scared to even t©uçh ” don’t……don’t be scared, you can t©uçh it ” her hands t©uçh the ti-p and I felt my b©dy surrender, fv¢k.
Using her both hands she rob them up and down and I gr0@n” just like that princess” god this feels good, throwing my head back I growl out then stare at Lucia, l!çk!ng herl-ips her gaze met mine
” go ahead, taste it ” I said and without wasting time her ton-gue li-ck the ti-p as pre ¢v-m leak out, she jump back and I curse un-der my mouth ” $h!t. Lucia take all of it in your mouth ” I was feeling frustrated, the nee-d to ¢v-m is insatiable
Placing herl-ips on the ti-p I held her head ” open up ” she knee down and her open her mouth before I dive in ” svçkon them Lucia, like a damn lolli-pop ” she nod before su-cking
She was born for this, herl-ips work wonder on my c0ck” fv¢k princess, you’re such a slut ” guiding her I move her head a little bit fas-ter ” like this ” she talk and I felt all my b©dy vibr@te, she is perfect, her gaze met mine and am sure she is trying to plea-se me
” fv¢k. Yes, that’s feels good. $h!t !!” Cursing I could feel my Orgasm building up ” am gonna ¢v-m then you swallow okay ” she nod and then that I c@m£ ha-rd and full than I have ever did before
The door suddenly open revea-ling Lucy my secretary and thankfully Lucia is on her knees the table covering her up ” what is it ” I gr0@nas she l!çk!ng me up, all the damn ¢v-m off me and am growing ha-rd again
” you’re having a meeting with Mr James the next hour ” nodding my head she head out and shut the door
Relaxing I lift Lucia up , tuck my c0ckback in and k!ssthe hell out of her ” that was great ” I made her sit on the desk while I pu-ll her p@n-ts off and di-p it in my pockets ” what are you doing Tony ”
” shhh, Dont talk ” hooking her br@ I Zi-p up her dress and k!ssher forehead ” I think I love you Lucia ” I felt her b©dy shake a bit maybe out of surprise
” Tony…….” I cut her off with a k!ss” Dont talk princess, just sit here and when am done with the meeting I will take you home okay ” she nod and I smile ” thanks for lunch ” I k!ssher cheek then whisper ” am going to eat dinner at home ” I felt her cheek flush before I step out of the office
What’s happening to me, I have never felt this way before. Its overwhelming and I feel so happy around her
Tony walk out of the bathroom and I just l@ydown there, the pillow on my face, not wishing to see him after what I did
Where did that courage come from Lucia, you practically li-cked everything ” am nuts” I murmur to myself
He said he love me tho
I should be happy
But I feel kind of weird
” $h!t Lucia, there is a spider !!!” Tony yell and I jump up, heart racing up and down looking for the spider and the only thing I notice was tony laughing ha-rd holding his stomach ” you were scared” he giggle more ” of a spider ”
” you’re so annoying ” using my pillow I hit his face and he frown at me ” pillow fight!!!” We yell together before attacking each other
We are grown up but we still act like kids ” you’re nuts ” I yell hitting his head ” you’re crazy ” he yell hitting my head that I fell off the be-d still laughing
” No!!!st©p……. Mummy!!” I cried as he tickled me ” am sorry!!” He didn’t st©p and I keep struggling to get out of his grip ” tony!! plea-se ”
” only on one condition ”
” anything!!!!! I will do ” am dieing from laughing too much ” you will walk n-ked ”
” yes yes yes ” when his hands move back I just realized what I said yes to ” No No No ” I said shaking my head ” no way ” what have I gotten myself into
” another round of tickle ” he giggle running after me to the living room ” stay away from me ” I yell and know for a fact that I won’t sleep tonight
Chapter Ten 📖
My hands ti-ght£ñ around her w@!st, pinning her to the wall while she still giggle, herl-ips p@rted trying to speak again but I silence her with my mouth
Gripping her w@!st more ti-ghtly with one hand, I bury the other dee-per into her hair, anchoring her to me, she is so soft, so responsive to my t©uçh as she hold unto my back with both hands, her b©dy molding to mine, so fv¢king perfect
Our ton-gue tangle and am in awe that her k!sses are so full of urgency, its like she has been craving me all her life as we explore each other so inti-mately, breathing each other pas-sion and exhaling our nee-d
Lifting her against my che-st I pu-ll her legs around my h!pand carry her to the sofa in the middle of the living room, she m0@n against myl-ips and her hands wra-p around my n£¢k
I can feel how we-t her pvzzyis on my lower abs. I hope she knows all the things I plan to do with her, I hope she un-derstand that by the time my c0ckfill her pvzzyI may never let her go
I sit on the couch and let her legs fall on either side of me, cu-pping her arse, pressing her fold against my stiff, thick length as she settle on my l@p, her hands slide up the back of my n£¢k, her slender f!ngersgripping my hair and her h!ps start to move
Sliding my hands un-der the steam of her tank t©p, I peel it off her b©dy and break and ap@rt from herl-ips just long enough to drag the fabric over her head and throw it to one side
She was ba-re un-der the tank t©p, no br@, just big beautiful firm brea-st, her n!ppl!s taut and so close to my face that I nee-d a taste. I hold each perfect br£@st from their un-derside and flatten my ton-gue to one n!ppl!
su-cking it into my mouth she ache her back and roll her h!ps as I svçkher sweet skin, letting my ton-gue circle each bud very so often
She is grinding ha-rd on my erection, so ha-rd that if she keeps this up I won’t last. As I move to the next br£@st I slid one ha-rd inside her inner th!gh until my f!ngerssl!ppast her Jersey shorts, she is so we-t for me alre-ady
Moving her h!ps back with my other hand I dive two f!ngerspas-s her folds, burring them in her ti-ght pvzzy. Her sweet scent find its way to my nose and I almost can’t wait to taste her. Soon. Her inner walls grip me ti-ght as I f!nger fv¢k her
Her eyes fell shut and her face fill with plea-sure ” oh tony ” she is fv¢king ti-ght, I Dont know how my c0ckwill fit inside her. But am willing to try
Am pretty sure that after I take her with my mouth and make her ¢v-m three or two times she will be re-ady for me. A few more stro-kes, she is writhing on my f!nger, her br£@st pressing ha-rder against my mouth. Her inner th!ghs quivering as I s£nd her to her first Orgasm
” Tony ” she cries and make soft breathless whimpers throu-gh her first cli-max , hearing my name from herl-ips my c0cktwitch as fv¢k, desperate to be inside her but I nee-d her we-t and re-ady for me, begging for it
I push off the back of the soda with one hand, getting to my feet with her b©dy still wra-p around me, walking to our room I push the door open and st©pped for awhile allowing my eyes to adjust to darkness
Dropping her on the be-d, take off my clothes, stro-king my full length as I admire her from head to toe,she looks at me, her eyes full of de-sire, her gaze drawn to my c0ck
” take off your shorts ” I tell her, nee-ding to see all of her. Slowly she lift her h!poff the be-d and slide her p@n-ties together with the sh0ts off her legs unto one side of the be-d
I gr0@nthe moment I make out her clean shaved pvzzyand feels drop of pre¢v-m on my c0ckhead
I slide unto the be-d over her small frame, balancing my weight on my straightened arm at her shoulders, my bent knees between her th!gh, my c0ckas ha-rd as ever point directly at her entrance
Her eyes lock into mine as she place her hands on my che-st and slide them to my abs brushing her f!nger ti-ps further down not st©pping. I feel her palm wra-p around my shaft but not quite all the way round , her hands is too small and my c0ckis ha-rd as rock at the moment
She stro-ke me from the base to the ti-p and her hands circle the ti-p of the head for awhile. She li-cks herl-ips as though she wants to taste it but I st©p her, am here for her, to plea-se and claim what’s mine
Not the other way round
At least not now
Taking her hand off my c0ck, k!ssher palm and pin them above her head. One move am down between her leg picking up the scent of her arou-salas I spre-ad her wi-de. My ton-gue flatten onto her cl!t and I gr0@nat the sweetness, I want more, so much more.
I li-ck along her fold and bury my ton-gue on her slit, her knees fall to each side of the be-d and her stomach ti-ght£ñ, I glance up to her face to find her head off the be-d observing my work, she bit down on one side of her lower l!pm0@n ing s£dûçt!velywith every swipe of my ton-gue inside her
Her h!ps grind to my face taking more of me as her plea-sure builds, I begin to stro-ke her cl!t in slow circle while picking up the pace as I ton-gue fv¢k her ” oh god ” her back arch on the be-d and she c@m£ ha-rd , her jui-ces flood myl-ips, my ton-gue and I swallow every last drop
I will like to see her come again, maybe for the third time but the ache in my ba-lls couldn’t wait anymore, I move up to her b©dy and position my side at her we-t slit
Lowering first to press a k!sson herl-ips and mutter “‘I can’t wait anymore princess ” she whimper un-der me ” I nee-d you ”
” take me tony ” her words, they invite me and I Dont hold back, I sink into her, k!ss!ngher ha-rd as I thrû-st my entire c0ckinto her, breaking throu-gh her vir-ginity
” $h!t. Am sorry” k!ss!ngher forehead I stayed still for awhile ” it won’t hurt next time I promise ” taking herl-ips into mine I move slowly inside her, pu-lling out and entering as gently as my c0ckcan manage each time she lifts her h!poff the be-d drawing me dee-per
When her hand slide down my back and gr-ab small handful of my as-s cheeks I st©p holding back, I buried into her like I did the first time, claiming very possible space within her. thrû-sting in. pu-lling almost all the way out and plunging in dee-per ” $h!t. Princess, you’re so fv¢king sweet ”
Lucia wra-p her legs around my h!pand squee-ze me ti-ght. She is close, Hell. Am properly closer with the thought of ma-king her pregnant filling my head, cu-pping her br£@st I give it a slight squee-ze, she shudders from head to toe and her inner wall squee-ze and ti-ght£ñ even more on my length
” Tony!!” She m0@n ed coming ha-rd and I shut my eyes as her pvzzydraw the milk out if me, ¢v-ming ha-rd than I have ever cun before
She holds onto me ti-ght and I Dont want to leave her warmth either. Its not long before her breathing changes. Using one hand I find the edge of the cover and pu-ll it out from un-der us, covering our bodies
I shift to one side pu-lling out and feel liquid pour onto the be-d, I know fully well what I will find there when we wake up, v!rg!nblood mix with my jui-ces and my seed
Before I doze off to the sounds of her shallow breathing she muttered something that made my heart beat fas-ter and my face light up ” I love you too tony ” k!ss!ngher forehead I draw her closer to my b©dy
” I love you ”