His Village bride Episode 13 & 14

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By Noel Innocent
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Chapter Thirteen 📖
” you’re cute when you wake up ” watching her yawn then stare at me made my heart be at peace, am glad she forgives me. I dont know what to do without her
” morning ” she said her voice sweet as hell, last night was perfect ” st©p starring at me like that ” she use her hands and push my face away
” why not, you’re beautiful ” I said and she yawn the more ” and S-xy ” her question made me frown for a while
” do you think Lisa is S-xy ” she asked and when she caught my expression she covered her mouth ” sorry, don’t tell me I……” Shutting her up with my f!nger on herl-ips I smile
” I thought she was S-xy, was S-xy” I titled my head to my left ” but then I met, you and I knew what beauty meant ” I tuck her hair behind her ear ” your devilish cute ” k!ss!ngher cheek her whole face light up
” where did she sleep ??” Lucia asked and I answered trying to drop her t©pic ” in the guest house”
” oh, only her in that hvge house. Lucky her ” Lucia li-ck herl-ips and climb on me, still obviously n-ked ” what about a round two ”
” $h!t Lucia, st©p teasing me ” her br£@st bounced and I swallowed ha-rd while she grin ” Lucia! ” I gave her a warning sound but my c0ckdesperately want to be in her. After last night she nee-d her rest
” fine, I was just kidding. Am still so-re tho ” she whine and I roll my eyes ” you wanted me to fv¢k you ” furrowing my brows she nod
” I kind of like teasing you” she bite my lower l!pand wi-nk ” nee-d to take a shower tho, meet you downstairs ” with that she jump off the be-d not even trying to cover up as she walk to the bathroom
Slowly growing bold right, I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head. She must be hungry, I should prepare something
Putting on my favorite red t©p and blue shorts I head downstairs straight to the kitchen, I should be going to work by ten but for now, let me feed my wife
Putting the noodles in the pot I pour some water and cover it up, moving to the next section I begin to chop my onions and tomatoes before the noodles boil to my preferred point
Turning on the other g@s cooker I poured some oil in the frypan and sprinkle some onions in them before placing my fish gently and frying them
The memory of Lucia forcing me to fry fish c@m£ back to my head and I chuckle, I can’t leave without her anymore ” oh god tony, you shouldn’t be cooking ” I roll my eyes at the only woman who can say that
Lucia usually f0rç£ me to cook and I like her for that ” what do you want Lisa, I told you to st©p coming into my house, I alre-ady gave you a home right ” I gr0@nturning off the light and packing my fish from the pan
I brou-ght my noodles down, pour them in a bowl before frying the tomatoes and onions in them ” I know but your wife should be doing this ” Lisa move closer and hvg me from behind ” or let me do it for you ”
” cut it out Lisa” turning around I push her back ” dont t©uçh me ” she frown as I continued cooking my meal
” am pregnant tony, I nee-d attention. The baby nee-d attention ” Lisa half yell and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore
” that’s not my child, I never fv¢k you without protec-tion. St©p pinning that on me you slut !!!!” I yell back and watch her flin-ch and tears drop from her eyes ” dont feed me with that $h!t Lisa, I dont give a damn about your sorry looking arse ”
Turning around her footsteps fade away and I knew I shouldn’t have yelled at her, depression isn’t good for the baby but I couldn’t help it
” here, st©p crying, am sorry you made me so fv¢king mad ” I drop a plate of my noodles and stare at her red eyes ” is not your fault ” I run my hands throu-gh my hair starring at her ” maybe the c0md0mbroke or something ”
Lisa rise to her feet and hvg me ti-ght ” I un-derstand, you’re married and its stressing you out”
” Lisa” she rob her tits on my che-st and I growl placing my hands on her shoulder ” you should st©p ” the sound of Lucia footsteps coming down made me push Lisa back
Lisa smile didn’t fade as she wi-nk ” what’s going on here ” Lucia asked and I know am fv¢ked
” tony cooked for me, isn’t that great. Lucia ” Lisa said smiling all over her face ” its noodles tho, good for the baby ”
I look at Lucia face all I could see was, anger, jealously and the nee-d to sl@p me
Chapter Fourteen 📖
” Lucia dont listen to her, I cooked the meal for you but she started crying and I cut a little for her ” I said but it made Lucia frown de-epen, she gently turn and walk into the kitchen
Glaring at Lisa I run after Lucia and shut the door only to find Lucia sitting on a chair crying
I felt like someone just stab me right into my che-st and I couldn’t breath ” Lucia plea-se believe ”
” am not crying because of that tony” she sniff ” it just felt like sooner or later you will be giving her your heart too, am scared ”
” come ” I clean her tears gr-ab her hands and we walk out of the kitchen. gr-abbing my keys Lisa stare at me
” where are you guys going ” ignoring her question, we walk out of the house, in my car and out of view
” were are we going tony ” Lucia asked still in a sad mood and I just nee-d to lighten things for her, I nee-d to make her un-derstand that she is it for me
” somewhere princess ” I purred ” just relax and breath out ” watching Lucia from the corner of my eyes she gently shut her eyes and relax in the car
I don’t know what I did to deserve Lucia but I thank God she c@m£ into my life, I have never felt this way before and I don’t plan on ruining anything
I don’t want Lucia pushing me away from her, I don’t know if I can survive that pain
The next one hour ” princess, we are here ” tapping Lucia she yawn gently and open her eyes looking around the place
” oh my god, where are we ” she open the door and jump out while I follow behind her, the whole place fill with followers and beautiful gras-s that you can l@yon everyday ” is that flowing water fall” Lucia run to the left and sit right there starring at it ” the morning sun is adding more beauty here ”
Sitting next to her I nod ” I know, is a perfect place ” Lucia gaze met mine, her brown eyes sparkling ” how did you find this place ”
” when I left the village with my mum, we love coming here, our little hide out. She made me promise not to bring anyone here expect the person I love ”
” did you bring Lisa ” I shook my head and smile ” I never loved her, it was just a S-x thing nothing else Lucia and this morning I just gave her the noodles to calm her down ” robbing my hands on Lucia cheek I smile more ” I will love only you princess, no one else and if you find me mid behaving sl@p me ”
Her face turn into a grin before laughing ” are you sure, you do know am good at sl@pping right ” she rise to her feet ” sit still ”
Before I could process anything Lucia push me into the water ” I love you too ” she grin laughing, am glad I brou-ght a smile to her face and I will hate to ruin her short summer dress
” $h!t princess, the water is cold ”
” and I should be sorry ”
” are you ”
She brou-ght her ton-gue out ” No, am not”
” help me up ” lifting my hands up, she held them and I didn’t think twice before drawing her in with me
” tony!!!” She yell looking at her dress ” you’re the worst ” she mumble and I pin her to the ha-rd wall
” and you love me that way, dont you ” b!tt!g herl-ips she nod ” you know I love you ” she poke my nose and I giggle ” but am feeling cold ”
” let me h0t things up for you ” the moment she p@rt herl-ips I crush mine on them, the k!sswas slow and gentle
Wra-pping her hands around my n£¢k I could feel how she melt in my arms, our ton-gue dance in a perfect rhythm, our bodies colliding
gr-abbing her arse I lift her higher giving it a light squee-ze before breaking the k!ssto catch our breath ” we should go ” I muttered and she furrow her brows
” now ??” She asked and I nod ” I don’t want someone pas-sing by and seeing what’s mine you know ” she giggle and wi-nk
” I un-derstand ”
Holding hands we walk back into the house ” you haven’t been going to work tony ” he stare at me
” am the boss and I don’t feel like feeling you all by yourself ” I chuckle and stare at him
” being sweet don’t suit you ” Luis said as he looked at her “But I like you either way” he chuckle and when we entered the living room
John was standing there hvgging Lisa ” john ” he gently withdraw and gave us a smile
” you guys are back ” john said cheerfully ” dude ” tony move closer and they did their man thing
Tony seem okay with him coming her and hvgging his sister in that manner, if I saw correctly he was squee-zing her arse or am I day dreaming
Tony really trust this john guy and Lisa on the other hand have been blu-shing like a teenage child they just gave back her favorite toy
” I have to go, just nee-ded to check on my sis ” john echo ” got some banding to do ” tony chuckle and walk john walk out
” tony welcome back ” Lisa said folding her hands ” you guys left me all alone, am going out ”
” fine!” Tony yell and Lisa didn’t hesitate before leaving, at that moment john car leave the compound
If am thinking properly they went out together, what were they doing here when we were gone
Do they have some kind of plan, something is fishy here ” Lucia ” tony yell bringing me back ” are you okay ”
I nod ” yes ”
What is Lisa planning