His favorite 2 Episode 17 & 18

(He owns her)
Episode 17
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
“Kelvin? What should I do?” I inquired.
“Yes Kelvin, I want you to help me talk to him to forgive what I did in the past. Can you do that?” He asked softly.
“Um..of course, sir, I..I’ll try”I smiled taking a sip from my drink.
“Alright dear, thanks a lot, I can’t wait to see my grandson” he smiled back and I chuckled.
“Grandson indeed” I thought to myself.
“Excuse me sir, lemme go call my friend, Kelvin asked me not too stay long” I cooed.
“Yea sure” he replied and I left the dinning in search of Bella and Dennison.
What is taking them long?
“Hi plea-se, do you no where my friend is?” I asked a maid that was pas-sing by and she showed me the restroom.
Its was actually inside the guest room. I opened the guest room slowly and was shocked by what I saw.
What? Bella and Dennison?
They were…they were k!ss!ngeach other.
“Oh my!” I exclaimed ma-king them st©p.
They were so engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t notice me opening the door and coming in.
I stood akimbo starring at both of them.
“Can any of you tell me what’s going on here because I’m really lost?” I asked looking from Dennison to Bella who was blu-shing crazy.
“Um..babe” Bella called after a while.
“Yea, I’m listening you two” I replied sharply.
“We..we are now a thing, he asked me out and I agreed” she said and I g@sped.
“You..you two are unbelievable. You no what? you can continue with your love ma-king I’ll just leave so you guys can continue” I tea-sed.
I can’t believe he asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted immediately.
“Anyways congrats to you both, I hope you produce little Kiddos” I tea-sed again and we are laughed.
“Alright, make sure you visit” Bella said and they k!$$£d again.
“Let’s go babe” she said going out of the guest room.
“Do you really like her?” I asked him when I’m sure Bella wasn’t listening.
“Yea, I really do” he replied.
“I thought you are engaged to someone, so did you end things with the person?” I asked.
“Well, I wasn’t seeing anyone actually, just wanted Kelvin to calm down. That was the only way I could get close to you so I could find out everything going on with you and Kelvin. Anyways your friend is great, she’s really beautiful and so sweet” he complemented.
“Yea, don’t break her heart or I’ll personally kill you for it alright” I tea-sed walking out of the room but he st©pped me.
“How is the baby?” He questioned.
“Doing good, thanks for asking” I replied even if my pregnancy hasn’t turned to a real baby yet.
We arrived at Kelvin’s lake house and got down.
Bella didn’t let my ear rest. She was just singing about how good a k!ss£r Den was.
“I wonder how good he’ll be in be-d” she had said in the car giggling like a new born and I had to pinch her cheek.
She just loves him a lot. It hasn’t even been long they met, I hope it last because Dennison seems really nice.
“Hey” Kelvin cooed as I approached him.
He has been standing in front of the door waiting.
“How was it? Hope the old man didn’t stress you out?” He inquired and I chuckled.
“That old man is your father Kelvin.”
“Let’s go in” I said as we got in to the house and to his room which has now become our room.
We got in and I sat down on the be-d.
“Hey, can you message my legs for me?” I asked and he rolled his eyes.
“Do I look like someone that can message?” I
He asked.
“Come on, just do it. Its good for the b…”
“Alright, I’ll try alright so st©p using an innocent baby as an excuse” he huffed and took my legs and placed it on his l@ps.
I watched as he tried to message my legs but couldn’t do it properly. I covered my mouth to prevent me from laughing out.
So funny, he doesn’t even have a single clue, I thought and couldn’t hold myself again and started laughing out.
He frowned and brou-ght down my legs.
“I won’t help you with it anymore. Go ask someone else to do it for you” he half yelled and I continued laughing uncontrollable.
“I will honey. I’ll find a good lover that knows how to message well” I tea-sed as he left the room.
Rick’s POV
I’ve been gathering information on how Kelvin acquired his wealth and I’ve gotten a little clue about it.
I heard he was into an illegal business.
Just hearing about it makes me so happy. No wonder he has those ugly looking boys around.
Now, I’m headed to Chicago to know more about it and once I’ve gathered enough information about him I’ll strike really ha-rd .
And Mabel will have no other choice but to run into my sweet arms, I thought loudly and laughed.
Episode 18
Next day
Mabel’s POV
Kelvin and I sat in the dinning room eating when I suddenly recalled what Kelvin’s father told me last night and I decided to bring it up.
“Um..kel” I called munching on my steak.
“Yes” he replied starring at me.
“What happened between you and your father? Why do you hate him so much?” I questioned.
His mood changed and he took in a little quantity of water.
“Can we not talk about it?” He asked after a while.
“Um..kel, I mean no harm but I just wanna know what happened” I said calmly.
“I don’t wanna talk about it”he mumbled and stood up leaving the dinning.
I dropped my cutleries and followed him.
He got to the room and went into his closet.
“Hey”I cooed standing behind him.
“I mean no harm alright? Its not a crime that I wanna know what happened” I said trying not to be commanding.
“I nee-d to go out, I have an interview” he replied flatly.
“Oh is that it? You wanna leave because you don’t wanna tell me? Maybe its cause I don’t mean anything to you” I half yelled getting angry.
Like what thefu-ck!?
He just recalled about the interview the moment I asked him that?
I hissed and made to walk out of the room when he st©pped me.
“Hey, I’m sorry” his voice st©pped me.
“Its just that I don’t like recalling that incident. It makes me become more angry at him whenever I do” he explained calmly and I turned to look at him.
He dropped the Sk-irt he alre-ady got on the be-d and walked up to me holding one of my hands.
“But, I can tell you if you really wanna know” he continued.
“And don’t say that again alright?” He cooed tou-ching my hair with his other hand.
“You mean a lot to me even if you don’t know.”
He led me to the be-d and we sat facing each other. I really wanna know what thefu-ck happened.
I’m so damn curious.
He cleared his voice and began.
“Em…it happened long ago when I was still a young boy. I was 14 years of age.”
“My dad had a mistress unknown to my mom but when she found out about it she decided to speak to the lady who was about your age then.”
“She picked up dad’s phone and called her warning her to stay away from dad.”
“Two days after warning the lady, the lady c@m£ to our house.”
“Dad has alre-ady gone to his office and mom was busy with my late kid brother, Charles.”
“He was still a su-cking baby.”
“We heard a knock at the door and mom carried Charles to check out who it was.”
“She got to the door and saw the woman but couldn’t recognize the woman properly because she only saw her in pictures.”
“Mom stepped out properly to know who she was and the lady held mom’s n£¢k and asked her how dare she command and threaten her.”
“Mom kept struggling with her with Charles still with her and in the process of it the lady pushed her down the stairs.”
“I was in my room then but when I heard mom’s voice I quic-kly ran to check what was happening and saw mom struggling with her.”
“My little mind told me to go bring a knife in order to scare the lady away and I ran back to the kitchen to go do that but when I returned was the exact time the lady was pushing her down the stairs forgetting she was carrying a child.”
“Mom fell off the stairs alongside Charles and Charles died at the sp©t.”
“My mom struggled up and held Charles but was bleeding profusely.”
“I was shocked to my tiny bones and the knife fell off my hand attra-cting the lady’s attention and she started coming at me probably to end me too but I acted fast.”
“I picked up the knife and before she could do anything I stabbe-d her with all the power I got.”
“I left her and immediately ran to mom not caring if the lady died or not.”
“Mom, I cried and whimpered trying ha-rd to carry her up and I did. I carried her head up leaning her on the wall with Charles in her arms.”
“I heard foot steps behind us and turned, I saw the lady staggering to us with the knife now in her hand.”
“She was bleeding seriously but that didn’t st©p her. She made to stab me from the back but mom used her last strength to push the lady aside.”
“Go, go call your father – anyone. Run! Mom yelled at me and I immediately left and went to pick up her telephone.”
“I dialed dad’s line and its started ringing but he didn’t pick up.”
“I called him six times but nothing then I left running back down to tell mom was happened but before I could tell her the lady had stabbe-d mom repeatedly – killing her.”
“I didn’t no what to do anymore. I totally lost it and even tho the lady was also dying I collected the bloody knife from her and stabbe-d her repeatedly, the same way she had stabbe-d mom.”
“I got tired of stabbing her and sat on the floor crying because no one else was around just mom, Charles and I.”
“Father didn’t pick up because he was having a business meeting.”
“If he had picked the first time I called maybe I could have ran back to st©p that lady from stabbing mom. But he made me call him six times and he still didn’t pick.”
“If he didn’t keep a mistress then it couldn’t have happened. That lady was so rude to mom reasons why I hate ladies that are damn rude.”
“By the time people knew about it, it was alre-ady too late. Mom had long died alongside Charles.”
“So, how the hell did you expect me to forgive him easily?”
“He destroyed our family. Mom was more than enough for him but he still looked outside.”
“I don’t think I can ever him” he concluded and I that was when I noticed I was in tears.
His story? I can’t really believed that happened to him at such a young age.
No wonder he turned cold hearted.
His story is really saddening.
Now we all know what really happened.