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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

His favorite 2 Episode 19 & 20

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(He owns her)

Episode 19
Written By Kebby NG


Mabel’s POV
“I’m sorry, I had no idea about this” I apologized in tears.

“Its alright, its not your fault anyways and because of my hatred I hurt so many people – so many ladies.”

“I destroyed people’s home too because mine was destroyed and amongst those families destroyed yours and Bella’s are among them” he said at the verge of tears.

He took my hand in his and looked directly into my eyes.

“My original plan was to let you go because I fell in love with you. That was the only way I felt I could ask for forgiveness from you, by letting you go but it looks really impossible cause I can’t breathe well without you by my side.”

“I feel so incomplete – so empty without you Mab.”

“Sometimes my silly mind tells me I met you by fate but what such of fate is this? Its made me hurt you in an unexplainable way, he mouthed and I saw a drop of tears fall from his eyes.

“I think I’ll just use this opportunity to specially ask for your forgiveness, even if you don’t forgive me I’ll understand” he cooed and shockingly went on his knees.

I watched him in disbelief as my tears increased.

I covered

my mouth with my palm unable to contain my tears.

“Will you forgive me Mab? For everything and every pain I caused you?” He asked and looked down on the floor.

“I really don’t think its enough till I let you go but lemme just do it until you give birth.”

His hold on me tightened as he looked up at me again.

“Will you? Please. If you don’t I won’t blame you” he added and I sniffed.

“I…” I paused as my words got stuck in my throat.

“I’ve forgiven you for long Kelvin. If I haven’t do you think I’ll stay with you?”

“I have even fallen deeply in love with you kel. I’m glad, I’m glad you realized your mistakes and that’s the most important aspect of it all” I spoke softly.

“Come on, stand up” I urged pulling him up.

He stood up sat back on the bed beside me.

“Your family. You must miss them a lot don’t you?” He asked now starring at my face.

“Yes, I do. I miss them a lot and want to see them” I replied and he shook his head.

“We’ll go back to Chicago next week. I can’t continue keeping you here with me” he said softly.

“Yea, I’ve been thinking of that too” I replied.

I made him leave me and I held him instead.

“Maybe its really fate that brought us together. I don’t know what such of fate is it but it managed to bring two different people together, I think its a good thing” I cooed and took my

hand to his cheek.

“I don’t hate you anymore so be rest assured and feel free with me like you’ve always been this past few days alright?” I asked and he nodded and held the hand I placed on his cheek.

“Thank you” he mouthed and I smiled and pulled close to him, hugging him.

“Thank you too” I smiled out tears and we stayed that way for about ten minutes.

We disengaged from the hug and I starred at him for a while before asking.

“Can you forgive your father?” I questioned and he cringed.

“Kelvin please, just forgive him for me okay?” I asked softly and he hesitated for a while before shaking his head.

“For you” he mouthed and I smiled and cleaned the drying tears off his handsome face.

“I think you need to do another thing apart from that” I said to him.

“And what is that?” He questioned back.

“You also need to apologize to some people – people like Bella.”

Rick’s POV
I smiled as I got down from the plane.

“Welcome to Chicago” I said to myself and closed my eyes sniffing in the air of Chicago.

Such a wonderful place. Its really beautiful and I know you all know why I’m here.

I’m here to gather information on Kelvin’s illegal business.

Its can be hard but there is nothing money can’t solve right? I bribe them with money ; a lot of money.

In that way they’ll all give me what I need and wait..Mabel mentioned that she was born and brought up here.

Its a pity I don’t know the exact place or I could have gone searching for her family to receive blessings from them.

Anyways I can still find her family because I know what she looks like and it won’t be hard because i got a lot of money.

Thank goodness we aren’t poor and I always get what I want no matter the blockage.

Since Kelvin is the only blockage then I’m setting him aside.

Oh Mabel! I can’t wait to see her run into my warm arms.

I can’t wait to kiss your hair and most especially your beautiful sweet shaped lips.

Just wait a little bit longer. Just a little and I’ll come get you.


Episode 20

A day later.

Kelvin’s POV
I got down from my vehicle and starred at the gigantic building in front of me.

One of the buildings dad has handed to me. Its the main company and its the biggest of em all.

Dad has handed em to me but I kept rejecting em.

I sighed and processed into the company receiving greetings from the workers which I ignored.

I just don’t feel comfortable with that till now.

I walked up to the floor my dad’s office is located and saw his secretary.

“Good day sir, but his not around. He just stepped out for a brief chat with one of the business associate he has, I’ll just inform him about it then” the secretary spoke elegantly.

“No, no need for that. I’ll just go in and wait for him, when he comes I’ll see him” I replied and she pulled a surprise look.

That’s it, she knows I’m not that type of person but I promised Mabel to be nice.

Yesterday I also apologized to Bella and I’m planning on releasing everyone that I sold into slavery.

I know those men that bought men. I pray all of em are still alive tho.

Nickolas purchased more people than others so it’ll be easy to just go in and release them since I now own everything that bastard had.

I opened dad’s office slowly and got in closing it behind me afterwards.

I went to his desk and touched it.

This office took a great deal of his life. Well was it worth it? Maybe it does, I thought as I sat on his sit rolling myself on it.

I looked at all the files and documents on his table and sighed.

His a real business man.

I stayed on that sit and closed my eyes and sleep came speedily at me. I was about dozing off before the door opened revealing dad.

He rushed in and his eyes widened on seeing me there.

“Son?” He called and blinked repeatedly.

I sat up from his sit and went to meet him. I got to his front and draw closer pulling him into a hug.

“Kel…” he made to call but didn’t complete it.

I guess his really shocked. But I think its really hard time I listen to him.

“I’m sorry for keeping you locked out” I apologized.

He held me strongly to himself almost choking me.

“You aren’t a good son, you made me go through hell but thank goodness you’re back to me tho it took long. I think I really own Mabel a lot” he replied maybe crying.

My hold also tightened on him as I realized the last time I hugged him was when I was still 14. I was still a boy then and that was when my hatred for him began.

“I’m sorry about your mother and brother. I understand its mostly my fault but I regretted it a whole lot.”

“I regretted having a mistress, it was all a foolish mistake, this are the words I wanted to say to you years back but you couldn’t listen to me Kelvin, my child” he cried still holding me.

“I’m sorry too dad. I’m sorry for not hearing you out, I guess I also did a very big mistake.”

“Its okay now Kelvin. You don’t know how long I’ve been dreaming about today. I’ve been dreaming about it for so long.”

“For the day you’ll call me dad with all your heart” he said.

I pulled out from the hug and sighed.

” I think mom’s and Charles’s mind will finally be at peace now that we have made peace” I said teasingly and he chuckled.

“Yea I guess” he cooed cleaning his face.

We went and sat down at his office couch.

“Dad, I’ll be travelling with Mabel to Chicago I think next week.”

“I did a lot of wrong. I think its high time I correct em all” I confessed.

“Alright Kelvin, its okay. Go correct all your wrong doings and when you’re back we’ll try to get along well before I die alright?” He asked.

“You die? Who said you’re dying?” I asked curiously.

“Who knows? I’m really old and it can be possible so don’t take too long and come back quick alright?” He said and I nodded.

“I will.”

Few days later.

Mabel’s POV

I starred at myself for the last time and was ready to go.

We are leaving for Chicago today. We have been making preparations lately.

Bella is happy but sad at the same time because of Dennis.

Dennis and her has gotten so close and I don’t think they can ever be separated. They even planned on leaving together after she settle things at home and come back.

Funny enough but they just can’t be without each other same thing with Kelvin and I. Its just that theirs grew so unexpectedly fast from the first day they saw each other.

I think I’ve finally believed in love at first sight cause that’s what I’ve seen in them.

I smiled as I turned back leaving the room to meet up with Kelvin in the sitting room.

I got to the sitting room to see Bella and Dennis at one side probably greeting themselves good bye.

“Hey” Kelvin smiled coming closer to me.

“Hi” I replied and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Are you ready?” He asked and I nodded.

The door bell rang and the maids went to get it.

We stood waiting for the person that came to show up and I sighted Rick coming in.


And he wasn’t coming in alone. He was coming in with the cops.

What? Why is he coming in with the cops?




Few more episodes to go.

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