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💋 Episode9️⃣💋

{The threat 🤸 }




She got home and waved goodbye to John. She walked in and climbed on the stairs to go to her room. She felt hungry but she has to clear her head. She held the railings as she trailed upon the stairs. She got to the fifth step and a hand held her left shoulder.

She was startled because the hand seems so strong enough to tear down a whole building.

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She turned back and there was he staring into her eyes deeply.


“What do you want?” She asked feigning ignorance.

“I want you!” He said seductively.

“I don’t understand what you mean by that!” She said blinking her eyelashes

“For Pete’s sake, you’re twenty one. Not some fourteen years old teenager, Maureen!” He said as he touched her hair with his second hand.

“What do you want?” She asked again getting scared at the fact that only them were alone.

Mrs Smith had gone to the grocery store and had told the gatekeeper to inform her.

“You!!!” He echoed.

He kissed her eyebrow and she pushed him back.

“What the hell are you doing?” She yelled

“You’re asking me? Why were you so pretty? You should have being ugly!” He stated and bit the nape of her neck.

“Stop this!” She yelled again and this time hit him hard across the face.

“You hit me?” He said getting annoyed

“Yeah, and I’ll do it again if you try that with me again.”

“You think am some whore? Do I look like a fling to you? Do you think am a use and dump?” She added and cleaned the tears with her left thumb.

She shouldn’t be crying right now because she needs to be brave and strong for her, her dignity, her pride. Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.

“Get ready for war!” He said, fuming in anger.

“Am ready for whatever thing you raise up.” She seethed.

She hissed and left. Her hunger vanished immediately.

She turned back and saw him still fuming.

She rolled her eyes and turned back upstairs.



“Hello sir, you have a visitor!” The receptionist said over the telecom.

“What did he call his name?” Scott asked typing on his laptop with his right hand.

“He said he’s some Marshall Weston!” The receptionist said unsure if she got the last name right. She looked up at the visitor and he nodded his head meaning it’s correct.

Scott body vibrated as he heard that name.

It had been seven years now since he last saw him.

Now he’s showing himself after snatching his wife.

“Sir? Are you there?” He heard the receptionist voice ring in the landline.

“Yeah, let him in.” He said and dropped the telecom in it’s right position.

He rolled up his sleeves to his elbow and loosen his tie.

He closed his laptop and placed his hands on the large table awaiting his visitor.

Two consecutive knocks landed on the door.

“Come in!” He said and straighten up on the chair.


The door opened wide and there he entered.

“Long time no see!” Marshall said as he walked towards the chairs

“Yeah, it’s been long!” Scott replied trying much not to let his shaken voice visible.

“I guess it was six years ago in the court.” He said taking a seat.

“No, it’s seven years already. And I haven’t told you to sit?” He said raising one eyebrow.

“Oh no! Old friend must be angry. Well, that aside. I’m here for business!” He said as he trailed his fingers on the golden platform with Scott’s name – Scott Mandy (PRESIDENT OF S.M INDUSTRY).

“I don’t think I’ve an opinion on whatever you have to say!” Scott said and took the landline.

He dialed Rodney’s office but no one picked up.

He dialed the receptionist back.

“Why’s Mr Shawn not picking up the call?” He asked.

“Well, he took the day off saying he’s a bit sick!” She explained.

“Okay, I got it.” He said and hung up

“Politely leave please!” He said gesturing him to leave by stretching his hand to the door.

“I will leave. But be guided. I’ll return soon!” He said and stood up.

He adjusted his tie and brought out his hand for an handshake.

Scott refused the handshake and opened the lid of the energy drink beside the laptop.

“Well, goodbye!” Marshall said as he walked out along side his walking support.

He’s just 42 and he’s already using a walking stick.

Shame on him!

He drank the energy drink and disposed the container in the bin.

He got up and took his suit and left the office not before powering off the laptop.



Rodney called Marshall and he picked up at once.

“Boss, did he agree to the proposal?” He asked

“No! Don’t get your hopes high. He didn’t even read it! He answered over the phone as he slumped on to the couch.

“Gotta go.” He said and hung up.

Rodney paced across the room as he thought of what to do.

He thought for about thirty minutes before finally grinning, wickedly.



What’s Mr Rodney planning laidis?

Somebori let’s pray for Maureen oo, she don enter yawa laslas



💋 Episode1️⃣0️⃣💋

{ The poisoned drink.



Maureen woke up so early. She couldn’t sleep a wink the previous night. She had just tossed about on the bed.

Scott had called them all informing them that Andrew won’t be guarding them again but will serve as a subordinate to the new bodyguard.

He had glared at her so hard that she almost fainted.

She stood up and went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and had a shower.

She wore a purple top and a ankle length, black trouser. She tied the hem of the top making it look like a crop top.

She braided her hair into two braids.

She wore her flip-flop and walked out of the room to wake up Alexa.



“Scott, you should eat more.” Mrs Smith said as she patted his shoulders.

He had insisted that the pancakes 🥞 he ate was enough but she wanted him to eat more.

“No, am okay already. You want me to start have running stomach at work?” He joked as he stood up and took his blue jacket ready to leave.

“But-” Mrs Smith said

“Let him go!” Alexa said and stood up also.

“Maureen, am full also.” Alexa said as she wore her bag on her bag.

“Let’s go then!”

“Bye!” They all chorused to Mrs Smith.

“I’ll be back soon!” Maureen said and waved to Mrs Smith.


They had gone to school without a bodyguard as Scott had said and it felt good.

She, John and Alexa had gisted all through the journey.

She walked into the kitchen and went to assist Mrs Smith.

She saw her arranging the grocery basket as if she was getting prepared to go out.

“You’re going somewhere?” She asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

“Uhm, yep. I have to get some strawberries and some ketchup too.”

“Let’s go together!” She said and linked arms with the old woman.

Mrs Smith just chuckled and picked up the basket as they both trodded out of the kitchen.

John followed them out in the white Ferrari as they all gisted all the way.



Scott was getting prepared to leave the office.

It was some minutes past three and he had felt that urge to go home.

He rushed out and closed the door.

He ran back in b’cos he forgot his jacket.

He took it and on his way out bumped into Rodney.

“Hey, what’s up?” He asked getting ready to sir.

He just nodded.

Scott hates that nodding thing.

He sees it as an attribute of snubbing.

“Uhm, I got you this yoghurt!” He said and stretched forth his hand to give him the bottle of yoghurt.

“Well-” Scott said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Just take it. Consider it a gift!” He jibed and slipped it into his hands.

“Okay, thanks. Bye!” He said and ran out while Rodney smirked evilly.

Scott threw the bottle to the passenger seat and started the car.

He started driving for about an hour when he suddenly remembered that Maureen didn’t have a phone. He drove towards the Phone Villa and ordered for a Samsung Galaxy product. He bought it and paid his money while the attendant kept blushing and winking at him. He got into the car and ignited the engine. It roared back to life. He remembered the yoghurt and grabbed the bottle and opened the lid with his left hand. He took it up to his mouth when …




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