His daughter’s nanny Episode 7 & 8

🦋 His
🌸 Daughter’s
🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
💋 Episode7️⃣💋
{ The appointed b©dyguard.}
“So, Andrew will join Maureen and John whenever Alexa is going to school!” Scott said as he points to Andrew
They had all gathered at the mini living room that was facing the pool.
It had a glas-s wall so that you could see the pool’s texture from inside.
“But dad, I don’t even know him!” Alexa said angry at the fact that her dad could just jive her safety and security to a guy he ba-rely know his background.
“I know him baby, and am sure he’s competent enough to secure you and your nanny!” He said before he could even think if the last p@rt. He had almost want his daughter’s nanny secured even more than his daughter’s. He shouldn’t think like that.
Alexa scoffed and marched out angrily.
He glanced at Maureen and noticed fear in eyes obviously scared if she’s gonna be next to be sh0t.
“So John, give him the rules and guides concerning Alexa’s maintenance and security, okay?” He said and faced Andrew
“plea-se, keep my daughter safe!”
“I promise wholeheartedly sir!” He answered and made a salute sign in a way that his first two f!ngersare crossed his forehead.
“You can all disperse!”
He ruffled his hair and brou-ght out his phone. He re-ad the message again.
Who could be persecuting him?
Why would they want to kill him?
He had many unanswered questions and he felt more than frustrated.
He threw the phone on the couch and yelped out loudly. You would think he was in pain.
“Sir, are you okay?” He heard the sweetest voice that his ears had ever heard before.
Those voice could bring the dead back alive.
He looked up and their eyes locked. It was so for about 60seconds.
“Sir??” She called again.
“Yeah, you called me!” He said still gobmascked at the beauty before him.
“Yeah, I asked if you were okay!” She said and tilted her head sideways.
He liked the way her hair flew from one side to another.
“Nothing, thanks!” He said and left not without raising a brow.
He went into his daughter’s room.
He didn’t bother knocking and just walked in.
He heard muffled cries and his heart stiffened at the sight of his daughter, crying.
He rushed to her and hvgged her pas-sionately. A tear slide from his eyes also. Her tears was his weakness.
He held her up and wiped her tears with his index f!nger. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
“Daddy, I don’t want Andrew as my b©dy guard!” She said as she blew her nose into a tissue paper and disposing it properly into her bin.
“Why? He seems so competent enough!” He said as he ru-bbe-d her shoulders soothingly.
“I know, but I don’t want him!” She said and looked into her father’s eyes.
“Hmm! Okay, it’s done! So would you st©p crying and give me a smile!” He said and pu-ll-ed her cheeks and she laughed heartily.
Mrs Smith walked to and fro the kitchen thinking about the new b©dyguard.
He looked so harmful.
He also has this strange dangerous aura about him.
She nee-ds to talk to him about it.
She continued with the Graham Crackers she was ma-king.
Marshall sipped his Velveeta wine 2007 as he puffed out smoke from the pipe.
He had drugged Marcia into signing her own divorce papers. He threatened her to kill her daughter if she should escape there.
He had thought that if he get married to his wife, Scott might become useless and more miserable. But his thoughts were wrong as his wealth increa-sed the moment he took his wife.
And now he’s the No 1 youngest billionaire.
He couldn’t bring himself to accept the fact that Scott is now richer than him. He nee-d to bring him down.
He’s next ally and prey now is his new daughter.
Rodney had told them how close he was with her.
Now, he had s£nt Andrew to get closer to both his daughter and her stupid nanny.
He grinned mischievously as she sipped his wine.
💋 Episode8️⃣💋
{The reverence }
Maureen yawned as she opened her eyes. She ru-bbe-d it so ha-rd that tears welled up in it and it turned red.
She had sle-pt late after Mrs Smith had told her to be careful around Andrew that he seems dangerous.
She had instantly bec@m£ afraid. She was scared that the person Scott had entrusted his daughter’s life to was gonna harm them.
But Mrs Smith might be wrong.
She might just have a thought, probably a bad one about him.
He look so calm to be harmful.
He looked like he could endanger his life for them.
She shrugged it and knelt beside her be-d. She prayed fervently to God. She wanted to know if he was harmful truly.
Yeah, since she was small, she had learn to pray always and that had helped her sight. She could see what others don’t see.
She prayed for a reverence. She wanted to be sure if he’s dangerous or not.
She wore her sli-ppers and unclad herself.
She tied a red towel and went into the bathroom.
Today was Monday and she had to accompany Alexa as well as Andrew.
Her b©dy shook at the thought of him.
She brushed her teeth and emptied her bladder. She say still on the modern cistern and thought about Mrs Smith words.
She showered quic-k and dressed up in a short flayed go-wn that st©pped a little above her knees.
She packed her hair in a ponytail and walked out to walk Alexa.
When she got the girl’s room, Alexa was awake alre-ady and guess what?
She was praying.
Maureen smiled inwardly at her success in teaching and leading the girl in the right path.
“You’re up.” She said obviously as a question and thereby disrupting her prayers.
“Shh!” She said and placed her index f!nger on herl-ips and continued praying.
“Keep it up. I’ll just get your uniform and your bag!” She said and walked towards the wardrobe. Alexa finished praying and walked to the bathroom.
She st©pped abruptly and Maureen glanced at her.
“Maureen, don’t you think Andrew looks like an imposter?” She asked as she tilted her head.
“I don’t think so. Why do you think so?” Maureen asked also with the girl’s uniform on her left arm.
“I don’t know. He just look like a spy!” She said and shrugged, then she lifted one eyebrow and went into the bathroom.
She’s getting used to it too.
Maureen went to her bag and transferred the books from Friday bag to Monday’s own.
She waited patiently for Alexa and when she heard the shower st©pped she stood up from the couch in the room.
She applied the b©dy cream on the girl’s b©dy and applied the facial cream on her face, gently.
She dressed her up and pack her long hair with a gold hair tie.
She wore her her wristwatch and helped her knot her tie.
“Let’s get going, Barbie!” Maureen joked.
“Don’t call me that Maureen. Pumpkin would have been better!” She corrected and opened the door thereby walking down the pas-sage with Maureen trailing behind her.
As soon as they dropped Alexa in school, the car bec@m£ dead silent. No one spoke a word.
Maureen glinted her eyes as she stared at Andrew from the mirror.
She saw him with a gun about to shoot Alexa but Scott guided his daughter and he got sh0t instead.
She screamed out as she saw the sight of Scott lying lifeless on the floor.
Both John and Andrew stared at her. And she muttered a sorry.
That was the reverence.
Her eyes met with Andrew’s and her entire b©dy system shook vigorously. He glared at her so ha-rd that she almost peed in her p@n-ties.
She swallowed ha-rd into nothing and could wait to get home to narrate all to Mrs Smith.
Maureen don enter yawa oo