Is daughter’s nanny Episode 11 & 12

🦋 His
🌸 Daughter’s
🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
{The car malfunctioning}
Scott lifted it up to his mouth when a woman suddenly hit him. The bottle fell and the content spilled on the reception floor.
“Aigoo! Am sorry. Sincerely sorry. I can get you another one. Am sorry sir.” She said rushing her words. She had a thick Ko-rean accent that sounds good.
“No problem. You can leave it.” He replied when he saw the woman trying to search her purse probably for money.
She looked up and her eyes met with Scott’s.
She recognized him instantly as the youngest billionaire of Las Veg@s.
She bowed again as she noticed he was looking at her suspiciously.
He couldn’t just like anyone nowadays. Everyone is plotting evil against him.
“No problem. I’ll leave now!” He said again and walked out.
“Why was she looking that way?” He asked himself when he got into the car.
He drove at full speed and sang along with Bruno Mars’ song that was booming out of his car stereo.
Maureen and Mrs Smith walked throu-gh the columns of foodstuffs that were arranged orderly. Their arms was linked like a mother trying to walk her daughter down the wedding aisle.
They laughed heartily at the advertisement that was being displa-yed on the big screen in the mall.
It was so funny and they continued pushing the trolley.
They finished what they wanted to buy and walked out. They had initially wanted to get some strawberries and ketchup but they had gotten other things too.
It felt great to be there.
They planned to br@nch at Alexa’s school and get her.
They got into the car and drove out of the parking lot.
They had just gone for some minutes when the car suddenly developed a fault. It st©pped abruptly between the road.
John got down and opened the bonnet.
Maureen and Mrs Smith alighted also.
He checked the radiator and noticed that the water had been dried up.
How come?
He still filled it on their way coming.
He checked it again and it was completely dried out and also extremely h0t.
“What’s wrong John?” Mrs Smith asked when she noticed the puzzled face he wore.
“Hm, nothing much just that the radiator is dried up.” He said as she scrunched his nose
Maureen just stared t them completely lost about the car stuffs they were discussing.
“But I thought you filled it up when we were about coming.” Mrs Smith asked also confused.
“Yes, that’s the puzzle there. It’s so confusing. I don’t really get it!” He said and went back into the car to get a bottle of water.
“Well, maybe it’s just the humid atmosphere.” She answered
He poured the water into the radiator and made sure it was filled up.
They got into the car and he ignited it. It roared back to life.
They continued gisting and they laughed at different issues.
“Yay! Am so happy.” Olivia said as she giggled.
Alexa just rolled her eyes.
They were coming from the principal’s office.
They had been chos£n for an inter school competition.
They were the best in their clas-s.
“I know. It’s just so unlucky that your birthday was before mine!” Alexa replied
She was unhappy that Olive had to be older than her with two months.
Hers was in July while Olive’s is May.
She sighted her driver from afar and waved at them.
“I think I’ll leave before you today!” She said and hurried off while Olivia just waved and smiled.
She got to her driver and st©pped.
“Why did you bring this Ferrari?” She asked and got into the car.
“Well, just feel like!” Mrs Smith answered
She hadn’t noticed the woman earlier.
“You’re here also?” She said and dra-pped her seat belt.
“Yep!” The woman replied and they set off.
Rodney smiled as he drank his beer.
He had added chloride sulphate in the yoghurt. That was the most effective liquid poison. It kills within one hour.
He laughed at the fact that Scott might be dead the next morning. Then he’ll kill Marshall too and take Marcia to himself.
He laughed again and drank the beer.
💋 Episode1️⃣2️⃣💋
Scott arrived home and he saluted the gatekeeper.
He drove into the compound and saw that his daughter’s car was in the parking lot.
He smiled at the fact that his daughter is back from school.
He parked his car well and got down from the car. He took his briefcase, his jacket and the package. Then, he marched into the building.
“Hello!” He said hoping for anyone’s reply but none c@m£.
“Anyone in?” He said again and went to the kitchen. It was empty.
He tilted his head and he thought about the libr@ry.
“But Mrs Smith don’t like re-ading.” He said as he climbe-d the fleets of stairs skipping one step over the other.
He got to the ally and pas-sed throu-gh the doors. He got to the libr@ry finally and he twisted the knob.
“Gboa!” He shouted waiting for Alexa’s startled voice but none c@m£.
“They are not here also!” He said and obviously he was getting scared.
He checked their various room and it was empty also.
What’s happening?
He rushed out to ask the gatekeeper when a car drove in recklessly. It was his white Ferrari.
John rushed down from it not even minding to park.
Scott ran towards then and the sight he saw before him was shocking.
Maureen had been sh0t at her right arm.
She had lost so many blood that she looked dead
She was still conscious but her breathing had started hitching.
Scott carried her from the backseat and took her to his car
Alexa and Mrs Smith followed them also.
Alexa was crying seriously and her eyes were red.
He drove them out to the hospital and he kept trying to keep his tears.
He was so soft hearted.
They arrived at the hospital and he didn’t even wait for the stretcher. He carried her into his arms and ran into the hospital..
The doctors c@m£ rushing and took her. He followed them.
“Mr Mandy, you have to stay here. You can’t go any further. plea-se sign some do¢v-ments at the reception!” One of the doctors said and joined the others in the theater room.
He sat on one of the chairs at the lobby and buried his head in his palms.
He sobbe-d silently for some minor. He don’t know why but it felt as though he was the one sh0t. He felt so bad at the fact that she got sh0t because of him.
He stood up after some time and went to check on Alexa and Mrs Smith in the reception. He got there and met Alexa slee-ping on Mrs Smith l@ps.
She had cried so much that her face turned pink.
He tapped Mrs Smith shoulders and sat beside her.
“How is she?” Mrs Smith asked
“Still in the theater room!” He said feeling downcast.
He felt so bad and he didn’t know why.
The doctors c@m£ out later and called him to his office.
They got to the office and Scott grew more impatient.
“Congratulations sir, the bullet didn’t go de-ep into her arms and also that lady is a great fighter.” He said and stretch out his hand for an handshake.
Scott took it and smiled.
He felt so happy that he could fall from a skyscr@p£r now.
He rushed out of the doctor’s office but had to rush back again.
“Sir, where’s she now? He asked.
“Yeah, she’s in the ICU 4 and she might feel hungry when she awaken”. He said and took a file on his table.
Scott ran out this time and searched for the ICU 4
He wanted to see her first before others.
He got into the room and there she was lying down. She wasn’t slee-ping.
She smiled as she saw his figure.
He smiled back and sat beside her.
He patted her hair and put the strands of hair on her face behind her ear.
“Are you okay now?” He asked as he continued patting her hair.
“Yeah, I feel fine and I’m so hungry. I feel I can eat the whole building”.
“Yep, the doctor made mention of that.” He said and stared into her eyes.
Their eyes locked again and all that was on her mind was him and vice versa too.
Scott moved closer to her and hisl-ips entwined with her. The k!sswas slow and pas-sionate.
Maureen reciprocated the k!ssbut was scared if she knew how well to do it.
Scott’s ton-gue found way into her mouth and it tasted like blueberries.
They k!$$£d for a long time before they st©pped it catching their breathes.
“Am sorry!” Scott said and stood up. Maureen just nodded and kept her face down in shame. A awkward silence enveloped between them.
“I’ll get you some soup now!” With that he rushed out.
Maureen just smiled.
She just had her first k!sswith Scott as in Scott Mandy.
She giggled as she jingled her arms.
“Ouch!” She whimpered and t©uçhed her aching arm.
She looked around the room and relaxed.
Mrs Smith and Alexa c@m£ in also.
“Maureen, how are you now?” Alexa said and ran towards her.
Mrs Smith just smiled at her
She also smiled at Alexa and held the girl’s hand to soothe her anxious mind.
They say together on the be-d waiting for Scott.
Marshall smiled at the fact that the bullet that had been used was a poisoned one.
He laughed hysterically and puffed out ba-lls of smoke from his mouth.
Maureen is out of the way now…
“So that’s all about her work. Take the kid to school and go get her also!”
“Then get re-ady to carry out the job next week b’cos I heard she was hospitalized today. You can leave!” Mrs Sandra said and walked into her room
Maureen, you can’t escape from my wrath.
Your mother took my first love and all of you will pay for it.
Mrs Sandra issokay nah.
Maureen keep it up, continue k!ss!ngyour boss sogbo