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June 18, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 53 & 54

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

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Episode 53

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋

Location: Smith’s Mansion



🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️

“ So this is the house of the famous, handsome actor? Not bad, not bad at all ”

I complimented, checking out the interior decorations and designs of his building as we both walked into the sitting room.

The house is actually really beautiful.

Smiling “ Yeah, this is where I live now, I would say a massive upgrade from where I used to live before but it’s nothing compared to the glass house, I would go bankrupt if I make an attempt to buy just half of that building ”

He said and I chuckled.

It sounded funny but it’s the truth, my father spent a fortune in that building, it’s one of the most expansive buildings in the world.

” Well not everyone can live in glass ”

I said jokingly, and he smiled

“ Very true, let me get the glass queen her drink then ” He said making me giggle slightly.

Glass Queen? Should I take that as a compliment or insult?

“ So tell me what would you like to have, Champagne? or red wine? ”

He asked walking to the cellar.

“ Champagne please ”

I said and took my seat on the soft, black


Minutes later.

“ Thank you ”

I cooed as Smith half filled my glass cup.

“ you welcome ”

He said letting a charming smile then he sat beside me on the sofa, filling his glass cup halfway too.

I am really trilled and happy that I am here right with Smith, I love him so much but yet my mind was still distracted, I was still thinking about what was going on at home.

You know, the Min-seo situation.

Was I too harsh on her when I told her to leave the house?…

“ Hey, what’s wrong? ”

Smith asked with a concern face, he most have seen I was troubled about something.

” It’s nothing… actually, it’s one of my friend_ one of my closest friends. ”

I said.

“ Okay.. what about her? ”

He asked.

“ She did something really stupid and pure evil, like she tried harming someone because of love_ or should I say obsession. ”

I said.

“ Evil?..Love?..Obsession?

I don’t get. ”

Smith said looking really lost.

I sighed weakly.

“ The thing is, she likes my brother_ ”

“ Oh the sëx god ”

He interrupted with a silly smile.

“ Don’t call him that, he is my younger brother and he isn’t any sëx god or shīt ” I said, I really don’t

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like that nickname.

“ Sorry, please continue ” He said laughing slightly.

I rolled my eyes at him.

“ So..as I was saying my friend likes, love or is obsessed with my brother, I really don’t know which. All I know is that the two have been sexually involved for some time now

but recently Lee Chun isn’t giving her any more attention and clearly my friend doesn’t like that.

But instead of ironing things out with Lee or just moving on, she took her frustration on a poor, innocent girl staying with us.

Can you believe she pushed the poor girl down the stairs with deadly intent.. ”

“ Oh my!

Why will she do that? ” Smith asked.

I continued “ I don’t know, she seemed to claim the girl is the reason why Lee Chun is no longer giving her his attention which is not true.

I tried warning her the first day that Lee Chun isn’t someone you should get close to especially if you are a girl, he really doesn’t value any girl he just wants to sleep with them and once he is tired of you he gets a new one.

That’s have always been his way, he is my younger brother and I love him so much but I will never wish even my enemy that is a female to have anything to do with him.

I tried warning her but she won’t listen now she took her frustrating on a poor girl that doesn’t even like Lee Chun, the only reason she is staying with us is because my stupid brother nearly killed her with his vehicle. ”

“ That’s sad..how is the girl she pushed down the stairs? Hope she is good? ”

He inquired.

“ Luckily she didn’t sustain any wounds from the fall but when I watched the footage from the CCTV, it was terrifying, thinking about it now is making me have goose bumps all over because the force at which she pushed her down the stairs was just too much.

She didn’t even feel any remorse afterwards. She is my friend and I love her but what she did.. I don’t think I can ever forgive her for what she did to that poor girl.

I told her to leave the house before I return but now I am wondering if that means we are no longer friends? Have I ended our relationship? ”

I said feeling pained and confused.

Smith let out a sigh “ I know this most be really hard on you. Trying to seek justice for the victim but yet still trying to consider relationship bonds with your friend.

It’s never easy to punish the one you love..but I think you did the right thing by sending her out, if she truly is your friend she will know you didn’t do that out of hate but because that’s the prize she deserves for the terrible thing she did, I don’t think that should destroy you guys friendship if she is a good person and value your friendship the way you do ”

He said.

” I hope so ”

I muttered, having a sad face.

He smiled then placed his hand round my shoulder, drawing me closer to himself – my head resting on his chest.

“ Hey, you know I don’t like seeing you sad. How can I make you happy? ”

He said and I raised my head up.

“ I am sure you will think of something ”

I said and he smiled, laughing slightly.

“ I think I have just thought of something ”

He said in a naughty tone.

“ And what’s that? ” I asked.

” Why don’t I show you ”

He said with aching eyebrows.. before he planted a wet kiss on my lips.

Immediately our lips came into contact I felt that sweet rush of waves flow into me and I close my eyes to enjoy the feeling..but my eyes soon open up as he pulled out from the kiss.

I didn’t like that he stopped one bit and I am sure he noticed this as he smiled.

“ Lay down, let me give you a massage ” He said softly and I love the sound of that.

“ Okay ”

I replied then dropped the glass cup on the table and removed my shoes before I lay belly flat on the sofa.

“ What a lovely shape you have, beautiful curves and a perfect aṣṣ.. ” He kept saying some naughty stuff as he unzipped my gown from the back, revealing my bare back to him.

His words were making me blush…

He started massaging my neck and back.

“ Ahh…that feels good! ” I heaved, closing my eyes.

He kept massaging my neck and back, then he forced on my back alone…later his hands went further downwards to my aṣṣ – still in the cover of my gown.

He send his hands around it softly.. before he gave it a rough handle – pressing and squeezing it hard.

“ Ahh ”

I moaned out.

“ I love your aṣṣ my pretty flower, it’s so soft ” He cooed as he kept squeezing and pressing it at will.

He was using it as a play thing really and I am not complaining as I was enjoying the feeling so I kept paying his effort with soft moans.

“ Ahh..Ahh…Ahh ”

He kept himself busy squeezing my aṣṣ and he also started romance my thighs as well and soon after my puṣṣy began inching me – it was having that sweet tingling sensation.

It was wet already.

“ Your body is driving me crazy pretty flower, oh my! Never have I feel a aṣṣ this soft before.

I want to eat and fuçk it ”

He said and his naughty talks were driving me extremely crazy.

“ Ahhh ”

I found myself moaning loudly.

Then I felt his whole weight on my body, he fell on top of me from behind. and I could feel his massive boner.

His hard member pressing inbetween my bütt cheeks. It felt great! Really great!

He started kissing the back of my neck tenderly up to my ears and down my jaws, sending tingling feelings of sexual passion through out my nerves.

His hands were on my thighs romancing it all the while, then he got up from me and pull my gown up my waist, revealing my aṣṣ.

I was putting on g-string so my full aṣṣ was visible to him.

He ran his hands all over my bare aṣṣ and one of his hands went the other side to the front – my puṣṣy region.

While still squeezing my aṣṣ the other hand slide into my pants, rubbing and playing with my clitøris.

Oh God!

That feels really great!

After playing with my puṣṣy entrance for some lengthy seconds he slide in two fingers into my honey pot

“ Ahhhh ”

I gave a loud moan..but then I gasped when he insert another finger into my aṣṣ hole

He kept the finger stationary inside my aṣṣ hole while the other two fingers kept tormenting my puṣṣy.

He was fingering me fast.

Oh God!

The sweet pleasure was killing.

I shoot my aṣṣ out to give him easily access….

He started slowly fingering my aṣṣ hole aswell while still fingering my puṣṣy fast.

“ Damn! Your aṣṣ is really tight, give me permission to eat it up my pretty flower ”

He said….



Episode 54


Location: Smith’s Mansion 🏛️

🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️

Oh God!

The tingling sensation in my honey pot was too much as he fingered me from both holes.

I could feel my orgasms building up

“..give me permission to eat your aṣṣ my pretty flower ”

Smith words drove me nuts.

And he didn’t even wait for any permission before he buried his face into my aṣṣ, using his tongue to click the juice coming from my puṣṣy while still fingering both my puṣṣy and aṣṣ hole

Damn! It felt so great

I felt like fainting

“ Oh fuçk!..” I moaned out

He kept at it – fingering my holes while licking the juice on my puṣṣy entrance clean with his tongue…. before he removed the fingers in my puṣṣy, replacing it with his tongue but he still had his finger inside my aṣṣ hole.

Oh füçk!

The feeling was killing

He really knows how to use his tongue as, he eat my puṣṣy up and I cummed into his mouth.

And the moment I had an orgasm I became so weak but he didn’t stop he kept eating my puṣṣy up.

Sucking as much of my puṣṣy juice he could.

Oh gosh!

My puṣṣy was tingling me really bad!

I needed something to quench this feeling, something hard, I needed his dick!

“ Please füçk me, please.. ” I pleaded but he ignored my plea and kept on eating my puṣṣy up


The feeling was unreal

Pure pleasure!

After awhile eating my puṣṣy he moved his mouth to my aṣṣ and started feasting on my aṣṣ hole.

Licking my aṣṣ clean with his tongue and as he did that his fingers returned to my puṣṣy and resumed fingering it.

I could feel my orgasms building up again and he hasn’t even started fuçking me yet…

After awhile he stopped that and I felt something hard and big placed in between my aṣṣ, it was his diçk


It was really hard…

He started moving his diçk up and down inbetween my aṣṣ and I released a moan because of that

“ Ahhh ”

And then he inserted his diçk straight into my puṣṣy and began screwing me hard…

[ Fast forward to the end. You won’t kill me 🤣🤣🤣 ]

Location; Lee’s Mansion 🏛️ ( Glass house )

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

“ Hahaha…. ”

Ji-a was laughing hard at something funny I said – her mouth wide open like she wanted to swallow a cow but still she looked really beautiful.

I couldn’t help but stare at her.

I was intentionally saying funny stuff so she could laugh more, I am really enjoying watching and hearing her laugh.

“ You really did that? Like you made cops drink your pee??? ”

She said in disbelief whilst still laughing.

I chuckled alittle “ Yeah, I actually did. It was crazy really ”

I said.

“ Oh my! so tell me how it happened, tell me! tell me! tell me! ” She said with eager eyes.

“ Eishhh

I never knew you like story this much, I ain’t saying ” I said teasing her.

“ What! ” She exclaimed in a frown.

“ You have to tell me unless…unless I will beat you up with this ” She threatened, raising up a pillow at my face.

“ Huh? Really? you are really threatening me on my own story and my own mouth?

Alright then beat me up as you like but I ain’t saying anything and when you done beating me black and blue be ready to take me to the hospital and you would back me like I did you ”

I said arms folded still teasing her and her frown face turned into a sad defeated face.

“ Okay, I am sorry. I won’t beat you up again, but please tell me what happened, I am really curious to know, tell me pleasesssss ” She said with her lips pouted out and I felt like kissing it.

“ Okay, I will tell you ”

I said and smiled as her face brightened up.

“ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ”

She said with a clap of the hands.and balanced her bütt well on the soft bed to hear my gist.

“ Okay so one certain day, a night. I and Byung-ho were returning back from the club and both of us were dead drunk.

We ought not to drive in that our state cus we were completely wasted but I guess but of us weren’t thinking straight then or should I say Byung-ho wasn’t thinking straight course he is usually the safe and reasonable one, he is always the one to remind me not to drive when drunk, he is even against me driving when I am not drunk but have recently consumed some alcohol

However that day their were no such reminder nor warning from Byung-ho and we both jumped into the vehicle and drove off like two mad men, I was the one driving and whilst driving I was still drinking down alcohol same as Byung-ho

honestly I don’t know how I drove that night and how I didn’t end up getting involved in an accident of some sort course I was practicing sleeping on the wheels.

However as I drove I became really pressed, like I needed to pee really bad but there were no toilets around or I didn’t even bother checking for any public restroom.

So I just stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road and brought out my dïck_ ” I was interrupted by Ji-a screems

“ Ahhh…why are you using the D word ” She said laughing slightly.

“ Oh, sorry. Should I stop the story then? ”

“ No please continue, what happened? ” She said with keen interest and I rolled my eyes

“ Well I brought out the thing I shouldn’t mention ” I said and she giggled

“ then I released my liquid contains into one of the half emptied bottles of beer, I didn’t care to dispose of it, I just kept it among the many bottles in the vehicle and with that I continued my journey home.

Along the way though we ran passed a red light and of course it didn’t take long before our vehicle was flagged down by cops in their vehicle.

However when they saw I was the one driving they knew they couldn’t arrest me, my dad practically owns the police, he donates a large sum of money to the force every year and without that funds the police force wouldn’t be the same.

So the cops had no choice than to let us go but before we left one of them asked me if he could have a drink of what we were having and I just simply nodded, I was too wasted even to reply him.

It was the cop himself that reached for the beer and unfortunately for him, the bottle he picked was the one I had peed in.

I could have warned him, I think I tried to but only gibberish words came out of my mouth as I was dead drunk, so I just watched as the cop gulped down my pee mixed with beer…”

“ Yuck! That would have tasted really horrible. Yuck!..”

Ji-a stated, squeezing her face in disgust and I just smiled.

“ Funny enough the cop liked it, he didn’t notice he was actually drinking pee, he kept saying this particular beer tasted refreshingly different, like it had a special ingredient added to it, his fellow officers also took sip from the bottle and they all kept saying the same thing that the beer tasted great.

What type of flavor is this? They kept asking, wanting to know and I just smiled. “ A very special kind ” I said before driving off and that’s the story of how I got cops to drink my pee ” I said concluding and she laughed.

“ You are really nasty, how can you let them drink your pee! ”

She said hitting a pillow on my head after she had finished laughing.

“ Technically, they drank it themselves ” I stated.

” I can’t even imagine how that would taste like ” She said.

“ Well you can never know until you try it out yourself, maybe you would find it refreshing like the cops did ” I joked and got a pillow slap on the face.

“ You crazy. Find what refreshing? Your pee?? ” She said frowning and I giggled.

“ But those cops are really dumb ” she said and we both burst out laughing – it was a hard and uncontrollable laughter… which made her fell into my arms.

And it was like if someone pressed the pause button on us as we both stopped laughing abruptly and just kept staring at each other’s eyes.

My heart beat slowed down as she was in my arms, it felt great having her soft skin rub on my flesh and in her beautiful eyes I could see something of a sparkle as she stared into my eyes.

Her round, sweet lips were ever so inviting and I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

I needed just one, just one taste of the lips…so I lowered my face to her and watched as she gulped down her saliva…

And then our lips touched….



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