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June 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 51 & 52

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He’s A Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 51

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



Location: Lee’s Mansion 🏛️

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh my!

So it was actually Min-seo that pushed me down the stairs!

What ever have I done to her?

To think she was even accusing me of making this up.

She wanted all the servants and workers to think I was trying to blame them for my own mistake.

She wanted them to dislike me. Why?

Why will she do all these? Why will she push me down the stairs? I could have died.

Is she doing all this because of Lee Chun? Because she likes Lee Chun and their crazy sëx adventures?

I really don’t care the reasons for her doing what she did, there is really no reason good enough to justify what she did to me.

I am really shocked, everyone in the room are shocked. I know she is becoming a psycho because of her obsession with Lee Chun but I never knew it had gotten to this extent.

Extent to want to harm me, but thank God her plans didn’t work, I wasn’t hurt and most of all she has been caught.

And it looks like she is in a lot of trouble, Lee Chun is really mad and I fear

he might do something terrible to her.

“ I will make you suffer ”

Lee Chun said to her in a deadly look.

“ P..please I didn’t mean to.. I didn’t mean to hurt her I..I did it for love, I did it because I love you ”

She said in a shaky voice as Lee Chun marched towards her


“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

Oh my!

Lee Chun just slapped Min-seo so hard she fell to the floor, playing both hands on her left cheek, and the sound from the slap echoed loudly through out the glass house.

I know I can slap but damn! My slaps can’t be compared to that of Lee Chun’s.

I would really hate to be Min-seo right now, that shït would hurt like hell! but I won’t say she doesn’t deserve it.

What she did to me is really evil, I mean could have died from the fall.

Well I think she has learnt her lesson and won’t be doing anything like this ever again.

However it seems Lee Chun isn’t done in teaching her a lesson despite Min-seo already in tears.

“ Get up! ”

Lee Chun screamed in her face then forcefully lift her up

“ I am not done with you ” He said then started dragging

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her to the direction of the stairs.

“ Please let me go, I am sorry ”

She pleaded in tears but Lee Chun paid deaf ears to her plea.

He was still visibly angry, and he dragged her up the stairs.

” Please let me go, please, what do you want to do to

me ”

Min-seo kept pleading and also trying to free herself from Lee Chun’s grip but he was too strong for her.

“ Please let me go… what do you want to do to me, please let me go I am sorry ” She kept pleading.

Lee Chun then stopped walking but still held her arm firmly“ You want to know what I plan doing to you right?.. I will tell you ” he stated now glaring into her eyes

“ You pushed Ji-a down the stairs right? I want to do same to you but not the stairs. I will threw you down from the roof of the building ”


Did I just hear him right?

Did he just say he wants to throw her down from the roof of the building? She would die for certain if he does that. I don’t want her dead…

Min-seo became really frightened by what Lee Chun said as his face wasn’t giving any impression that he was bluffing, he really meant what he said.

“ Lee Chun what are you saying? You can’t do that, you can’t push her down the roof she will die ”

Byung-ho said, thank God someone thoughts is align with mine.

He can’t possibly do that, however Lee Chun was still insisting.

“ I will, it’s what she deserves ”

He said and he’s elder sister Mia had to step in.

“ Your friend is right Lee, I agree that what Min-seo did to Ji-a is really terrible and evil, she deserves to be punished for what she has done, but what you are about to do now is unthinkable.

You can’t throw her down the roof, you don’t want to go to jail for murder do you? ”

She said and I am sure Lee Chun would listen to her.

“ She won’t die, evil people like her don’t die easily. I don’t want her dead, I just want both of her legs damaged but if she dies so be it, I will turn myself personally to the cops for murder ”

He said then started dragging her up the stairs.

“ Lee Chun! ”

We all called out, even I did but he wouldn’t stop.

He was moving like someone possessed and Min-seo kept crying.

I can’t let Lee Chun throw her down the roof, I don’t want her dead and most importantly I don’t want Lee Chun spending the rest of his life in jail.

Never, I can’t let that happen.

So I stood up from my wheelchair and ran to meet him…well I could only manage a few steps before I fell to the ground

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

I screamed out in pain as I fell on my face and tummy.

Immediately Lee Chun heard my screams he turned around.

“ Ji-a ” he called.

And I didn’t know if he jumped, fly or disappeared, but all I know was that he was the first to get to me even though he was the farthest away from me.

Crouching down ” Ji-a ”

He called tenderly, gently raising me up.

I was still feeling pains but in his arms my mind wasn’t even thinking about the pains anymore.

I was just staring at his beautiful face and pretty eyes.

“ Please don’t throw her from the roof.. I don’t want you to get locked up in jail… I don’t want to stay away from you ”

I said but I really didn’t know when I said that.

He smiled softly “ Alright I won’t, I will never leave you ”

He said then lift me off the ground and up in his arms.

He carried me the way a groom would carry his bride and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“ I am sorry, I will take you to your room now ”

He said but I didn’t say anything in return, I was just staring at his face.

While in his arms he carried me up the stairs passing Min-seo who sat crying in the middle of the stairs….

“ Min-seo, you have crossed the line, I am so ashamed of you. You can’t stay here anymore when I get back from work I don’t want to see you anywhere near this building ”

I heard Mia say to Min-seo before Mia left the glass house heading for work..

“ Are you feeling pains? ”

Lee Chun asked as he walked and once again he had my full attention.

” Yes, alittle bit ”

“ I am sorry, where? ”

He said.

“ My tummy ”

I replied and I didn’t even know we had gotten to the door of my room.

He opened the door, he didn’t even bother to close it back, he just carried me to the bed, gently he laid me down on it.

He then sat down next to me on the edge of the bed just staring at me and my heart started beating fast once more

I also felt that butterfly feelings full my entire stomach, it mixed with the pains I was feeling in my stomach producing a weird sweet pain feeling.

“ Arrgg ” I groaned

“ Sorry ” He quickly apologized

” Your tummy still hurts? ” he asked and I nodded feeling kinda embarrassed to tell him I kinda like the pains I am feeling now.

He stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

What does he want to do in the bathroom? Maybe he wants to have a pee.


Thinking about that just made me picture how his joystick would look like and the butterflies in my tummy danced even more.

Shortly after Lee Chun came out from the bathroom holding a plastic bottle and towel in his hands.

What does he want to do with that?

Sitting back on the same spot he sat before, he stared into my eyes and started speaking.

“ Will you allow me take away the pains? ”

He said in a sweet soft voice, I felt my stomach shrunk out of excitement.

I didn’t know why I was excited, I don’t even know what he meant by ” take the pain away ” but those words got me feeling all excited.

“ Am I allowed to? ”

He asked again and I just realized I haven’t even given him an answer yet.

But how is he planning on taking away the pains? I didn’t bother asking

“ Yes ” I said and he smiled softly

Why is he smiling? What is he planning on doing?

I felt my heart beating really fast, and when I felt his hand on my tummy lifting my top up I winched.

“ What you doing? ”

” Relax ” He hushed and I remained quiet

“ I just want to check up on your tummy, and I apply some oil on the place that hurts okay, it will reduce the pains” He explained himself and I simply nodded

“ Okay, so relax your head on the pillow ”

He instructed and I obeyed and he adjusted my top upwards making my tummy naked.

Applying some oil on my tummy he gently started massaging it and I went crazy from his touch.

Gosh! I can’t explain it but his touch on my tummy sends crazy waves like electricity all over my body.

” Ahh..Argg ”

I moaned and groaned

He stopped “ Is it hurting? ”

He asked.

Hurting what? Hurting fire! It is fücking amazing!

I have never felt anything like this.

” No ”

“ Okay tell me when it hurts ”

He said then continue rubbing and massaging my tummy.

The crazy electric feeling took over me again and I suddenly felt a great urge to pee.

And I found myself moaning and groaning again even though I didn’t want to as it was quite embarrassing

” Ahh…Arggg…Ahhh ”

“ Is it hurting? Should I stop? ”

He asked and I shook my head

I am totally enjoying this!



Episode 52


😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

I wanted to make Min-seo suffer, I really wanted to make her suffer for what she did it Ji-a.

Yeah, I was ready to throw her off the roof.

Thinking about it now, that was actually a stupid plan, what was I thinking? I guess I wasn’t thinking.

And in her attempt to stop me from doing something crazy, Ji-a ended up hurting herself, as she fell on the hard floor.

I blamed myself for that, I blamed myself for coursing Ji-a further pains, I only wanted to make Min-seo suffer, now my irrational thinking had affected Ji-a.

I needed to make her feel better, so I took her to her room, laying her down on the bed, I massaged her tummy with fine oil.

This should help reduce the pains…but it seems it was adding to her pains, as she kept groaning and moaning as I massaged her belly.

I was worried by that and I kept asking her if I should stop but strangely she kept saying.

“ No ”

“ Don’t stop ”

Initially when I started massaging her belly I had no naughty or dirty intentions and thoughts.

I simply wanted to make her feel better, I just wanted to take the pain away.

But I got to be honest, when she started making those noises – those groans and moans, couple with her facial expressions…

My sexual hormones started building up.. like I was getting horny – intense one.

My eyes rover over her pretty, sexy body, from her beautiful face…further lower to her chest, were her two delicious looking bøøbs formed two perfectly shaped circle in her cloth.

My eyes drifted further downwards to her sex slim tummy and then to her smooth, fresh looking laps and thigh.

I couldn’t see further than that, but I would give anything to see what lies under that skirt…

I was still massaging her tummy and she, still moaning and groaning.

At one point she even bit her lower lips slightly with both of her eyes shut closed.

I think she is also enjoying the touch of my hand, she seemed sexually turned on herself.

And that thought alone, knowing she was turned on was making me even more horny than I was before. Like my dïck is doing push up inside my trouser.

There is nothing I would love to do more right now than just… just eat her up raw.

That’s exactly what I want, that’s exactly what I need, she is turned on already, I am sure she wouldn’t resist me if I make a move on her now.

I should just reach inside her skirt, shift her pant one side and have free access.

She will enjoy it, I will be gentle…

“ I think, that’s enough now ”

I said as I removed my hand from her tummy and stood up from the bed.

She gasped, opening her eyes like she just came out from a trance and then she claspt her legs together tightly.

I am so horny for her, but yet I can’t bring myself to touch her.

What’s wrong with me?

I couldn’t pull through with my plans, I wanted her badly but it didn’t feel right, it felt like I was about to take advantage of her.. like I wanted to hurt her or something.

And I would never hurt her, I have promised her I would protect her from any harm even from my own selfish desires.

I stared at her for awhile before walking to the door, wanting to exit the room.

“ Have I done something wrong? Are you upset with me? ”

I heard her sweet, soft voice say coursing me to stop just at the door.

Turning around ” No… No you haven’t done anything, I am not upset with you ”

I said wondering why she would think that.

“ Then why are you leaving? ”

She asked in a weak, sad tone coursing my heart to ache.

“ I..I thought you need to rest ”

I lied and she shook her head.

” No, I will be bored if you leave ”

She said and a smile touched my lips.

“ Then I won’t leave ”

I said then walked back to the bed – staring at her as I walked.

Sitting on the bed, I picked the clean white towel and used it to wipe the oil off her tummy.

” Thank you ”

She said after I was done, and I smiled briefly at her.

“ Does it still hurt? ”

I asked and she shook her head.

“ No, I don’t feel any pains there again, thanks ”

She said sitting up straight, the back of her head and her back resting on the bed head.

We both went silent for some seconds just staring into each other faces.

“ Where you really going to throw Min-seo off the roof? ”

She said breaking the silence and I chuckled slightly.

“ Yeah ”

I said with a slight nod of the head.

“ That would have been a really silly thing to do, you would have gone to jail for that ” She said.

“ Well, I really don’t care, I needed to make her suffer ”

I said.

“ You are really dumb ”

She said and I chuckled.

“ Really? Why so? ” I asked.

“ Course you would have ended up making only yourself and the people you care about suffer in the long run when you get jailed up for live.

Your mom, dad and sisters would be so sad when they can no longer see you ”

She explained.

“ What about you, won’t you be sad? If I am locked up for live? ”

I asked and I noticed she became slightly uncomfortable.

“ I don’t know ”

She said.

“ Really, but I remember you saying downstairs, that you don’t want me to go to jail because you don’t want to stay away from me ”

I said and she was now looking shy.

“ I only said that to make you stop, you were acting like an angry maniac ” She said and I smiled

“ True, I was very angry ” I replied.

“ Why? Why where you so angry? ” She asked.

“ B.. because she hurt you and I like you, I like you a lot ”

I said and I didn’t even realized what I just said not until I saw the surprise look on her face.

“ You like me? ” She muttered with her eyes popping out.

“ Of course I do ”

I said casually hitting her head with a pillow

“ You are my fighting buddy ” I said afterwards and we both started fighting with pillows….

But I lied, she is more than my fighting buddy, my feelings for her are much more deeper than that but I don’t think it’s the right time to tell her yet.

For now let me just enjoy her friendship…..

____________ ⏲️

Location: Lee’s group of companies

Time: Evening 🌓

🛍️ Mia’s POV 🛍️

The work was much today but I didn’t feel like doing anything, lots of unattended files piled up on my desk and in my system lots of unread mails – important mails but I didn’t have the will to open them.

What happened in the mansion today was still in my head, I couldn’t believe Min-seo could do that to a person, let alone a person as sweet and loving as Ji-a.

I have asked her to leave the house, I wonder if she has done so, even though part of me wish she remains in the mansion.

I mean she is my childhood friend and I still like her despite what she did…

I was taking out of my thoughts by the sound of opening door.


Who could possibly be entering into my office without my secretary calling to inform me about it first?

It’s like she is tired of her job, and this person should get ready to receive a hot blast from me.

I am in no mood to work right now…

“ Hello pretty flower ”

That sweet masculine voice came changing my mood completely

My darling Smith!

He is just what I need right now.

It seems my secretary will be keeping her job afterall.

He was looking as handsome as ever in his black fitted suit and what’s that he is holding!

A beautiful bouquet of pink roses!

“ Flowers, for my pretty flower ”

He said handing it over to me.

I took it and bought it close to my nose, the sweet fragrant cooling my very spirit.

“ It smells so nice, thank you ”

I said

“ You are welcome ” He said in a charming smile

“ I am here to take you out ” He said afterwards




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