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June 18, 2021


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He’s a korean sex god Episode 49 & 50

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Episode 49

18+ rated contents

Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss 💋



💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Oh my God!

What’s happening??

Lee Chun is kissing me and I am not doing anything – hitting him or slap him, nothing!

I couldn’t, course it felt something different.

Apart from the fact that my whole cheeks had turned completing red my intestines were also dancing joyously inside my tummy even before his lips keep in contact with my forehead.

Prior to that even, the way he spoke, when he said does things, when he said to me about I being his responsibility from now on.

I could feel and sense the sincerity in his voice, it felt as if it was coming from somewhere deep inside him, not just his lips, it felt it was coming from somewhere far deeper than that like.. like his heart.

And that realization gave me a weird feeling in my heart, a surge of exciting yet scary feelings as my heart was pounding so fast it hurts slightly.

It was an intense feeling, like nothing I have ever felt but overall it felt great!..

His lips stayed on my forehead for some lengthy seconds before he finally withdraw his face away from mine but those few seconds it felt like I wanted to have an heart attack.

My heart

was pounding so hard, I could hear it, and when he stopped kissing on my forehead and staring at me… I felt my eyes blinking uncontrollably, I couldn’t control it, I couldn’t coordinate it, I couldn’t make it stop.

He kept staring at me like he wanted to say something to me but wasn’t really sure yet.

“ Ji-a will you… ” He was saying then paused

“ I will go ask the doctor if it’s okay for me to take you home this morning ”

He then said warmly and I nodded

I couldn’t speak my heart was still racing fast and I have lost control of my eyes movement totally.

It felt embarrassing but he didn’t make any comment on it, making me wonder whether he didn’t notice my strange eyes movement? Of course he did.

“ I will be back okay ”

He said with a soft pat on my hair before he walked out the room – he kept his eyes on me the whole time until he finally closed the door behind him.

“ Ahhh ”

I gasped

Immediately placing my left hand on my chest, my heart region.

It was beating so fast and loud that it’s movement was lifting my palm up and down.

What the

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What kind of feeling is this?

I gave the side of my face a light tap, trying to get control of my blinking eyes just the way someone taps a faulty clock or remote controller for it to start working properly..

After some lengthy seconds I finally regained control of my eyes

muscles and my heart beat slowly gradually started beating normally.

But the weird thing was that I missed it, I missed that strange feeling I got when Lee Chun lips was on my head and when he spoke from the heart.

I missed how fast my heart was beating even though it felt like I was about to have a heart attack.

I don’t know what’s really wrong with me, maybe I am starting to go insane…

I placed my right hand on my forehead, the exact area his kissed me on and a silly smile formed on my face.

His words replacing in my head

“ …from today onwards you are my responsibility… ”

What does he mean by that? I don’t really know but just thinking about those words was making me all excited…

After awhile I heard the door make an opening, Lee Chun is back?

My heart started getting excited again. Instantly my heart was beating fast.

The door opened up wide and someone walked inside…but it wasn’t Lee Chun.

“ Byung-ho! ”

I called out, I was happy to see him but my heart beat didn’t beat loudly anymore it suddenly became calm.

” Ji-a ”

He called softly, then walked to my bed, sitting on the edge of the bed he held my hand

” How are you? I came immediately I heard about what happened to you. I am so sorry… How did this happen? ”

He said looking really concerned…



😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

Walking some minutes in search of the doctor, I finally found him, I then inquired from him if Ji-a is good enough to come home with me.

His answer was exactly what I wanted to hear but he said he would have to do a final check up on her before he can then discharge her.

So we both walked back to Ji-a’s private ward together, one of the nurses accompanying us also….

I was so close in doing something I had never done in my life, I was so close in asking Ji-a out, the words where in my lips.

But it didn’t feel right, I am not even sure about what I am feeling right now.

All I know is she is constantly in my thoughts, she was in my thoughts although out last night I was in the party with Byung-ho….

On opening the door, I found out Ji-a had company, my best friend Byung-ho.

They both were holding hands laughing and smiling, that sight hurt me alot in the chest, straight in the heart.

I know Byung-ho likes Ji-a, and I know Ji-a also likes Byung-ho, I don’t know to what extent she likes him but I do know she likes him.

And I know I have no right to be but I was.. I was really jealous… however I wasn’t angry, I couldn’t be angry at any of them. Neither Byung-ho and definitely not Ji-a.

“ Lee Chun, you are here? Have you been here since morning or you just arrived? ”

Byung-ho asked looking surprise to see me.

Didn’t Ji-a tell him I was here? that I have been here alnight?? I guess she was so happy seeing him that she completely forget about me.

“ Please check if she is good to be discharged ”

I said to the doctor ignoring Byung-ho silly questions.

The doctor and his nurse did their thing on Ji-a while Byung-ho sat up and came to me.

“ Where did you go to last night? You got me all worried and you weren’t even picking my calls ”

He said in a whispering angry tone

“ I had to get away from that party, your friend is a psychopath ”

I said in a low tone

“ No he wasn’t, he was drunk and you punched him, you punched him on his freaking birthday! What’s bringing this violent tendencies of yours of recent, you never had this, but now you are hitting doctors and birthday celebrant ”

He said and shoot him a stare

“ Can we not talk about this here ”

I said then walked away from him, moving closer to the doctor and the bed Ji-a lay.

“ How is she? Can I take her home? ”

I inquired of him

“ Yes you can, you will have to go sign the discharge papers down stairs in the receptionist counter then you can take her home with you Sir ”

The doctor said sounding professional

“ Can’t I sign the papers downstairs when I take her down? ”

I asked

“ Sure, you can, you will be needing this ”

He said signifying to the nurse to bring something and she brought out a new wheelchair.

I saw a frightful look form on Ji-a’s face as she saw the wheelchair being brought, the doctor saw it too.

“ Don’t worry dear, your legs ain’t broken, the wheelchair is just for easier movement ”

He said reassuringly to her and the tension on her face eases as she became more calmer and relaxed…

I then helped her to the wheelchair – carrying her up in my arms and gently placing her on the wheelchair.

The three of us left the hospital together….

Byung-ho came with his vehicle, a Lamborghini, so we left with it.

I sitting with him in the front seat while Ji-a sat at the back.

“ Are you seated properly? ”

I asked with my neck and head turned to her.

“ Yes.. Thanks ”

She replied and a soft smile formed on her face.


Turning to face Byung-ho “ please drive gently and safe ”

I said and he stared at me weirdly.

“ Since when did you care about safety? Have you forgotten you are the rough and reckless driver here? You acting strangely man ”

He said and I smiled slightly.

I glanced back at Ji-a and found out her eyes had become closed. She most be tired

I faced forward, sitting properly on the chair, and Byung-ho ignite the engine, driving in a cool steady pace.

I may have told him to drive slowly because of Ji-a, I didn’t want her feeling uncomfortable or getting hurt again but I can’t really wait to get to the mansion.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the fool that pushed Ji-a down the stairs,. that person would surely suffer when I get home….


Episode 50


Location: Lee’s Mansion

Time: Day 🌅

💄 Min-seo’s POV 💄

” And where are you off to this early morning? ”

I asked as I saw my friend Mia coming down from the stairs all dressed up.

She was putting on a white lady suit, her short mini skirt brought out her sexy shape and pretty legs.

Her white heels made me jealous.

It was really pretty!

I was already in the sitting room as early as 6AM, sitting on the couch, I have been watching local Korean movies when I got distracted from the TV by the sound of heels stepping on tiles, that’s when I knew someone was coming down the stairs…

“ Work of course ” she said as she catwalked down the stairs.

“ Don’t you get tired? All you do is work! work! work!… Ain’t you the boss or something? shouldn’t you be going to work at anytime you feel like? You can even take a whole week off, you have staffs to take care of the company. That’s their jobs ”

I said and she just smiled.

Taking her last step on the stairs, she walked to the direction of the couch…

“ That’s not how you run a business dear friend “She said ruffling my hair from the back of the couch

“ If I do as you say then in no time the company will be running on big loss and besides this isn’t too early. It’s passed 8, I am even running late today ”

She said and I rolled my eyes.


“ We had barely spend anytime together ”

I said in a slight frown.

“ Yeah.. I know, sorry about that ” she said then walked round to the front of the couch

“ but it’s not entirely my fault you know? You have a blame in this too ” she said as she sat close to me.

“ Huh, how? ”

“ Well when I tried making time for the both of us to hang out you seem more interested in chasing my younger brother Lee Chun up and down ” She said.

“ Well you can’t blame me for that, your brother is super hot! Like freaking hot!…but he no longer has time for me anymore..”

I was already fantasizing about him as I spoke but then that cripple smelly girl came to mind and I felt great anger consuming me.

“..He no longer have time for me because of that cripple girl ”

I said fuming at the thought of her.

“ Ji-a? ” Mia inquired.

“ Yes, I hate her! ”

“ Don’t say that, Ji-a is a cool, sweet, loving girl ”

Mia said in Ji-a’s defense and that only made me pïssed even more.

“ I don’t know what you people see in her. She is a witch and a slüt! That’s what she is! ” I spat and Mia gasped.

“ Min-seo! ”

She exclaimed staring at me strangely.

She couldn’t believe the manner at which I was speaking about ji-a, with much hate, but she doesn’t know I hate that cripple more than she will ever know.

I wish her dead, I hope she died from the fall.

Yes, I was the one who pushed her down the stairs last night.

Mia came back very late last night so she isn’t aware of what happened, she probably thinks Ji-a is still sleeping up in her room, she didn’t know Ji-a is in the hospital, maybe she is already dead…

When I saw Ji-a standing close to the stairs a great anger came up on me, as I blamed her as the reason Lee Chun was no longer giving me the attention he used too.

I know Lee Chun doesn’t love me, he never did but I love him so much and I know he loves sëx, I really don’t mind if he loves me as long as he continues screwing me.

But because of that stupid cripple he isn’t even giving me the sëx anymore, so I pushed her, I pushed her hard, hoping she breaks her neck and die.

I hate her! I hate her so much!

I hope I don’t ever see her face again….

“ I..I will have to be going now, okay ”

Mia said standing up and she was still giving me that weird look.

“ Alright, let me see you off to the door then ”

I said and she nodded

We both walked to the door a smile on my face as we gist along…but then I flinched as I saw her, Ji-a.

She was being wheeled to the door by Lee Chun, with Lee Chun friend Byung-ho accompanying them.

She is alive? Why! But it seems I have made her a permanently cripple as she is back on her wheelchair again.

I am glad about that but it would have been better if she was dead, course Lee Chun is still with her.

Can’t she fücking leave Lee Chun alone!

Lee Chun friend Byung-ho opened and hold the door while Lee Chun wheeled Ji-a inside.

They are treating her like one queen and that’s getting me really upset.

“ Ji-a… what are you doing sitting on that? What happened to you? ”

Mia asked in a concerned and confused tone as she crouched down to her level touching her face

The stupid girl just smiled. How can she still be smiling after what I did to her? I guess I didn’t push her hard enough.

I will do that next time.

“ She fell down the stairs ”

Byung-ho gave a reply to Mia question.

“ What!.. How? ”

Mia inquired more

“ Someone pushed her and I am about to found out who and why ”

Lee Chun said and I could see the anger in his eyes.

His gaze landed and rest on my face and my heart beat so fast as a result of the intensity at which he stared at me.

Does he know I was the one that pushed her down the stairs?

Oh God! I am so scared.

I became even more scared as he left Ji-a’s wheelchair and started slowly towards me.

I couldn’t bare to look at him, as I feared he would see the guilt in my eyes, so I buried my head to the ground, that’s if he doesn’t already know I am the one.

He stopped walking when he got close to me, like he was standing directly in my front!

“ And when I do find the identity of this person I will make him or HER suffer”

He said putting much emphasises on the pronoun “ her ”

And immediately I raised my face up to see that he was still staring at me, more of a glare.

And my heart sank even more as I found myself swallowing my saliva in a loud gulp.

But then he walked passed me.

“ Kyung-gu ”

He called out in a loud voice…and the male servant came running from wherever he was.

” Yes Young Master ”

He greeted in a bow.

” Go, tell all the servants and workers that their presence is needed here right now. Go! ”

He ordered and Kyung-gu hurriedly went to do as was asked…



Shortly after the sitting room was filled with servants and workers.

Lee Chun stood in the middle addressing everyone, he was still on the matter, trying to find out the identity of the person that pushed that stupid girl down the stairs.

I know he suspect me but I am beginning to think he has no evidence to prove I did it and is only trying to use fear to bring the information out of me or anyone he thinks might be responsible.

But hëll no! Hëll no will I rat myself out when I know he has no evidence to pin this on me.

“…I will give the person who pushed Ji-a down from the stairs last night one chance, one chance only to come out now and confess to what they have done and the punishment wouldn’t be that severe. But! ”

He paused taking his time to look at everyone’s faces that was present in the room.

His eyes hanging on mine for some seconds when he got to me…

He continued “ If I should fish this person out myself, they will face my full wrath. So by the count of three this person should step out ”

He said then started counting.

“ 1…….2……..3 ”

His counting ended and no one stepped out, obviously no one will step out because they all are innocent, I am the guilty one and I will never step out.

Infact I think I will use this opportunity to insult Ji-a by questioning her character.

“ Lee Chun what are you doing? How can you do this? How can you accuse all these innocent people of doing such an evil act.

How can you doubt them, these beautiful people have been working for you family for how many years now?.. 5?..10?… some even 20 years and above and they haven’t done anything like this before, why will you be accusing them wrongly because of this girl, there is no evidence that anyone pushed her

It’s obvious she is lying, she most have tripped down the stairs herself when trying to come down the stairs all by herself but instead of owning to her own silly mistake she is trying to shift the blame to these innocent people

But qhat can one expect from someone like her anyways ”

I said and at this point I had gotten the support of the whole servants and workers, I am pretty sure they all hate Ji-a now.

“ I am not making this up and I am not accusing anyone but someone pushed me ”

Ji-a said and I quickly blast her

” You are very good at pretending and deceiving people, you_ ” I couldn’t complete my sentence as I got blasted in return by Lee Chun

“ Not another word! Don’t you dare question her character, don’t you dare call her a liar ”

“ But_ ”

I tried to speak but he shut me up again

“ Enough!…not another word, I believe Ji-a completely ” He said and it was killing me the way he was defending her

“ Plus you are mistaken, I do have evidence. Times up of the person ”

He said then walked up the stairs

Wait…He has evidence!

What evidence? He most be bluffing…

After like 10 minutes he came down the stairs holding a disc in his hand

“ This is the evidence ” He said raising the disc up

What’s that?

“ The person who did this evil act most have forgotten that the whole house is wired and has CCTV cameras planted in strategical areas of the building ” He said and then glance at my direction

“ or the person is new and is completely ignorant about this ”

He said and immediately my heart started beating really fast.

I didn’t know the house had cameras and as Lee Chun walked to the DVD player I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me.

I was pretty scared.

He inserted the disc and it started playing on the TV and I watched in horror as I saw myself inside the TV.

The camera captured me, it captured everything that happened that night, how I pushed Ji-a down the stairs and ran away.

There was a loud gasp in the room and everyone eyes turned to face me.

I wish I can turn invisible about now.

“ I will make you suffer ”

Lee Chun groaned at me angrily

Oh God!

Please help me



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