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Her legacy episode 13

Author~ Remio Viola
“Please don’t” I cried as the knife dug into my skin and my blood flowed like tears
“no one can be more beautiful than Storm” she said then turned the other part of my cheek and dug the knife into it
I shut my eyes in pain. It was more painful with my blood missing with my tears
“Who are you?” she asked as she dragged my hair
“please let me go” I cried
“you’re so pitiful” she mocked then burst into laughter “Cyrus will never get attracted to you again and TY won’t recognize you again”
She spit into my face then smashed my face on a table and I passed out
I watched from the roof as Cyrus interrogated James. we had planned to use that to distract Cyrus while I go in. I don’t know where Jennifer was kept but they’ll surely take James there.
“Lock him up” I heard Cyrus order then his men dragged James out while he pleaded innocent
Perfect plan
I crept through the ceiling following the men till they got to a room. I crept in just in time to see a girl smash Jennifer’s head on a table and she passed out and fell to the ground still tied to a chair.
I went wild and brought out my gun and shot her
“shit!” James cussed
I just ruined the plan
The men rushed in and James fought with as many as he could keep up with. I wore my mask and jumped down.
my first target was the girl
I walked to her and pulled her hair. she tried fighting back but I smashed her head on an iron bar and she collapsed.
Cyrus came in and shot openly. I quickly brought out a small remote that I planned on using on to turn off the power in the warehouse. I pressed a button and the light went out.
I traced Jennifer and carried her in my arms. Though the room was dark, I already learnt the way.
I heard a beeping sound and got alert then I traced the sound. It was a time bomb.
It had only twenty seconds left. The room was in stampede. I quickly pressed another button in the remote to alert James that there was danger and he needed to leave.
When I was done I had 12 seconds left. I ran to the window and jumped out with Jennifer still in my arms and my arm twisted. Immediately we landed, the bomb exploded.
I used my body to cover Jennifer on the ground
“let’s go” James said pulling me up
I tried getting up but my right arm was in pain
“what’s wrong?”
“I think I broke an arm” I moaned in pain then he carried Jennifer from my arms and we ran to the car
“we almost died in there and it’s all your fault” James accused when we were in the car
He was angry
“am sorry”
“you couldn’t even stick to the plan”
“stop yelling I said am sorry already” I yelled back “I couldn’t bear the sight of her smashing Jennifer’s head on the table like a watermelon what if she died?”
James sighed then glanced at me. He was sitting on the drivers seat while I was at the back seat with Jennifer lying on my laps
“she’s bleeding” he said that was when I looked at her face– it was full of blood
“son of a nutcracker!” I exclaimed
“it’s not just the smashing” James said then I touched her face. There were deep cuts on it
“she tried mutilating her” James added
“how could she?” I yelled at hit my right hand on the headrest and cried out in pain
“does it still hurt?”
“a lot I think I broke the arm”
“it doesn’t hurt as losing nanny and putting Jennifer through this, she’s gonna be in pain when she wakes up”
James gave me a level stare from the rear view mirror then started the car and drove off.
We arrived at Hotel Royals and James stopped the car
“I’ll tell the guys you’re with Keith at the hospital” James said
“I wonder how they’ll react to Nanny’s death but don’t let them know about the note or Jennifer”
“am not a kid Tyson”
“Thanks” I said and got down but I couldn’t carry Jennifer cause of my arm
“you gonna have to get that treated” James said getting down then carried Jennifer into my apartment
” Be careful” I told James then shut the door to the apartment when he was gone.
I walked over to Jennifer where she laid on the bed. She was covered in her own blood. I went for a towel and a basin of water then I cleaned the blood from her face. The cuts were deep, if only I knew she was cut I would had designed that girl’s face before smashing it.
I took out a first aid box and cleaned the injury with disinfectants then plastered it. The cuts ran from her head down her cheek on both sides.
So painful
I took out the sheets and covered her properly then went out to get her drugs. When I got back, I prepared a meal so she would have something to eat when she wakes up. After cooking, I showered and sat beside her on the bed.
All I felt for her that time was pity and the need to protect her. Nanny was gone, the only person I had.
I looked up to suppress the tears that were threatening to pour. I wasn’t going to cry again.
I laid beside Jennifer on the bed and soon dozed off after switching off my phone to prevent the guys from getting to me.
I felt someone touched me and I got up with a start. It was Jennifer.
“you’re awake”
“Where am I?”
“you’re safe now”
“what happened? They just killed nanny” she broke down in tears
“It’s alright” I consoled then pulled her into a hug with my left hand
“what did they do to you?”
“She tortured me I thought I was going to die” she said in tears and fear
“It’s okay now”
“my face” she jerked up and ran to the mirror “it will never be the same way again” she sobbed touching the plasters
“I already called my doctor you’ll be having a face surgery tomorrow” I told her and she just stared blankly at me
“Why did they do all these to me? I don’t even know him”
“TY they did all these to me because they thought I was close to him they just wanted to get back at him”
“what did they say?”
“they wanted to know my relationship with him”
“and what did you tell them”
“they didn’t even give me the chance to talk, she just beat me” she said in tears
“am so sorry” i got up from the bed and walked up to her
“How did you find me?”
What do I tell her?
“They left a note with an address”
“how did you manage to save me?” she asked further
“I just did” I stated simply
she inhaled “I want to go home am so scared now”
“It’s not safe for you now” I cupped her cheeks in my palms and made her look at me “these guys are after you now and they’ll won’t stop till they find you”
“what do they want form me?”
“They think you know TY”
“but I don’t” she blurted out “what about nanny? why did they kill her?”
“I still don’t know” I sighed
“This is so crazy and am scared I just wanna go home”
“you’ll be fine” I assured then hugged her
“let’s call the police”
“no that’s a bad idea”
“you can’t mention this to anyone else they’ll kill you what happened this night should be left a secret”
she gave me a level stare “you don’t want the police to investigate on nanny’s death?”
“I don’t want that”
she just stared at me not knowing what to say
“Come eat” I said and dragged her to the dining room with my left hand.
I helped her sit down then went to get the food from the kitchen. Immediately I lifted the tray, it fell cause of my broken right hand
“are you alright?” Jennifer asked running into the kitchen
“I think I am” I tried lifting up my hand but the pain was unbearable so I screamed
“what happened to your hand?”
“nothing am fine”
she gave me a look and tried taking my hand but I withdrew it. She got up then turned to leave but stumbled on the tray
“Am sorry” I apologized
“it’s not your fault” she cried out
I tried touching her but I withdrew my hand cause of the pain
“you broke your arm” she took my hand forcefully
“am fine”
“did this happen while saving me?”
“maybe” I shrugged and she glared at me
“that shouldn’t be bothering you”
“am concerned that’s all”
I smiled “you shouldn’t be”
“This is crazy!” Joanna yelled “how could Tyson be with a woman while nanny is lying down here dead? is that how much he loves that Keith of a woman?”
“He was already at the hospital before this happened” I defended
“Then why hasn’t he returned? Nanny is… ” she broke down in tears again and Alex pulled her head to his shoulder
“It’s okay” he said fighting the urge to cry
“I don’t still understand why Tyson hid the fact that we had enemies from us” Alex noted
“He’ll explain that when he gets back” I said
“We have to bury her tonight” Joanna said
“Let’s just wait for Tyson” I stated
Joanna rolled her eyes “he switched off his phone how do we reach him now?”
“That’ll be no need for that” Tyson walked in “am here”
Joanna looked up at him in tears “nanny is dead”
“I know and I hate myself for leaving” Tyson said sitting down beside me
“Someone tells me it was a set up for Lugard to get shot to distract you from the penthouse” Alex said
“I don’t think so maybe it was a mere coincidence” Tyson objected
“What do we do now? We got to revenge nanny’s death
We gotta attack them, kill and get killed if that’s what it takes” Joanna stated
“Let’s lay nanny to rest first” I suggested
Tyson heaved a deep sigh then got up and headed for nanny’s room, where she was lying in state
He went in alone and shut the door. After a while, he came out with puffy eyes. He must had cried his eyes out
“let’s take her to the grave yard” he said
We all stood around nanny’s corpse which was laid in a casket. We said our last goodbyes and made our last promises to her.
Alex promised to forgive his mum like nanny always begged him to
Joanna promised to settle down and have kids. She had initially planned on remaining single for the rest of her lives but nanny never liked that
I promised to quit being an assassin
Tyson didn’t make any promise but we all promised to kill all her murderers then she was buried
After burying nanny, we drove straight to the club, the only way of presenting ourselves from killing innocent people that night.
We arrived at the spot and sat at our favorite table. James was wooing a slut, Alex and Joanna were making out.
I’ve always known Alex likes Joanna but she never did. She’s only doing this cause she’s drunk. I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out by tomorrow.
I just sat, gulping down bottles of alcohol. I didn’t want a woman, just myself and the drink. I started feeling tipsy and asked James to drive me to my apartment. I couldn’t drive cause of my arm.
We got to the hotel and he dropped me at the gate and drove off. Still feeling tipsy, I staggered Into the hotel and started looking for my way to the apartment. It was very late in the night– past midnight but the place was buzzing. I staggered and fell at regular intervals but still traced my feet to find my apartment.
“Hey! Watch it!” someone said when I fell the hundredth time
I looked up at her, she wore a mini skirt that stopped below her butt and a crop top that exposed her cleavage. She held a bottle of alcohol on one hand and a stick of cigarette on the other. I walked up to her and too the bottle from her then I gulped down the content and smashed the bottle on the ground.
“do you want some more?” she asked tracing her fingers down my chest
I hungrily pulled her close and crashed my lips on hers. I leaned her on the wall and planted kisses from her neck down her exposed cleavages.
“let’s get a room” she said in between moans
I ate into her lips again then she wrapped her legs around my waist. I tried holding her firm with my arms but we fell cause of my broken arm.
“sorry” I apologized as the drink started wearing off
“it’s okay let’s continue” she grinned
“am… Am so sorry… I didn’t mean to bother you but I don’t want you or what you can give” I stated and walked out
I got to my apartment and knocked on the door. I waited for a reply but none came. I continued knocking and when Jennifer didn’t answer the door, I slumped to the ground. The drink was having a stronger effect on me this time and I was getting more tipsy.
I laid on the ground there and dozed off.
“Regan! Regan!”
I blinked at the bright sunlight and fluttered my eyes open. I was lying on the floor in the front porch and Jennifer was kneeling beside me.
“did I sleep here?” I asked getting up
“I should be asking you that” she replied then we walked inside
“how’s your face?” I asked and fell on a three sitter sofa
“it doesn’t hurt much just the headache” she replied then asked
“what about your arm?”
“it still hurts I’ll go see a doctor during your surgery”
“surgery” she mouthed “I hate the sound of that”
“that’s the only way to get you back your pretty face else you’ll live the rest of your lives with a scar” I said and she shuddered
“I prepared breakfast” she went into the kitchen and returned shortly with a tray
“I don’t wanna eat”
She sat beside me and dropped the tray on her laps “I understand how you feel but nanny is dead already you can’t die with her”
“thanks” I got up and tried raising my hand but I couldn’t
She smiled “don’t worry I’ll feed you
“no way”
“don’t be stubborn I have a date with Lucas today”
“with these?” I asked referring to her face
“after the surgery”
“you can’t go out after then and you can’t go out without me”
“are you trying to bodyguard me?”
“if I had done that earlier nanny would still be alive and those guys now know you”
“Then you’ll take me to Lucas”
I knitted my brows “feed me”
“Regan aren’t you tired of eating? You’re too slow” she complained for the umpteenth time
I smiled inwardly. Punishment for planning to go see Lucas
“I eat much and that’s why I didn’t want you to feed me”
“then am tired of feeding you”
“you can’t do this to me I have a broken arm”
“then eat faster”
“am trying”
“The Knowles are the only people I know who wants Lugard dead but they’re long gone who else would want him dead?” I asked rhetorically in frustration
“I don’t know but I think whoever it was wants the company” Drake said
“according to the servant who found him, Lugard was lying in the pool of his own blood on the floor in his room with a bullet in his chest The question is, how did the person get in and where did the person shoot from?” I yelled
“calm down detective so you don’t lose your mind”
“am losing it already Drake, I haven’t been able to solve any of these cases and I’ll be queried soon”
“everyone knows these cases are tough no one can solve it” Drake said “whoever shot Lugard is someone as smart as TY”
“Someone should just give me lead on that TY guy am so gonna pass a bullet through his brain” I seethed
“easy detective”
Two women walk out with one leaning on the other. The sit by the road and the younger one starts singing. Minutes later, she finish singing and packs up the money she was given.
“This is a lot we got more money today” one said excitedly
“we won’t have to starve today”
“it’s all thanks to you Faith”
“not just me you help a lot bringing me out here everyday” Faith said
“I pray you get your greatest dream someday”
“I believe and that’s why I decided to go by the name ‘Faith’ I know I’ll get back my memory someday” Faith said confidently
“I know so too and when that happens my joy would know no bounds”


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