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Heartbeat Episode 13 & 14

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 13💞
🌺Abby POV🌺
It’s been six years now, my life is not sweet the way I’ve always pictured it, I wish I married Alyssa but fate wouldn’t allow me
I remembered that painful night that ripped my heart into pieces, the pain in my heart could not be healed. The pain I felt that night was much that I felt like dying, I remembered those hurtful words she said to me.
I was happy because we were going on a date, I thought that night would be the happiest night of my life, I never knew it would be a day I would never forget, I never expected it, I wish it never happened. She didn’t tell me what my offence was, she just came to my house to end things between us.
I ran speedily down her house but I met the least I ever expected. Alyssa instructed her security not to allow me in, she asked the security to tell me she wished me dead.
What have I done”This is a question i always ask myself and I’ve not gotten the answer”
Only Alyssa has the answer to the question, Alyssa loved me more than she loved her herself but I was shocked when she told me to my face that I didn’t deserve her, that I was just a gold digger who wanted her wealth.
I had been building castles in the air all this while thinking Alyssa would come back to me, I wish I would wake up with Alyssa by my side as my wife someday.
Alyssa left me heartbroken and I couldn’t heal it, I went through hell before I finally made it.
I have money but I don’t have joy, the last day I had joy was the last day I spent with my joy(Alyssa), despite what she did, I still find myself loving her
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered that night, I went into comma for months, my family were troubled, I thought I would lose my mind if I didn’t see Alyssa, I almost ran mad, I almost committed suicide, I was Add!¢ted to Alyssa
Alyssa was my life, she is still my life and she will always be my life
Dad”my little daughter broke me out of my thought”
Sophia”I squatted to her height and klzzed her forehead”
Dad, I’m hungry”she pouted her l!ps”
I looked at her and smiled, I moved close to her and hugged her to myself, tears trenghtened to fall down my cheeks but I held it back
Sophia caressed my face with her small hand
Dad, everything will be fine
Sophia has been the one keeping me going, Sophia is such a good child despite the fact that she’s small
Dad let’s play around”she dragged me, I tickled her and she laughed loudly, squirming in my arms
I followed her as we walked towards the garden, she stopped on her track and her troubled landed on a picture and she g@sped
Dad, who is she?”she asked, her gaze still on the picture”
I stood like a robot thinking of what to tell her
Dad”she suddenly her legs on the floor”
I was still thinking about to say
Dad, who is she?”Her eyes flashed and twinkled mysteriously and she shot her gaze towards me”
She’s my friend
A friend??, she’s a friend and her pictures are hung around the four walls of this house, she is a friend and you can’t do without staring at her pictures”she gave me a mildly quizzical look”
She’s a friend and have never seen you with her, what kind of friend is she”she blurted out”
Sophia, I will soon introduce her to you”I told her”
Her face beamed with delight and she clapped her hands happily, I looked at her and nodded my head
She’s pretty”she shouted”
Thanks”I said”
She gave me quizzical look”
Sophia, you are too young for this”I said”
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 14💞
🌺Lilian POV🌺
I stood like a robot remembering what happened some years ago, I smiled as I sipped my drink, I dropped the wine on the table and paced around the room, I brushed my hand into my air and grinned as I remembered that night
I remembered how I tricked her, I brainwashed her, I poisoned her mind”I smiled and pressed my face against the stand beside me”
Alyssa was a gullible”I thought”
I had tricked her that night, i made sure everything went in my favour, I was so happy that night thinking I’d be his but I was wrong.
I discovered Abby left America after what happened between him and Alyssa, I waited for him for years so I could get married to him, I heard he traveled to Australia and he would not come back to America, I had no choice than to travel over to Australia to look for him but all my efforts went through, I came back to America few months after only to be forced into an arranged marriage by my parents
It’s been six years now and I’ve not gotten over Abby although I’m married to the president’s son Dylan, he loves me so much and he cares for me but I don’t love him, i only married him because my dad forced me to.
I am still my humble self with a husband but no children, I intentionally decided not to have chidren because of Abby cause I believe he shall come back to America and our path will cross again and we will get married.
The sound of my phone broke me out of my thought, I checked the caller ID and it was my friend Jessica, I picked the call and placed it against my left ear
📱Lilian, I have a good news
📱What?”I asked uninterested in her story
📱Guess what?”she said into the phone
📱Dylan is dead”I blurted out
📱Lilian”she screamed” you are mean, that guys loves you so much
📱 Jessy, spare me all those sermon of yours, I have better things to do rather than talking about Dylan
📱Lilian, Dylan loves you so much, he has had enough of all the silent treatment you always give him, just show him love
📱I don’t love him, is that h@rd to grab”i said raising my voice”
📱Just try to love him
📱I don’t love him, I love someone else”I screamed
📱Lilian, when are you going to get over that guy, a guy who does not care about you, a guy who does not know if you are alive or dead
📱Jessy, I don’t care about whatever you say, I will wait for my Abby
📱I pray it will not be too late for you to make amendment, I pray you will not end up loosing both Dylan and Abby
📱Whatever”i said with a wave of hand” is this why you called”I said getting irritated”
📱No, you know I’m your friend and I always want you to be happy
📱Stop beating around the bush”I shouted into the phone”
📱Check your system, I want you to get the full details of the latest gist”she said and hung up the call before I could talk
I quickly rushed to my laptop, I switched it on and my heart leaped for joy when I saw the latest update
I clicked on a video and I saw how people welcomed him at the airport
Wow, he has really made it, Abby is now rich, Wow!!!! My Abby is now handsome”I said happily to myself”
My heart sank when I saw a beautiful young girl beside him, he carried the girl with care when she couldn’t open her eyes because of the powerful laser flashlight from the paparazzi
Is Abby married?, Is he the father of the young girl?”series of questions rushed through my mind and I angrily shut down the system. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered how many years I had waited for him
Abby, you are mine, I don’t care who that child is to you”I paced around”
Abby please marry me, I cannot survive this heartbreak, I love you so much”I said and dropped to the floor”
I refuse to have children because of you, Abby you can’t do this to me, I traveled over to Australia looking for you but my effort went through, Abby I have really suffered because of you, I will never let another person to take my place in your heart”I said and stood up”
I know what to do”I stood up and hastily rushed to my car, I hopped in and sped off
How was this episode?
Lilian again??…What exactly is her problem?
If Sophia is Alyssa’s daughter, how come Lilian did not know?
Before Amy can go back to her people, she must fulfill her mission…..Who can guess what her mission is?
Why do you think Abby is back to America?…
Who can now guess the mistake both lovers made that could not be corrected?
If you are confused.. Go back and read the prologue


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