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Heartbeat Episode 11 & 12

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 11💞
🌺Ayssa POV🌺
I cried bitterly as I remembered what took place few years ago, I wept and continued hitting myself on the floor, my life had been a mess since Abby left, I had been living in my own shadow since then
I rose up to bath, my knees were already weak, I hurled myself up the stairs, I opened my door and slammed it behind me as I flung myself onto my bed. I felt like committing suicide, Ryan had never for once let me enjoy my marriage, Ryan had really suffered me. I have never been happy since I married him, if only I could turn back the hands of time, I would not make that mistake. Abby, where are you”I said and wept bitterly”
I pulled off my clothes and looked myself in the mirror and I shook my head, I remembered when I always admired myself back then in school, the then Alyssa had been killed, tears rushed down my cheeks, my body was full of whips and marks. I quickly tied a blue towel around my body when I heard a faint knock on the door, before I could answer, the door creaked open and my heart stuttered in fright
I’m in trouble again”I said to myself”
I shrank back against the wall as he approached me
Alyssa, Ryan’s wife”he smirked”
I swallowed and gulped in nothing as I inhaled deeply. Ryan please don’t come close to me”I said”
Why?,Alyssa you are my wife and I’m your husband”he said smiling”
No, you are not my husband, you are a monster”I said”
His expression changed and his eyes turned red. Alyssa, I need you to warm my bed now and i won’t take no for an answer”he said angrily”
My heart shredded into pieces and tears gushed out from my soaked eyes
Ryan, why are you suffering me?, you forcefully gained your way into me yesterday, what do you….. My voice broke without warning I began to cry”
I want you to scream my name today, Alyssa, my ¢0¢k is already standing waiting for you”he said smiling”
Ryan please”i pleaded”
You are my wife and you are to satisfy my s£×ual urge”he smirked”
My heart sank to my stomach as I watched the sweetheart I used to know, I remembered those days when he used to care for me and how he stood by me when I was suffering from heartbreak💔💔💔
Was he pretending??”I asked myself”
Ryan please”
Is that h@rd to grab?”you are my wife and I need you to warm my bed”he said angrily”
He came close to me and the smell of his perfume reached my nostrils, he dragged me and my towel dropped to the floor, he looked at me with so much emotions and his eyes clouded with lvst, I wanted to pick up my towel but he beat me to it and threw it to somewhere I couldn’t remember, he pinned me to the wall and whispered against my ear”Alyssa, you are mine” then pressed his body against mine he grabbed my b©©bs with his hand fondling it like a toy while he took the other br£@st in his mouth, rubbing my n!pp!es with his tongue which made me go crazy and I wrapped my body around him, his touch instantly s£nt chills up my spine and my body shook as he slightly bit my n!pp!e which turned me on he klzzed me and I opened my mouth letting salliver p@ss through, he carried me in a bridal style to the bed without breaking the klzz,he laid down his arm on my neck and with the other hand he touched mine. His f!ng£rs sl!p up my thigh until both hands were grabbing my butt and i shivered in sweetness, I felt like i was in heaven.
His hand moved to my cl!t and he rubbed it p@ssionately with his f!ng£rs stroking me from the bottom of my v!rg!na to my cl!t, he licked my cl!t with the tip of his tongue and I m0@ned his name
He klzzed my w€t b©©bs and rubbed it with his thumb. I wrapped my legs around him signalling him to penetrate, he brushed his hand to my butt caressing me, I hastily removed his belt and undressed him, my hands went below his waist taking his h@rd ¢0¢k in my hand, he gr0@ned as I cupped his balls in my hand, his ¢0¢k was standing £r£¢t in my hand, he rolled me over the bed and I sat resting on his stomach, I claimed his l!ps in a klzz, the klzz was steady, slow, I closed my eyes tight as he klzzed my jaw, my earlobe, my cl£@v@g£. I opened my eyes as I went down and took his h@rd ¢0¢k in my mouth s√¢king it like my life depended on it then I felt his hand slowly rub my public bone and I rub my hand on his ¢0¢k h@rd, he rolled me over again, he klzzed my cl£@v@g£ and rubbed his hand on my n@k£d belly, he ran his hand over to my p***y, i opened my legs widely, I m0@ned as he f!ng£red me. I moved my hands to his hair and grip it roughly, I need hot and p@ssionate s£×. He took his h@rd ¢0¢k to my p***y as finally penetrated thrusting in slowly
After going for five rounds, we finished our love session and he released on my thigh, we slept together cuddling each other.
I was happy Ryan would finally treat me well but I was wrong, it got worse, He woke up the next day and I was smiling thinking he would compliment me on how I rode him to heaven the previous night, he looked at me and shot me a deadly glare. He was about to leave the room when I spoke out
Not even a thank you??”I said”
He looked back at me and scoffed, he twisted the door knob and left
What have I done to Ryan”I shouted”
💞Episode 12💞
🌺Ryan POV🌺
I left her room without saying anything, i stopped on my track when i heard her “Ryan what have i done” I wish i could go back and cuddle her, i wish i could hug her and dry her tears
I made a dash for the room door and threw myself on the bed
My mind went back to what happened that night that broke my heart to million pieces.
I came back to America that night because of her, I broke up with all my flings because of her, I vowed to love her and protect her with my last drop of blood but my life shattered into pieces that very night💔💔💔
I knew she hated me, I knew I was a jerk to her but I made up my mind that I would love her and turn a new leave because of her
I’ve loved her right from the first day I saw her With Lilian, My half-sister, I did a background check on her and I discovered my dad was her father’s business partner, I did all I could to let my dad agree to the betrothment stuff, he told her father and they agreed, I was happy and my joy knew no bound.
I began to move close to her but I was a playboy then, I was grumpy and a jerk, she hated me for who I was
The last thing I did that broke the camel’s back was when I forcefully klzzed her, she slapped me but I couldn’t return the slap, I was so depressed I had offended her which made me left for Germany, she was unaware I was her betrothed then
Few years after, I was still playing around with one of my flings when Lilian called me, she told me Alyssa had been told about me being her betrothed, I was so happy “Finally, Alyssa would be mine”
I waited for few days because I had a business which I had to finish before I traveled, I decided to travel down to America on the day of their party so I would apologize to her and told her I had changed… I left the business that worth Billions of Euros in Germany just because of Alyssa
Alyssa, money is nothing compared to you, I will rather lose the money than to lose you”I whispered to myself”
I vowed the day I was leaving never to cheat on Alyssa, I dressed in my best outfit so I would impress her with my looks, I called Lilian and she came to me few minutes after , her face beamed with smile and she threw herself happily on me
My heart went into my stomach when I saw a guy holding and cuddling my Alyssa, I had made a fist ready to punch him but Lilian held me back and led me to the main hall
I asked Lilian who the guy was and she said he was a nobody, my body became hot and I felt like doing something crazy, Lilian calmed me down and @ssured me that Alyssa would be mine forever
My body shook crazily when I saw both of them walked in, I glared at the guy
Lilian kept my company till morning, I was not my self throughout the night, I was worried about Alyssa cause I didn’t see her, Lilian was madly worried, she looked like she would cry, I heard snapping in the background which broke me out of my deep thought. Lilian told me we needed to find Alyssa
We searched everywhere and we didn’t see Alyssa, we met Amy on the hallway and she didn’t bother to greet us, her face held anger and frustration, I held her wrist and her face softened
Please do you know where Alyssa is?”I asked”
She paused for a few minutes before she finally voiced out”No” she said and went. I gave Lilian the “Let’s go back” look. We p@ssed through the hallway and I dropped to the floor
Alyssa, where are you?”I muttered to myself”
I led the way and saw a lot of rooms, I hesitated before going in, Lilian opened the first door and we saw nothing, I was getting tired
Lilian, I don’t think she’s here, she might have gone home”I said”
No, Alyssa will never leave me behind”she paused” This can’t be”she shouted”
What?”I asked”
I can’t find Abby, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking”she said p@nting heavily like an asthmatic patient”
Abby, who is Abby?”I asked curiously”
The guy you wanted to punch”she said with a shrug”
My head rang like a bell and anger flushed through my body, I angrily banged on the last door
There I met what I never imagined would happen,My heart shattered into pieces as I saw my future wife with a guy, I shut my eyes tightly thinking it was my imagination but I was wrong, it was real, I didn’t know how tears found its way down my cheeks but I realized I had started crying, Alyssa was the only girl I loved and the only girl I ever cried for, my gaze drifted to the bed and I saw blood, My body stopped functioning, Alyssa why”I screamed and Lilian rushed in, I saw disappointment on her face when she saw the blood
I rose to my feet and went home, I broke everything in my room and my hand bled, I ran my hands through my head angrily as I remembered what my boss said
Are you sure you are leaving this business for your opponent
Yes sir”i replied”
Ryan, think about this very well, the profit you will earn from this business is enough to feed you for the rest of your life” he said worriedly”
I know sir, I have thought about it sir”I said smiling”
Ryan, are you sure?”he asked”
Yes sir”I said”
May God go with you, I wish you journey mercy”he waved at me”
I wept bitterly
Why”I screamed”
Alyssa, where do you want me to start from?”I shouted”
I prepared my flight back to Germany thinking I might still be lucky but I was disappointed as everything had been handed over to my opponent, thereafter, I became a drunk man and a chain smoker. My life became miserable
My heart was filled with pain and it was aching so much
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered everything, I wish I could forget everything that happened and forgive her but I couldn’t take the image away from my memory
The image kept appearing in my brain
Anytime I beat Alyssa, I always felt the pain and I would rush down to drink so I could get over with the pain
I wanted to move on away from her love but I couldn’t…
I love Alyssa so much that my heart is breaking
Alyssa,I’m stuck with you”I thought”
How was this episode?
What do you think will happen?
Who can guess this right…Was it Lilian that took Alyssa and Abby to bed or it was Amy?


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