Good woman Episode 8

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Episode 8
Immediately the call ended, Elizabeth reminisced on her past and she remembered how her late grand mother struggled to raise her up.
Most times, she wished her late grand mother was still alive. So she could enjoy the fruits of her labour.
“My grand mother suffered greatly for me, She was the one that made me who I am today, when she couldn’t afford to pay my school fees, she sold all her wra-ppers to make sure I learnt how to sow, and here I am in Canada, I’m successful, the skill I learnt brou-ght me to Canada and it has changed my life completely, Lord thank you” Elizabeth thought as tears rolled down from her cheek.
Few weeks later, Elizabeth and Bernard landed at the international Airport in Lagos.
They flagged down a cab to take them to Madam Rose’s House.
Madam Rose was no longer residing in Port Harcourt. She had relocated to Lagos with her family for some personal reasons.
“plea-se take us to this address” Elizabeth told the cab driver and they got into the cab.
Elizabeth was looking so beautiful, Refined and elegant it was obvious that her life was good. The cab driver had been staring at her and her white fiance the whole time as Elizabeth looked quite familiar to him. When the cab driver couldn’t bear it anymore, he had speak up.
“Sorry, plea-se MA, is your name Elizabeth?” The cab driver asked nervously
And Elizabeth was shocked as she wondered how the cab driver knew her name. She kept mute for a while and was just staring at the back of the cab driver,
“Madam, have you once lived in Port Harcourt?” The Cab driver added and turned around to look at Elizabeth, one look at the Cab driver, Elizabeth recognized him.
“Sunday! ” She screamed
“Lizzy is that you? You have changed oh, We heard you won a visa lottery, God is good, I can’t believe that I’m seeing you again after so many years” Sunday said excitedly
Sunday was One of Michael’s friends in Port Harcourt and Elizabeth asked him what he was doing in Lagos.
“I c@m£ to Lagos to try my luck oh, I have lived in Port Harcourt my entire life, I decided to change base and see if I will succeed” Sunday replied. Elizabeth introduced him to Bernard as his fiance and Sunday politely exchanged greetings with him.
Finally they got to thier destination and Elizabeth tried to pay Sunday off but he refused to collect the money.
“No Lizzy you are my person na” Sunday told her but Elizabeth insisted and he finally collected the money
“Thank you so much” Elizabeth said”
“Thank you Lizzy, I’m happy to see you again” Sunday entered and finally he left.
Elizabeth and Bernard was warmly welcomed by Madam Rose and her family.
Elizabeth made sure she got Goodies for her and her family and in turn Madam Rose was so hospitable and of course Bernard liked the way he was welcomed.
Few days after, Sunday visited Michael in prison and he was so excited to see Sunday. Michael smiled helplessly as he walked closer to him. Only Sunday often visited him, no one else, Sunday relocated to Lagos just because he wants to stay closer and visit Michael often, oh what a good friend.
“Mike, how are you doing? “Sunday asked as soon as Michael sat down facing him.
“I’m okay” He replied
The two friends chatted for a while and then Sunday added.
“Guess what?”
“Sunny, I’m not in mood to guess, what happened?” Michael said calmly
Sunday cleared his throat and smiled.
“Lizzy is back, I saw her three days ago, infact I drove her from the Airport to her destination” Sunday said in smiles
At the mention of Elizabeth, Michael bur-st into tears.
“My Lizzy is back, oh Lord…. Sunday did she ask after me? Did you tell her that I’m in jail? ” Michael asked and Sunday nodded “No”
” I know she will be looking enchanting and very beautiful too” Michael added
“Yes she looked so beautiful and so fresh. Mike you nee-d to see her, oh my God, She speaks good English fluently, I ba-rely recognized her. I guessed she went back to school when she got to Canada. No one is worthless, I told you when you wanted to end your relationsh!pwith Lizzy, I told you that she could still go back to school if you want that she was intelligent and extraordinarily smart despite her being uneducated then but no you allowed Solomon and Patrick to convince you that she was worthless, now you see yourself, the educated woman you married landed you in trouble and flew with everything you had, I wished you listen to me” Sunday said calmly
To Be Continued