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January 24, 2021


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Good woman Episode 9

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Episode 9



Michael burst into uncontrollable tears.

“I’ve learnt my lesson, I have asked God to forgive me and give me another chance to correct my mistake, please my friend, I want to see Lizzy, please tell her I’m in jail, convince her to visit me here, I don’t know how you will do it but please help me, Lizzy’s forgiveness will make me feel alot better, please Sunny” Michael pleaded in tears.


And to make him feel better, Sunday agreed to Bring Elizabeth to him even though he doesn’t know how he would convince Elizabeth to see Michael after everything that happened between them.


“Never again will Michael have a chance with Elizabeth even if he wish for nothing more than that, she would not take one more look at him” Sunday thought to himself.


Sunday knew that Elizabeth was over Michael, She had moved on as she came back with a white man, Sunday couldn’t mention that fact to Michael because He would feel worst.


” For a lifetime, Michael will think of his mistake, which took away the woman who could have made him happy, if only he had not left her, His life would not be in a mess” Sunday thought. And finally he begged to take his leave as the prison guards kept singing “Time is up”

“Please bring Lizzy here, please do this for me my friend” Michael pleaded profusely and Sunday nodded in agreement. ,

” Mike take care of yourself, goodbye” Sunday said and left

As Michael walked back to his jail cell, he reminisced on the moment when he had met Elizabeth for the first time in the public bus and their first conversation together. Now he have woken up. But it is too late.


Sunday, somehow got in contact with Elizabeth and he told her everything. To his utmost surprise, Elizabeth was moved and he promised to help Michael in anyway she can.


“But I can’t visit him in jail, I have forgiven him and I keep no grudge against him” Elizabeth said calmly.

With the influence of Madam Rose as a successful politician, Elizabeth was able to free Michael from jail and the day he got released he cried like a 3 years old boy. Sunday came to pick him up and on their way to Sunday’s House, They bumped into Tracy, They followed her and in no time they caught up with her. Seeing Michael almost killed Tracy, she was so shocked and speechless.


Sunday had already called the police and in no time the police arrived.

“Officer, please Arrest her, she stole everything I had, even the properties I acquired even before I Met her, she sold off everything and flew” Michael told the police men


“Officer, This is a family matter, this man is my husband” Tracy said at once

“Officer, This woman is a devil, you won’t believe she sold off all my properties including my cars, while I was in prison, she sold off everything I worked so hard to achieve in a day, without informing me, This woman is a thief, a cheat and a useless woman, and because of her I was jailed, I caught her sleeping with my best friend on our matrimonial bed, I have proof of all my accusations, even my lawyer reported this case to the nearest police commission, when it happened” Michael said sharply


“Really?” one of the police inspector said and then turned to Tracy, “You are under arrest, When you get to the station you will defend yourself, you have a right to a lawyer but if you are really guilty, you will pay for your crime, you have to remain silent or whatever you say would be used against you In the court of law”

Tracy started pleading profusely to the police men but they ignored her.

Tracy was arrested and locked away in a tiny cell when the police found out the truth and she would only be released when she provides everything she stole or she will be charged to court.



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