Good woman Episode 7

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Episode 7
Two years after, Michael had never imagined that one day he would find himself hanging out with guys covered with tattoos, including tattoos of teardrops on their cheeks near their eyes. Everyday Michael watched as two protective custody inmates fought over a loaf of bre-ad or killed one another. This was what his life had been reduced to.
Tracy had sold off all his properties and cars and she had disappeared. When he got the bad news from his lawyer, he almost lost his breath, Michael’s lawyer had been working on his appeal the second time but they ran out of luck as the higher court threw out thier case and the worst was that Michael couldn’t afford his lawyer’s services anymore as Tracy had eloped with everything he had. it looked as if he was destined to live forever in jail.
One time, His aged parents visited him, they c@m£ all the way from Port Harcourt but they were unable to see him because he was on isolation, out of frustration he was able to beat up one of those ha-rd ened criminals that had humiliated him for two years and the prison warders locked him up in a dark place for six days without food and water.
Amid all this, Michael bec@m£ closer to God. Holding the hand of God was the only way he have found to cope with the horrible situation
“with God’s help, these days of hell on earth will be turned into eternity in heaven with God” He had thought.
As Michael was rotten away in jail, Elizabeth was ma-king it big in Canada.
Immediately she got to Canada more than 5 years ago, she got a good Job at a Bridal studio named “Bridal heaven” in Ontario Canada.
“Bridal heaven” is an amazing destination to find wedding go-wns and bridesmaid dresses in Canada.
As she was working at the bridal studio, she was schooling at the same time and she also attended international language clas-s where she learned how to speak English, French and Spanish fluently. Elizabeth graduated from the University and from the language clas-s with honour few years back.
She was promoted at the bridal studio, she Bec@m£ the manager. And she also bec@m£ one of the highest paid seamstress in the studio
She had never imagined that her life would change for the better, She could speak good English and other languages and that always got her excited.
Each time Elizabeth remembered that Michael had dumped her because she was uneducated, she would smile faintly.
” And here I am now, I could speak good English now, I’m now a graduate, there’s nothing that’s impossible” She had thought.
She had given up on love and all she yearns for was to be genuinely happy. She had no plans of coming back to Nigeria until one-day she met someone, A handsome man who swept her off her feet, His name was Bernard Shaw, a Canadian man who fell helplessly in love with her.
They had met at the coffee shop downtown and from that day they bec@m£ inseparable.
Bernard Shaw was a handsome white, Successful young man, he fell helplessly in love with Elizabeth the first time he Met her.
And in no time, Elizabeth realized she was in love with him too. They started d@t!ngand their relationsh!pwas so beautiful and healthy despite the difference in their skin color.
“Have heard so much about Nigeria, will you take me to your country?” Bernard Shaw said one winter morning, While he was driving Elizabeth to the bridal studio.
“I love you so much Elizabeth and I want you to marry me, plea-se take me to your country, I want to know your Family” the Canadian young man added. Elizabeth was so impressed with Bernard. He appeared to be a well cultured and well behaved white man.
Elizabeth wished her parents were alive so she could introduce Bernard to them as Bernard had alre-ady introduced her to his own family after he proposed to her few months ago.
“Ben, I’m an orphan, I have no one to return to, my uncles and Aunts never cared about me when I was suffering in Nigeria, plea-se honey, let’s get married here” Elizabeth had told him severally
“But I want to know your root, where you c@m£ from, I want to know where my black princess hail from, plea-se my Love” Bernard insisted and Elizabeth agreed to take her Canadian fiance to Nigeria, if that will make him happy.
Elizabeth called Madam Rose on the phone and she told her that she will be coming to Nigeria with her Canadian fiance.
“Mama, Ben insisted on coming to Nigeria but I’m not going to introduce her to my useless uncles and aunts but only to you, Mama, You are my Family now, My Late parent’s family never looked my way, when I was still in Nigeria, when my grand mother died none of them was bothered about me, I struggled, I almost died of hunger but thank God for the skill I learnt, gradually it began to put food on my table and throu-gh the same skill I Met you Mama and here I am living a good life in Canada, Mama I’m so grateful” Elizabeth told Madam Rose and the kind hearted woman blu-shed at the other end of the phone.
“Lizzy dear, I’m so proud of you, I can’t wait to see you, I’m here for you. The first time someone recommended you to me and I met you in person, I developed likeness for you instantly because you are intelligent, creative, respectful and ha-rd working, you are a good person and you deserve the very best. You can see me as your mother, I promise to be there for you always” Madam Rose responded.
They chatted for a while before they finally hanged up.
To Be Continued